Performance Panties is a Canadian company that is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality men’s performance under

“wear. Their undergarments are made from a blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex to provide ample comfort and protection from germs and perspiration. These performance inspired underwear contours perfectly to any body size and was designed with the athlete in mind.

About Performance Underwear

Men’s performance underwear is designed in Canada with 100% consideration of an athlete’s needs. The underwear is developed by a team of athletes who understand all the shortcomings of underwear for people with an active lifestyle.

Why Performance Underwear?

As aforementioned, this underwear was manufactured for the active person. When we go to the gym, we are bound to sweat. It doesn’t matter whether we are there to build muscle or reduce a few pounds. Although everybody moves differently, the sweat tends to affect how the underwear fits on the body.

Men’s performance underwear will keep areas dry no matter how intense the workout is. When wearing these boxer briefs, you don’t have to worry about how the boxers ride up or sag during your workout. Moreover, they are designed to fit any body shape, and thus you don’t have to worry about them being stretched out regardless of your flexibility and activity level.

Men’s Performance Underwear

You will love these undergarments irrespective of your sport or hobby. These not-so-brief boxers are specially designed to accommodate the massive glutes and thick quads of those who exercise. Whether you are playing sports, training, or going out with the boys, this performance underwear will cover you for six good days starting Sunday.

• 50 Shades- this underwear is made from black fabric with a red waistline and outlines on the front and sides.

• It’s Not Pink- is made from a coral-red fabric which could be mistaken for pink. It has a black waistband which blends perfectly with the red.

• Once you Go Black- Is all black with grey outlines at the hips.

• Pants Party- If you love color, you will love this one. It is made of bright blue fabric and a black waistband.

• The Mountie- another bright color red, with a white waistband.

• You’re My Boy Blue- is the newest addition to the collection. It is made from a dark blue fabric and has a white waistband.

It is important that you get the right size when buying performance underwear. Since all companies do not use the same measurement standards, it is essential to check the measurements. Their Small size is between 26”to 29”, Medium is between 30”to 33”, Large ranges from 34”to 37” and XL covers between 38”to 41”.

Benefits of Using Bamboo for Men’s Performance Underwear

• Extremely soft and smooth to touch

• Hypoallergenic- Bamboo’s eco-friendly fibers do not irritate the skin. It is far gentler than any synthetic fiber which makes it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

• Thermo-regulating and breathable- Regardless of the weather, you will always be comfortable in your underwear. During winter, it will keep you warm and cool during hot summer days.

• Highly absorbent and dries fast- when you compare it to cotton, bamboo fabric is more absorbent which enables it to wick sweat from the skin. Again, it dries faster which makes you more comfortable and protects you from bacteria.

• Eco-Friendly- Performance panties make their undergarments from bamboo which is eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.

Finally, if you are looking for an undergarment that will meet all your exercise needs perfectly, here you have it. The price is worth it as you get numerous benefits including protection against sweaty, bacteria filled gym equipment.


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