Sarecycline is one drug that has brought a lot of controversy for quite some time. This is because in 2012, its manufacturers, Allergan and Paratek Pharmaceuticals, tried to get it into the market but those efforts were in vain.

The drug was not found to reach the expected standards and it had to undergo further research after which it could be tested and approved for human use. This year, 2017, the manufacturers of the drugs are hopeful that their submission to FDA for the drug will be accepted.

They are positive that the drug will help many people who have tried everything else to remove acne but have failed in those attempts. Their basis of this is from the recent positive results they have gotten from the trial tests they have carried out on a number of people.

It is even expected that many people will benefit a lot from the incorporation of the drug into the market.

What Is Sarecycline?

Sarecycline is a drug that belongs to a group of medication called tetracyclines which are known to get rid of bacteria causing a number of skin infections. Its main purpose is for acne treatment for individuals with serious acne problems.

This is in reference to inflammatory lesions that can be moderated with the right treatment. In other words, it is the right treatment method for Acne Vulgaris which is quite common.

As an antibiotic, it is specifically designed to deal with bacteria known to agitate these conditions even further. Although acne is quite common with adolescents as they go through that period, it can also continue into adulthood. At this stage, they develop into blackheads that are very hard to remove and do not disappear easily.

It is only with drugs as complex and well manufactured as Sarecycline that it is possible to moderate the acne problem and hope that they may finally disappear with time.

Benefits Of Using Sarecycline

To prove that the drug is effective and will serve its purpose to the fullest, there have been several patients put under Sarecycline and observed for some period of time. Most of these patients came out of the trials with positive results and those results are expected by future users of this drug.

Some of these benefits include:

Better Facial Appearance

Users of this drug will be guaranteed smooth faces free from acne and other impurities that may make you look bad. This is for both those in their puberty stage and those with sensitive skin prone to acne. With time, their skin is expected to be smoother and develop that purity that is common with babies who have not been exposed to many things that affect their skin.

Promoting Self-Confidence

It is a bit obvious that a better facial appearance will go hand in hand with better self-confidence in yourself. This is because you start to view yourself from a better point of view. This will definitely affect many aspects of your life as you will be more confident and more free to venture into different areas in life that you had feared before.

Improved Immune Systems

In as much as Sarecycline is directed towards improving the state of the skin, it can also boost your immune system.

This is because of its antibacterial properties that help the body to fight off these disease causing germs. Users of this drug are less likely to suffer from bacterial infections if they constantly take the drug.

Protection From The Sun

Most people with acne problems will admit that it becomes difficult to go out in the sun as it affects them. Unless they use sunscreen and other related skin products, their problem worsens.

Using this drug is expected to make it easier for you to go out more as your skin is protected from the harmful sunlight rays. There is no doubt that this is one of the major advantages and uses of this product.

Possible Side Effects

It is believed that continuous use of this drug can lead to addiction. In most cases, this comes about as a matter of abusing the drug by overdosing on it. This is because as long as someone uses Sarecycline, their acne problem is under control. Once they stop using it, they may backslide to their previous state which gives them no chance but to go back to the drug.

This is especially for those who are constantly under the pressure to look a certain way such as models and TV anchors. Without Sarecycline, they will not be able to function properly. There are certain groups of people who are advised not to take the drug as it can affect them in many ways. For instance, it is unsafe for expectant women and lactating mothers as it puts both the mother and child at risk.

It could even cause tooth discoloration for the child as the child grows up. This, therefore also affects children above the age of ten with acne problems who are not advised to use the drug. This is unless a doctor is consulted and gives the go ahead.

Sarecycline can also interfere with the hormones in your body. For instance, women who are on birth control should not take the drug as it can alter the contraceptive method leading to unplanned pregnancy. Moreover, it may affect the woman’s reproductive system leading to inconsistent monthly periods causing a disruption in the woman’s life.

It is also suspected that it can interfere with sexual performance, particularly for men, as it slows down your sexual drive. This has however not been confirmed and is just a mere speculation that is yet to be proven. Those with skin allergies should also not use the drug until they see a dermatologist who will assess them and advise them accordingly. This is because taking the drug could worsen the allergy and make their skin react in a bad way.

In addition to that, people with vital health conditions such as kidney problems and heart diseases should avoid Sarecycline as it could complicate their health even further and put them at risk of death.

Dosage For Sarecycline

Sarecycline is to be taken orally as it comes in the form of a pill. On average, the drug should be used for about 12 weeks after which the benefits should start kicking in full force. It should be taken daily to give the body enough time to adjust.

If you notice that your body reacts in very adverse ways, it is advisable to stop taking the drug for a while so as to ascertain that everything is okay. The weight of the user also plays a serious role in the dosage in that the amount taken should balance with the weight of the user.

The standard recommended dose is that 1.5mg to be taken for each kilogram that you weigh. To determine your dose, all you need to do is multiply it by your weight. This therefore means that those who weigh more will need to take a larger amount than those who weigh less.

According to the manufacturers, the drug should be taken on prescription from physicians and dermatologists who deem it necessary to use. However, it is not clear whether it will be sold over the counter from pharmacies or in online stores. While taking the drug, it is advised that you should avoid certain things such as vitamin and mineral supplements.

Alcohol is also to be dodged as much as possible during this period. This is because these other things interfere with the effectiveness of the drug, making it harder to control the acne.

Top Sarecycline Products

Since it is still in the last stages awaiting approval from the necessary authorities, not many products have been developed from the drug. Currently, the varieties of Sarecycline that are being tested are SC1401 & SC1402. These are the better versions of the pre-2012 Sarecycline. Once the drug is officially approved in the United States of America, it is estimated that there will be a number of products which will be created from Sarecycline.

When this happens, there will definitely be a need to clearly outline how to differentiate the authentic products of this drug from the fake ones. This is to help customers buy original products and not be conned into getting counterfeit ones.

Sarecycline Summary Review

It is only a matter of time before the drug is approved by the FDA and allowed into the market. Within no time, it will be all around and people suffering from the conditions stated above will finally be able to start enjoying the benefits.

Other products that are normally used to treat these conditions will soon be a thing of the past and Sarecycline will be the “in thing” at the moment. As it is suitable for people of all skin types, except those with allergies, it is a very good treatment method for those with an acne problem.

Keep an eye out for the FDA approval and then contact your doctor or dermatologist to find out if it’s right for you.


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