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Trainerize Software Review

For the tens of thousands of personal trainers in the United States, organizing their material and sharing it with their clients is a difficult task they have to figure out on a daily basis. Thankfully, a software called Trainerize enables personal trainers to connect with their clients better than ever.

What is Trainerize?

Trainerize is an all-in-one fitness solution that enables personal trainers to offer training services all over the world. It is the most comprehensive personal training software in the world, and there are over 25,000 personal trainers in the world that use the program on a daily basis to connect with clients.

Essentially, Trainerize makes your life easy because it gives you a way to organize everything your clients need. They’ll know exactly what to work out, when to workout, how much to lift, what to eat, etc. It’s the first software that puts everything into being a personal trainer into one centralized location.

Features OF Trainerize Software

Trainerize comes loaded with valuable features you can use to help your clients achieve their goals. Some of the many features include:

— The Trainerize App: Everybody is on his or her phone nowadays and the Trainerize app is there to help your clients understand what they need to do. You can send workouts and training plans to your clients, email your clients, and send them useful advice to keep your clients on track and committed to their training.

— Customized Meal Plans: Do you send meal plans to your clients? Now you can send a full meal plan to your clients so they can log in and see what they should eat and when they should eat. Clients can access their customized meal plans whenever they want on their mobile device or application.

— In App Chat Messaging: Now you can chat with your clients in real time directly related to their workouts. Trainerize has a real-time in-app chat messenger that will enable you to connect to your clients like never before. For a few extra dollars, you can also add Skype connectivity to your portal.

— Comprehensive Tracking: Nothing makes clients happier than seeing their results for their own eyes. Trainerize has the most comprehensive tracking system on the planet so your clients can see their completed workouts, body stats, and progress photos. These results can even be transferred to graphs so your clients can see even see their results more in-depth.

Trainerize Pricing

Trainerize has three plans, depending on your personal needs. Here are the three plans:

— Free Plan – $0/Month – 1 client only – limited access to add-ons
— Pro Plan – $16/Month – 5 clients+ – access to all add-ons
— Studio Plan – $48/month – Unlimited Clients – access to all add-ons

Most personal trainers will require the pro plan or the studio plan, but the free plan is a good plan just while you get used to the portal. Pricing listed above represents pricing as if it were billed annually. If you want to be billed month-to-month, then pricing goes up to $20 per month for the Pro Plan and $60 for the Studio Plan.

Final Thoughts About Trainerize

For personal trainers, there is no better software out there to help you stay organized, connect with clients, and to give clients the help and guidance they need to stay on track.

Trainerize is the first software of its’ kind, and it has blown away any other competition that has come after it. For personal trainers who are serious about their profession, Trainerize is a must-have. It only costs a few bucks a month per client, and it’s well worth it when you look at the brilliant features and resources it provides to both you and your clients.

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