Have you tried working out at home, in the car or at work and feel like your workout isn’t just as good as the gym? The FOMI 7 Ring Resistance Band & Back Stretcher” is for you. No matter where you are, you can get your workout! Just grab one of the seven rings, change it up and change your resistance. The closer your hand, the stronger the resistance. Wish to work out when you watch your kids nap, while watching TV, on the bus, plane or subway? Go anywhere and everywhere with your FOMI seven ring!

What is FOMI 7 Ring Resistance Band Back Stretcher

FoMI (Fear of Missing In) is a movement that believes in taking a step back, re-prioritizing, improving posture, reducing back pain and aligning the mind, body, and spirit to enhance productivity, reduce stress, and utilize a holistic approach to inner well-being. FOMI 7 Ring Resistance Band & Back Stretcher encourage natural independent healing, reduce pain and enhance long term health. Instead of searching for an external cure such as supplements, pills or unconfirmed treatment, why not find a healing method which works!

FOMI's mission is never to take a NO for an answer. That you are in pain doesn’t mean you have to live in pain forever or accept a life “that hurts.

Perfect Back Stretcher For Before And After A Workout

Sometimes, our body can be extremely complex. Working out is essential to keep our body healthy, prevent muscle pain and tears while maintaining muscle gains. FOMI 7 Ring Resistance Band & is your go-to-before and after workout partner.

Each of the bands has 7 rings to change resistance levels with the green and blue bands having a different level of strength and resistance. Use both green and blue bands for an ultimate build-up to your workout.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

The choice is yours when gifting out a gift to others. Imagine giving a gift of physical health and well being to your loved one. Your loved one's joints, back, and muscles will thank you for years to come!

FOMI is not only a brand, it is a belief that the process of healing starts internally before projecting outward.

Features and Benefits

HOLIDAY GIFT: The perfect gift of a portable workout that goes wherever you go. Comes With A Bonus E-Book Body Building Secrets

Amazingly designed to change the way you train by allowing specific drills with resistance. Target neck, arm, legs, back, foot, joints for specific stretches.

Add resistance to your sports conditioning, personal training, CrossFit or MMA workouts while allowing a free movement. Grab Different Fitness Loops and Change Resistance

Top Quality: INDESTRUCTIBLE Rubber: FOMI 7 Ring Resistance Band & is virtually designed to withstand the most rigorous workout conditions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: The guarantee is quite simple, if you are less than 100% satisfied with your 7 Ring Resistance Band purchase, you are free to return it for a no-questions asked money back guarantee(valid for the first 30 days).


A 1-year limited manufacturer warranty covers your FOMI 7 Ring Band from defects in quality and materials.


Price ranges between $13.99- $18.99


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