Total Gym Pull Up Trainer – Upper Body Muscle Strength Execiser?


Total Gym has manufactured a simple piece of workout equipment for both men and women who are looking for a way to work out their upper body efficiently and effectively.

The Total Body Gym Pull-up Trainer offers seven different incline positions allowing users to customize their workout based on training regime and individual need. Please read below to learn more about this quality piece of equipment from Total Gym and how to purchase.

What Is The Total Gym Pull-up Trainer?

People will appreciate this pull-up bench due to its adjustability. The Total Body Gym Pull-up Trainer makes it easy to adjust the body weight percentage desired from between thirty five to sixty five percent.

Additionally, the Pull-up Trainer allows for the option to do pull-ups with one or both arms using only bodyweight resistance. With seven incline levels users can grow with this device as their body gets stronger giving them more intense workouts that build overtime.

How Does The Pull-up Trainer Work?

A good quality piece of workout equipment allows for adjustability, customization, and durability. The Pull-up Trainer by Total Gym delivers on all three of these fronts. By choosing between seven different incline levels users can adjust the intensity of their workout based on need.

The steepest incline level helps users give themselves a full upper body work using sixty percent of their body weight for natural resistance. The lowest incline level gives a thirty percent body weight resistance.

Users can also take advantage of the incline levels to support their shoulder presses as well as decline angle push-ups. All purchases of the Pull-up Trainer come with a free digital link to more advanced exercise options to help people take their fitness to the next level utilizing the Pull-up Trainer.

Manufacturer Information

Many consumers will recognize the brand Total Gym due to its popularity through television sales over the past two decades.

Total Gym offers a wide range of fitness products to help people meet and exceed their goals. Interested consumers can learn more about the full product line on the Total Gym website at All of Total Gym’s products come with limited warranties against breakage.

Pull-up Trainer Pricing

This piece of gym equipment can be purchased online through Fitness Direct. Each Pull-up Trainer is available for $1,595.00 which is currently on sale from the normal retail price of $1,999.99.

Fitness Direct offers home delivery and home assembly is also available. Curbside delivery is available for free. Home assembly costs an additional $139.00. Consumers may also find this home gym for sale on EBay.

Total Gym Pull-up Trainer Review Summary

Athletes of all fitness levels can benefit by adding the Pull-up Trainer to their home fitness routine. Similar to other workout systems, this adjustable pull up base allows users to change the intensity of their work out by varying the incline levels.

What makes the Pull-up Trainer less desirable is the expensive price. There are many other home fitness options that are much cheaper which are worth considering. Interested consumers can learn more by visiting the product listing on Fitness Direct at

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