Twig Climb: Building Grip Strength With Universal Fitness Tool?


The great thing about working out is that there are many different methods that one can try and incorporate into their routine. What most people struggle with though is finding a routine that works well to promote positive results. Unfortunately, many options out there don’t work for everyone, so finding the right routine depends upon one’s personal preferences, their body’s response, and a range of other factors.

With that, this review would like to introduce TWIG Climb Multifunctional Fitness 3D Trapeze. This device is currently going through a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo and by the looks of it, it may be a successful one.

What Is TWIG Climb Multifunctional Fitness 3D Trapeze?

TWIG Climb Multifunctional Fitness 3D Trapeze is a new device that provides a fresh take at improving one’s fitness routine. The product is an efficient solution in that it provides users with comprehensive body support and those who use it can do so at a fitness center or even from the comfort of their own home. According to the brand, the device has various variability and setting levels of difficulty so that users can progress over time and challenge their body to improve its abilities, growth, and strength.

How Does TWIG Climb Multifunctional Fitness 3D Trapeze Work?

Before choosing a device, it is important to consider how it works. In this case, the TWIG Climb Fitness 3D Trapeze is essentially what the name suggests – it is a trapeze system that users can use to pull themselves up using their body strength. Further, the device features pullups that allow one to exercise their biceps. With a device such as this one, users can get comprehensive support and they can enjoy from an invigorating and unique workout that makes a great addition to any routine.

The Benefits Of the TWIG Climb

There are many benefits to be had when one adds the TWIG Climb to their lifestyle. Here are the main advantages of this device so that users know what to look forward to:

A Range of Stellar Exercises

First, one of the main advantages of this device is that there are a range of exercises that users can try out. A few of the main exercises include back exercises, variable pull-ups – over-grasp and under-grasp, abdominal's, biceps, triceps, and others. With the many exercises available, users can ensure that they are able to develop a stronger, leaner, and firmer figure that they can be fully satisfied with.

Suitable for the Entire Family

Second, the device is suitable for the entire family. It can be used by adults and children, which means that when one invests in a device, they can feel confident that the entire family is able to ensure that their health is taken care of with it. Very few devices are as versatile for family use, making this a good option.

Allows 280-560 Combinations

Third, the product allows from 280-560 combinations. These combinations allow uses to vary their workout regimen and also ensure that their body is getting a quality workout. With this type of device on hand, users may be able to rely less on other devices and use this one much more.

Outdoor and Indoor Use

Finally, the product allows for both outdoor and indoor use. This means that users who enjoy nature can implement this product into their workout routine, while still having a good time. Very few fitness products have dual use like this one.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds Twig Climb to their lifestyle. This product provides for a great workout routine that users can feel good about.

TWIG Climb Fitness Equipment Summary

Overall, those who are interested in adding Twig Climb to their lifestyle can order the product through the Indiegogo page. The product is expected to be released in December of 2018. Keep in mind that the product will only be shipped if it receives the necessary funds for development.

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