Nacho Cheese Botulism Outbreak Lawsuit – Food Safety Alert Issues?


Recently many who’ve purchased snacks that include nacho cheese sauce from the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station have been reported to the hospital. A whopping 10 people have been sickened and are known to having botulism. The lawyers at Marier Clark are currently representing 6 of who have been diagnosed with botulism. Current death toll is one.

Nacho Cheese sauce brings back nostalgia, as many people since they were young to even today purchase it at the movies, and convenient stores. Unfortunately, the nerve toxins found within this lovable dipping sauce has negatively hit 10 people, which lead to the death of Mr. Martin Galindo.

37-year-old Martin Galindo from Antioch has died in San Francisco after having contracted a rare case of Botulism. This was due to the nacho cheese sauce that he purchased at the gas station, which lead him to pay a visit at the hospital in San Francisco. Where he was later declared as dead.

Eventually inspection took place at the Valley Oaks Food and Fuel gas station on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of May, where officers confiscated all of their bags of Montecito nacho cheese tortilla chips and temporarily closed their establishment. Health Officers from the state Department of Health confiscated another four bags of Gehls cheese sauce and deemed it safe to sell prepackaged food items only on the following day.

Since the sauce has been removed since the 5th of May, it is unlikely that newer cases will come about, but for people who’ve purchased this respective nacho cheese sauce anytime between April 23rd and May 5th, health officials are urging them to seek medical help. Even the tiniest symptom that may seem normal at the moment must be tested before it leads to farther damage.

It is important to avoid packaged foods in such times, especially when many food items are slowly being recalled. To understand the seriousness of this rare condition, let’s take a quick look at what botulism is and the different symptoms that may arise due to this respective illness.

What Is Botulism?

Botulism is a rare condition in which bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum create nerve toxins that sicken individuals. This outbreak consists of foodborne botulism where bacteria are found to build up in canned foods and any other type sealed packaging.

What Does Botulism Do To A Being?

Botulism, as previously mentioned, occurs when a bacteria creates what’s known as nerves toxins. What this means is that the toxin formed blocked nerve messages, which leaves people having no control over their muscles. Ultimately, due to such lack of control, people will experience certain degrees of symptoms.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Botulism?

People will start to feel a different within the first 18 to 36 hours after having consumed food contaminated with this respective toxin. While some experiences it sooner, it takes many days for others to realize that something is up. It is crucial to seek help immediately, as it can spread easily to one’s arms, legs and even to one’s respiratory system.

Some of the common symptoms one is likely to experience includes difficulty speaking or swallowing food, constant need to aid with dry mouth, facial weakness, blurred or altered vision, droopy eyelids, difficulty breathing, nausea and even paralysis.

This rare condition can be diagnosed given that people feeling these respective symptoms seek help immediately. Patients will be given a treatment known as the botulinum antitoxin, which stops and eliminates the toxins from further entering one’s bloodstream.

Unfortunately, the result isn’t the same for everyone, as one may recover from it within days and others may be stuck dealing with it for a number of years.

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