ComfiZip Bra – Comfortable Bra For Extra Lift & Back Support?


For centuries, women have been complaining about the problems of bra designs. Regardless of weight or bra size, ComfiZip understands the importance of a well-fitting bra. Statistics shows that more than 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and fit. ComfiZip Bra has created a design that works best for all body shapes.

About ComfiZip Bra

The ComfiZip Bra claims that it has figured out the perfect design for women. Introduced to the market as the comfiest bra available, the company was designed around trying to correct and fix all of the wrong features found in traditional bras. Most bras are designed with having one strap in the back that features a clasp.

Because the strap often creates unsightly back fat and digs into the shoulders, ComfiZip has designed their bra was crisscross straps in the back that prevent back fat and pressure on the shoulders. Ideal for women with larger busts, the ComfiZip Bra eliminates the weight pulling down on the shoulders, causing aches and back pain.

Additionally, the crisscross strap design also helps to support posture, straightening shoulder blades and allowing flexible movement in the spinal cord.

Another feature of the ComfiZip Bra is its ability to provide support without the use of an underwire. For most bra designs, underwires provide a flattering lift, which most women prefer. However, underwire can be extremely uncomfortable and can dig into the skin over time.

The ComfiZip Bra has recreated the same effect by adding a front-facing zipper to the bra design. Instead of having to uncomfortably reach behind and clasp the bra, the front-facing zipper allows women to zip up the bra with ease. With the crisscross straps, as well as the front facing zipper, the ComfiZip Bra provides support and prevents a slumped posture by leveling the shoulders.

What Makes ComfiZip Bra Different?

The ComfiZip Bra is designed for optimal comfort and was created with the intention to replace flaws in traditional bra designs. As a way of reinventing the bra, the ComfiZip Bra provides support without the discomfort of an underwire.

Enhancing posture to help ease back pain, unlike traditional bras, the ComfiZip Bra is designed to adhere to the contour and shape of the bust, lifting it up to improving appearance. This design also allows the ComfiZip Bra to support better posture.

The ComfiZip is made out of a high-quality nylon and elastane combination, giving it the look and feel of a sports bra, despite supporting the bust like a regular bra. Machine washable with a zipper that is built to last, the ComfiZip Bra is functional and comfortable, providing women with all-day support.

Considering band size, cup size, strap adjustment, and how it appears underneath clothing, the ComfiZip Bra is designed to sculpt and shape the upper body. Following the unique curves of the body, instead of covering them up, makes for a perfect fit.

The ComfiZip Bra fabric acts as a second skin, eliminating bulges of that surround the sides of the bra and bra straps. ComfiZip Bra is effecting change across the bra industry by making wearing bras more comfortable and is giving women confidence throughout their days.

Purchasing ComfiZip Bra

ComfiZip Bras are available for purchase on the company website ( Offering a limited time offer, all orders will apply a buy one, get one free promotion. Available in three colors, Black, White, and Nude, the ComfiZip Bra currently costs $14.95.

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