When you’re in pain, there’s always so many things that you could do to reduce it or make it go away. Sometimes, those things are too intrusive or they really don’t help you like you need to be helped. TriggerPoint GRID VIBE Vibrating Foam Roller gives users like you a different way to reduce or relieve pain that is non-intrusive and scientifically proven to work.

How TriggerPoint GRID VIBE Works

NCBI states on their website that, “cutaneous vibration is able to reduce both clinical and experimental pain,” which is scientifically called vibratory analgesia. This effect happens at the segmental level of the spinal cord by lateral inhibition in pain coding cells. They have center-receptive fields that allow this to occur. This is able to happen due to the sense of touch having a significant effect on the sense of pain.

Using the GRID VIBE allows users to make their nerve cells distracted from the pain cells and allow pain the be temporarily reduced. It allows users the opportunity to not cure the cause of the pain, but to get rid of the sense of pain momentarily. This offers a great way to do the same kind of pain control that medicine causes, but with no foreign chemicals entering your body.


The Foam Roller does a great job at relaxing muscles and reducing pain in your body. It’s great for people who have chronic pain, but also those whose pain is more temporary. The product is great for those who exercise and need to relax their muscles after a long workout or run.

It’s extremely popular for athletes that need extra support when relieving their short term pain. This product is also good for those that suffer from long-term, chronic pain, as vibration techniques are proven to be good for pain sufferers. Many studies show the benefits of foam rollers for effectively reducing pain.

How to Use TriggerPoint GRID VIBE

To use the GRID VIBE Foam Roller, all the user has to do to get results is roll it over and around the area that is having pain for a few minutes and the pain will be released with significant reduction for a while after. Given its very portable design, the user can be able to carry it around in a gym bag, purse, or anything else to use it as needed.

The portable design makes it perfect for athletes getting done at the gym or for people whose pain flares up at random times and need instant relief in minutes. It’s great for providing effective relaxation in just a few minutes of use. It is cordless and rechargeable so you can charge it at home or charge it on the go.

The grid on the roller offers three different choices for the type of feel you want. It has the Tubular part of the grid that mimics the feel of fingers. The High and Firm part gives the feel of the fingertips, and the Low and Flat part of the grid gives a similar feeling that the palm has on the body. Each part is designed to give you the pain relief you’re looking for.


While some foam rollers can get really expensive, this roller offers quality pain relief while being in the middle price range. On amazon it’s sold for $99.99 plus shipping and handling, unless you have Amazon Prime, where you can get it with no shipping. While the price might be higher than some other foam rollers, this product offers multiple feels and a rechargeable battery. The quality speaks for itself.


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