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With the Western world facing a growing obesity crisis, more and more people are trying to turn their lives around by adopting healthier habits. Because no one wants to overweight or obese, it isn’t the convincing part that is difficult, it’s the actual carrying out of the lifestyle change. One of the hardest parts about trying to be healthy and get fit is learning how to avoid certain foods and drinks.

People can learn how to work out on a regular basis. They fit exercise into their routines and commit to doing it every day or week. However, food and drinks are a completely different problem.

Exercise is something that is faced once every couple days. However, decisions about what people eat or drink are faced multiple times a day, causing diets to be the biggest challenge for those who are trying to lose weight.

There are even more difficulties when it comes to diet when people consider the concept of beverages. Most people want a cup of coffee in the morning or a quick, energy-boosting drink in the afternoon. And because so much focus is put on the foods that contribute to weight gain, sometimes the drinks that contribute to weight gain are overlooked. As a result, many people end up drinking their calories, not realizing their coffee, sodas, and smoothies are causing more harm than good.

For those who want to enjoy a refreshing beverage, but want it to fit in with their healthy lifestyle, there’s 1915 Organic by Bolthouse Farms. These fresh pressed juices are both delicious and healthy, supporting the health and wellness goals of customers.

About Bolthouse Farms

In order to understand 1915 beverages, a better understanding of Bolthouse Farms, its parent company, is needed. Bolthouse Farms has always been committed to making healthier drinks that are just as delicious as the sugar filled, high calorie options on the market. And in order to make these delicious, healthy drinks, Bolthouse Farms went to the one place it understood: The Land.

Bolthouse Farms was founded in 1915 in San Joaquin Valley, California. The farm started out as a carrot farm, which lead to company making carrot juices that soon grew in popularity. Over time, those at Bolthouse Farms took their expertise and knowledge and used it to grow the best juicing ingredients possible. The result is that Bolthouse Farms beverages are pure and healthy, from the very start until it gets to customers.

Because Bolthouse Farms has spent more than a century perfecting the art of growing fruits and veggies and juicing them for quality beverages, it makes sense that the company is well-known for being based in quality while always striving for innovation. By combining these two features, those at Bolthouse Farms have been able to grow, produce, and sell juices, smoothies, shakes, and coffee beverages that have taken the market by storm. Offering healthy alternatives to beverage choices, Bolthouse Farms has changed the way people drink.

Over the years, Bolthouse Farms has added even more healthy food and drink items to its product lines, from yoghurt based salad dressings to nutritious snack options for children. In March of 2015, Bolthouse Farms introduced the world to a new aspect of its business in the form of 1915 Bolthouse Farms. The organic, premium, fresh, and healthy beverages were the perfect option for those who have been embracing improved lifestyles.

Despite its growth, Bolthouse Farms has stayed committed to its central mission, which is to change how people consume fruits and vegetables. And, by staying true to their century old roots, the Bolthouse Farms 1915 beverages are the perfect addition to the company.

What Makes 1915 Beverages Different..

While Bolthouse Farms has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovative health food and beverage products, its 1915 Beverages are a true nod to where the company came from. And because Bolthouse Farms is such an old, experienced company, it was able to create 1915 Beverages to be completely different and unique from other juices on the market.

One of the biggest ways that 1915 Beverages are different than the competitions is that they are completely organic and therefore non-GMO. The chemicals and toxins that are placed on a vast majority of fruits and vegetables these days don’t just compromise the produce, they also compromise the health and wellness of those who take these pollutants into their bodies. Because 1915 Beverages is all about health and wellness, its juices and protein shakes are all completely organic, as certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). And, because CCOF requires all organic produces to be non-GMO, 1915 Beverages have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

In addition to using only the highest quality produce for its drinks, 1915 Juices, which are different from the 1915 Proteins, also use superior manufacturing process. As was the case in 1915, the juices offered by 1915 Juices are all cold-pressed. Cold-pressed refers to a process of cutting fruits and vegetables and pressing them without any heat. By not using heat, 1915 Juices are able to keep the vital nutrients and vitamins that are found in fruits and vegetables, so customers get every bit of goodness found in the fresh produce.

While 1915 Juices are made through cold-pressing, they are still extremely safe to drink. Some worry that cold-pressed juices contain microorganisms that are harmful to human health. However, 1915 Beverages use High Pressure Processing (HPP) for their cold-pressing process. HPP means that the fruits and vegetables used in for the 1915 Beverages are pressed at extremely high pressures, which kills any harmful microorganisms in the juices, leaving them safe and delicious for customers.

The cold-pressing process used for the 1915 Juices isn’t the same process used for the 1915 Protein Beverages. Because these beverages don’t contain fresh fruit juices, they are actually flash-pasteurized, which makes them safe for consumers. And the protein in these beverages aren’t like the whey and other questionable ingredients used by other protein companies. 1915 Beverages uses soymilk, almond milk, and pea protein to give users natural, safe protein options, keeping with the standards and commitments of Bolthouse Farms.

1915 Beverage Options

There are two different categories of 1915 Beverages, the fresh pressed juices and the protein beverages. While each group is made with superior quality ingredients and manufactured in the safest ways, they each contain different benefits and options. Below is a breakdown of the drinks offered in each category of 1915 Beverages, as well as their specific benefits.

1915 Juices

The juices made by 1915 Beverages are a finely blended mixture of fruits and vegetables that give drinkers the nutrients and support they need. However, even though these juices are healthy they are still delicious, offering a refreshing option for those who want to have juice without compromising their health.

The 1915 Juices currently offered by 1915 Beverages include:

– Romaine
– Blueberry
– Pineapple
– Orange
– Strawberry
– Grapefruit
– Carrot
– Beet

While the ingredients listed above are the main ingredient in each of the individual juices, the 1915 Juices contain a mixture of fruits and vegetables to give users balanced and delicious juices.

1915 Proteins

While the juices offered by 1915 Beverages are all about offering a refreshing beverage option, the 1915 Proteins are for those who need the energy and protein support to live healthy, active lives. Because protein is vitally important for losing weight and building muscle, it’s important for those adopting a healthier lifestyle to get enough protein on a daily basis. Because the 1915 Proteins use plant-based protein for their beverages, they are better absorbed by the body, making them both delicious and effective.

The 1915 Proteins currently be offered by 1915 Beverages include:

– Vanilla
– Chocolate
– Coffee

1915 Beverages are offered at a wide variety of stores across the nation. For those interested in purchasing a 1915 Beverage product, the company website (www.1915Organic.com) contains a store locator that will help customers find a store near them that sells these products.

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