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In days long past, mental affliction and mood disorders, were chalked up to malevolent spirits, curses, or divine punishment. More recently, decades of research and scientific studies have revealed much about brain chemistry, hormones, and compounds that dictate our behavior and mood.

Today, we are keenly aware of many of these interactions, deficiencies, and potential fixes. So much so, that the vitamin and supplement market are flooded with every possible chemical, compound, and extract that the consumer could ever possibly be after.

It is in this market that the health conscious individual is not only aware, but readily able to alter their own body chemistry in any way they see fit, within the confines of the law. The consumer is now able to recognize their own symptoms or shortcomings, self-diagnose, and medicate or supplement to accommodate for what they lack.

However, this same market freedom and availability gives rise to a multitude of manufacturers and brands that saturate the market with poor quality, inconsistent products, and sometimes unsafe contaminants. It is at this crossroad of discerning customer requirements and a market overflowing with poor products that 5-HTP+ Patch was established. Solely dedicated to delivering a high quality, innovative supplement to the consumer that demands it.

Who is 5-HTP+ Patch?

Charles Törnros founded 5-HTP+ Patch in 2014, and the company is based out of London, in the United Kingdom. This company is highly dedicated to its product, and in keeping with this commitment, has only one; the 5-HTP+ Patch, a transdermal patch that sidesteps many of the common issues associated with taking 5-HTP in the more common form of a capsule or powder.

5-HTP+ Patch is manufactured in the UK, where its primary market is located. Following several years of research, development and testing, the manufacturing process has been established to surpass a number of market standards. Good Manufacturing Practices, Care of Substances Hazardous to Health, Chemicals Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply, UK Cosmetic Products Safety, and the EU Cosmetics Directive are all conformed to, as well as other regulations, as well as regular inspections by the Health and Safety Executive.

The company behind 5-HTP+ Patch is a subsidiary of Plus Street Ltd., that focus on establishing and running successful technology and electronic commerce businesses. It is based out of London, the UK, and is Directed by Liana Davies, and Charles Dalton-Moore.

How Does 5-HTP Work?

One of the myriad chemicals in our bodies that control our brain chemistry, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP for short, is also known as oxitriptan, and marketed under a variety of pharmaceutical names as prescriptions, and sold over the counter for problems with sleep, weight loss, and for mood issues like depression.

5-HTP is created from the plant Griffonia simplicifolia, which is native to Central and West Africa. Griffonia simplicifolia is a wooden, vine-like shrub with black pods and greenish flowers, and parts of it can be used as a supplement to spiders that grow silk commercially for higher quality. 5-HTP is contained within the seeds of the plant, and is the most common form found in vitamins and supplements.

In the body, tryptophan, an amino acid found in a number of foods, is turned into 5-HTP, which is then converted into serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood and appetite. Tryptophan rich foods do not raise 5-HTP levels in a considerable amount, so 5-HTP supplementation is perhaps the surest way to raise the amount of serotonin in the brain.

5-HTP has found use more recently as a dietary supplement for weight loss, after findings that taken with food can help satiety and is found to be effective in obese women. However, evidence seems to indicate that this only helps the feeling of satisfaction from a meal, but does not suppress appetite on its own.

The most common use of 5-HTP is its application in helping depression, as this and other mood disorders are strongly linked to serotonin levels. The Cochrane Collaboration found in 2002 that when compared to placebos, 5-HTP was more effective for treatment of depression.

In the population of MDMA users, the phenomena of the come-down proceeding use of the drug is so well known that it has been termed “Suicide Sunday”, as taking the drug on a Saturday night precipitates extreme mood shifts the next day or more. Due to this, 5-HTP has long been a staple of many who use the substance, and because of this, the supplement sees one of the most widespread uses outside of those familiar with the vitamin and supplement world. In 2007, a study on rats found that administration of 5-HTP did indeed help recovery from depletion by MDMA use.

There are a number of side effects that users of 5-HTP should be aware of and consultation of a doctor is advised, as it is often with anything that could drastically affect body chemistry. Serotonin syndrome is an condition that arises from too much serotonin in the body.

While it has never been known to be caused in the human body by 5-HTP, in rats, high doses of 5-HTP simultaneously with certain antidepressants have caused it. Cases of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome have been linked to high doses of 5-HTP, however, it is unknown whether this is due to 5-HTP, or contaminants that have previously been found in some products.

Transdermal Patches

One of the chief characteristics that sets 5-HTP+ Patch apart from other 5-HTP products is its delivery system. Rather than most supplements which are powders, and capsules filled with premeasured doses of those powders, 5-HTP+ Patch delivers its dosage through a transdermal patch.

First approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, these patches have seen use for motion sickness, hormone treatment, and perhaps most famously, nicotine to help smokers quit.

When swallowing supplements, vitamins, or medication, the active ingredients have to be processed through the stomach, liver, and kidneys. This creates demand on organs that are already very busy dealing with other aspects of our lives, and even innocuous substances are known to be potentially health adverse because of this.

Higher dosages are required when ingested, as much is lost in the digestion process, and the time delay can be erratic and difficult to gauge. Transdermal patches are applied directly to the skin, and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This means lower doses are required, the demands placed on the body's organs are significantly lowered, and the effects of the supplementation are much more constant throughout the day.

5-HTP+ Patch Pricing

This truly innovative product promises high quality, and consistent product, something assured by its commitment to a number of regulatory oversights. 5-HTP+ Patch is offered in monthly supplies, 30 patches per box, and in 1, 3, and 12 box supplies for 12.99, 26.99, and 99.99 pounds respectively. Each package is offered with free shipping within the United Kingdom, with a two to three day delivery, and ships to Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands for the cost of 3 pounds and an estimated five to seven days of shipping.

No matter which country or option, their “no quibble” return policy means that this innovative product is a highly effective solution to 5-HTP supplementation, with no risk to trying it out.

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