UrielTones – Whole Body Sound Therapy Boosts Mood & Energy?


UrielTones claims to be technology that brings together quantum physics and ancient traditions for a whole body wellness system. UrielTones is a home-use product that claims it will reverse the effects of harmful EMFs (electromagnetic fields) along with helping your body recover from stress and toxins.

UrielTones does this through “uniquely enhanced human toning sounds” that will be delivered to your body via headphones and pads.

How UrielTones Works

UrielTones claims to work by delivering human toning sounds to your body by the use of headphones and pads that you will need to place on each major acupuncture meridian.

The frequencies that will come through the pads and headphones are marketed as specifically modulated. UrielTones claims these frequencies will balance and harmonize your body, reducing stress and helping your body recover from toxins and EMFs.

The tones that the UrielTones device produces will aid your body by conteracting negative EMFs and other stressors that you’re exposed to regularly. UrielTones is said to rebalance you and clear your mind. It says it will lead to improved health, a feel of calmness, and better sleep.

How To Use UrielTones

To use UrielTones, you’ll begin by placing the special pads on your wrists and ankles. You’ll then use headphones and earbuds that are not noise cancelling to listen to the 30-minute program of your choice from the UrielTones device. Once you push the play button, you should lay down and relax.

UrielTones is patended and it’s considered a non-invasive therapy technique. UrielTones claims to be in the offices of wellness centers, physicians, and many other healthcare providers. The home unit is said to be just as effective at relieving users of stress and toxins.

What’s Included?

When you purchase a UrielTones home unit, you’ll receive the unit base, two ankle pads, two wrist pads, a small/medium pad cover set, a medium/large cover set, a pair of ear buds, and pre-programmed tones that you can use.

Out of the 4 pre-programmed tones, 2 are meant to give balance and mental clarity while the other 2 are designed to provide improved sleep, stress relief, and calming effects.

Any one of the 4 programs is said to help users experience improved sleeping patterns and achieved a heightened state of clarity. The unit base has a USB port as well, through which users can download additional tones from the official UrielTones website.

The Benefits

The perceived benefits of using a UrielTones home unit begin with increased mental clarity.

UrielTones also promises users a variety of other benefits, like improved sleep, stress relief, a calming effect, and “reversal” of the effects of toxins and EMFs—although the website doesn’t clarify which effects or how they are reversed.

The Negatives

UrielTones claims to be backed by the use of many healthcare providers, although the technology is based solely on ancient traditions. There are not many studies out yet that prove the claimed benefits of the device.

Why UrielTones is Unique

UrielTones claims it’s unique for many reasons. First and foremost, instead of electronic sounds that they say are not as effective, UrielTones uses human-produced tones that are pure have been analog layered to give you better results from your sound therapy session.

Additionally, UrielTones uses unique harmonics. In fact, they have patented their oscillating frequencies that they say will restore and rejuvenate you from the inside out.

They claim the tones produced by your UrielTones home unit will lead to relaxation, stress relief, and restored balance within your body. They also say that UrielTones is more effective than basic sound recordings because UrielTones also incorporated wrist and ankle pads that give you a whole body experience.

Health Professionals

UrielTones does offer discounts for health professionals looking to use their product in their office. The office unit comes with some added features but is said to function the same way and offer the same benefits.

Health professionals so employ UrielTones for in-office sound therapy sessions and UrielTones is recommended by some healthcare providers for at-home sound therapy use.

While the experiences of customers seem promising, UrielTones has not been officially backed by any large-scale study and, therefore, their products are based on unbacked claims.


The home version with “standard earbuds” sells for $449 on their website, or customers can divide it into a $33 monthly payment after a $99 up-front payment. They are also willing to up-sell users to their “Premium Sony Headphones” at the cost of $491 full or $119 up-front at $37/month.

UrielTones is a reputable company in that they will deliver what you pay for. However, the claims on their site might be a bit far-fetched considering no large scale studies are cited to backup their claims that UrielTones will relieve stress, improve your sleeping patterns, reverse the effects of toxins, and restore your body’s balance. However, users of UrielTones seem to report fantastic results regarding its calming effects.

They claim that they combine ancient traditions with quantum physics to produce the most effective, and patented, home sound therapy system. Since they used human-produced tones rather than electronic sounds, UrielTones claims this adds to their products results.

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