3 Things You Need to Know About The Warrior Diet


What Is The Warrior Diet?

The Warrior Diet is a modern dieting trend that is gaining in popularity. It is based on the idea of fasting during the day and only consuming food during the evening hours. The Warrior Diet has taken the idea of fasting intermittently and turned it into the basis of an entire diet plan. The way the diet works is fairly simple once you have fully researched it and have begun the diet, though it may seem overwhelming when you first begin looking into it.

The diet works by focusing on the idea that you should focus more on when you eat, and then once you have established that, what you should be eating will soon follow. It will be easier to follow this diet once you have grasped this concept. The Warrior Diet is comprised of two very different phases. The first is the fasting phase which is usually done in an eighteen-hour period of time during the day.

After this follows the overeating phase which is completed during the evening or night time hours, usually about a four to six-hour time span. The Warrior Diet uses this system to maximize your body’s energy utilization and your metabolic functions around the circadian clock. This means that you are attempting to send your body into an energy active mode during the day and then relax into a sleeping mode at night.

The creator of the Warrior Diet claims that eating breakfast and lunch can actually mess with your nervous system by causing you to feel tired during the middle of the day instead of at night when you are due to sleep.

There are three important things that you need to know about before you begin the Warrior Diet: nutrition, exercise, and controlled fatigue training. All of these items are crucial to your success on the Warrior Diet. They should be implemented the very first day that you begin the diet and should be followed every step of the way while you are on this diet.

Nutrition In The Warrior Diet

The theory with the Warrior Diet is that our bodies are in control of when we need food. By allowing our bodies to control when we eat, we are setting ourselves up to become stronger and healthier. In general, the Warrior Diet is based on Stone Age techniques in which people spent their days working with no food and coming home at night to eat a large meal.

Studies suggest that the people living during this time were stronger and more rugged than people are today. In the Warrior Diet, you are only eating one time per day around two hours before you go to bed. This can be adjusted to fit anyone’s schedule, even those who work swing shift and night shift. The diet also suggests you will need to stop eating once you prefer the taste of water over the taste of your food, or if you become extremely thirsty while eating.

Like any other diet, there are some restrictions on what you can and cannot have to eat, but you will not be doing any calorie counting or measuring of your foods. The diet recommends that you cut out any type of processed foods or foods with a lot of refined sugar. This means you will more than likely need to make every meal and only use the most natural and organic foods that you can purchase. You can have carbohydrates during this diet, but you must be careful not to overload them with any type of sugar.

Limiting your sugar intake also includes limiting alcoholic beverages, as almost all alcohol has some amount of sugar in it, even beer. So you will want to limit the amount of alcohol you consume. The diet simply wants you to eat cleaner, organic foods instead of piling up on junk food and excess sugars.

Warrior Diet Exercise Plan

Much like any other diet out there, the Warrior Diet recommends that you exercise on a daily basis. However, they state that you should limit your physical exercise to the portion of the day when you are not consuming food, before your one meal at night. You should also limit the exercise time to no more than 45 minutes each day.

While you are relatively free to choose the exercise that you wish to do in your routine, the diet does give you some suggestions on exercises that have shown results in other people. For example, exercises like squats, kicks, jumps, punches and sprints have shown promise, so you should try adding these to your regular workout routine. This will give you an added cardio boost and will also help you work out areas that you may be lacking in.

Controlled Fatigue Training

CFT is used commonly by people who are using the Warrior Diet and it can be potentially dangerous if you are not careful. CFT occurs when someone is over exercising or they have reached their limit and become extremely fatigued but continue to exercise. This can be deadly if you are not in overall good health and can still be dangerous even if you are in good health.

This is why it is important to make sure that you are staying hydrated and you are not exceeding your limits. Always move into a new exercise routine gradually and build up as you become stronger.

Warrior Diet Review Conclusion

If you are looking for a new diet that is quick and easy, this is not the diet for you. The Warrior Diet takes time and effort to get your body into a routine of only eating one time per day and going all day without any type of food. This is definitely a diet for someone who is a little more hardcore and interested in taking serious actions for serious results.

If you have never done a strict diet before, you may need to ease into this one. Always consult your medical doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise routine to make sure that you are healthy enough to complete it.

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