TRX Suspension Trainer – Healthy Bodyweight Exercise Equipment?


Are you planning on working out? Are you hesitant as to what type of work out will give you the results you desire? Most people have done cardio related workouts such as running, climbing stairs, the elliptical, burpees, etc. It was then proved that cardio alone isn’t going to help with either weight loss or sculpting and everybody got into weight training. Weight training was proven to give faster results as it reduces body fat by gaining muscles.

Honestly, more and more people are looking into different ways of training that will be effective, fun and challenging. If you are tired of continuously changing your workouts, and are looking for something that is really demanding, then you should try TRX Suspension Training.

About TRX Training

TRX Training combines practices used by the military, pro athletes and institutions that are known to be challenging and works with sculpting your body and increasing your overall strength.

In 1997, the first version of TRX Suspension Trainer was made up of a jujitsu belt, and parachute webbing by founder and inventor Randy Hetrick. In 2001, he started to improve his original suspension trainer and awoken many coaches, athletes and trainers’ curiosity. He started selling his products in the back of his car and it was not until 2005, where TRX launched its’ first suspension training course, which started spreading to well known gyms.

Today, TRX Training sells more than just TRX Suspension Training, they have also created: TRX PRO, workouts and programs, TRX Tactical Gym, and many other training equipment and accessories.

Who is TRX Suspension Training Recommended For?

Suspension training is for all ages and abilities. Because the main source for this training is your body weight, it is open to everybody.


The basic TRX Rip Trainer kit costs approximately $190. It is a worthwhile investment, as it does not restrict you, since it is portable. With many gym memberships on the rise, especially in terms of price, you will break even in as little as 2-4 months (if your membership is around $40- $50), and will be profiting thereon.

Suspension training works on many aspects, but before we get into the benefits, let’s take a look at what suspension training.

What Is Suspension Training?

As mentioned earlier, suspension training is a type of training that uses your body weight. With the help of suspension trainers (kind of like a resistance band, with zero elasticity), your workouts will target directly to your body.

This type of training helps to work on your strength, weight loss, endurance, flexibility, cores and a definition as a finishing touch. Some of the benefits include, and are not limited to:

  1. Works on your core
  2. Suitable from beginner to advanced trainers
  3. Builds upon strength
  4. Ability to perform multiple exercises using suspension trainers
  5. Works on every part of the body
  6. Can be set up anywhere to your liking

Are You Willing To Take Up The Challenge?

Although, their products are all suspension training equipment and may seem as though they resemble one another that is not the case. The main differences are the workout content that is included with the training equipment and the materials used to construct them. For instance, the Home Suspension Trainer comes with dense foam handles for a more comfortable grip, whereas the Pro has rubber handles and a locking carabiner for hygiene and durability with multiple users.

There are many forms of training you can do to achieve desired results. What works for one person may or may not work for others. The best way to see results is if you focus on what you like to do or what you are comfortable doing because you will remain motivated. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of consistent training, it would be easier to tackle a new form of training. Some have argued that this may not be suitable for those with weak cores, but you can always alter the workouts based on each individual’s fitness level.

If you are new to suspension training, do your research or, better yet, start off with a trainer or someone who has enough experience with suspension training. If you check out:, they have something called “the Locker”. The Locker provides an introduction to what suspension training is all about. You can also download the TRX App for free. If this is something of interest and you want explore on a more advanced level, TRX Training also sells DVDs consisting of downloadable 30-minute workouts for under $8. If you want an app with more advanced workouts right in the tip of your fingers, they have something called the TRX Force Super App, which costs $40. It may seem like a luxury as we are so used to paying almost nothing for our apps, but it includes all the videos, workouts, explanations, a timer, etc.

TRX Suspension Trainer Review Summary

Overall, suspension training is a whole different level of training and it is something to consider as it works your entire body the best with minimal use of equipment. The price is definitely reasonable because it is like having a gym membership, without having to pay monthly payments for however long you are planning on training. If you feel like you might get bored, that is simply not possible.

There are over hundreds and thousands of different workouts out there for you to try. If you still feel like this is an investment you are afraid to make, most gyms today have TRX training available, try it a couple of times and see if it is something for you.

If it is, you’ll be saving much more by purchasing a TRX Suspension trainer at As tough and challenging as it may be, your body will thank you for it!

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