Tinkle Facial Razors

Maintaining a smooth skin and a face free of unwanted hair is an important process for most women who don’t want to have little bits of hair over their upper lip or eyebrows that seem to be out of control. Although plucking out these hair is not an obligation, it has been proven that most women prefer to have them gone.

In order to have a hairless face each person uses different tools, some bleach the hair, others use tweezers or wax. These different methods all have their inconvenients which are making it difficult for women to choose the one that is appropriate for them. In fact, bleaching unwanted hair doesn’t make them go away and depending on the person’s skin tone it can even make them more visible.

Furthermore, using a tweezer to pluck out hair is a painful and tedious process that leaves the skin irritated and red. Additionally, most women find it hard to be precise with this tool and consequently struggle to get everything out. Moreover, the re-growth tends to cause breakouts and interferes with the skin’s smoothness.

Whilst waxing is also painful it’s more effective and provides clean results. However, home waxing is not ideal and going to the beauty salon on a regular basis is a budget that not everyone can afford in addition to being time consuming. Furthermore, wax tends to dry the epidermis out.

What About Shaving?

Famous individuals and beauty icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor shave their faces and had beautiful and smooth skin. In fact, there is a common misconception that shaving one’s face will make the hair grow thicker and darker which is an urban legend that isn’t founded on any truth. Tinkle is a brand that manufactures and distributes razors designed specifically to remove facial hair such as fine hair from the neck, face, and eyebrows.

About Tinkle Facial Razors

Tinkle Facial Razors might be the most effective, painless, rapid, and functional way to remove hair from the face and has literally no negative side-effects.Tinkle’s Facial Razors feature a stainless steel safety cover in order to be suitable for sensitive skin and prevent cuts. Easy to use and featuring and non-slip grip, this device can be used by anyone including beginners.

Tinkle Facial Razors Availability and Pricing

If you would like to try shaving your eyebrows and fine hair located on your face and neck, then Tinkle’s Facial Razors might just be the ultimate solution for you. This painless and functional is available at an affordable price. You can buy a pack of three razors online from the Tinkle Your Face website for $6.99 USD.


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