The Sleep Styler – Dry, Straighten & Curl Hair While Sleeping?


The Sleep Styler is a heatless hair curling system that helps you wake up with beautiful curls. Read our review to find out if it really works.

What is The Sleep Styler?

The Sleep Styler is a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded in 2016. Today, the product is available for anyone to order.

The Sleep Styler promises to give you no heat curls for a heat-free, time-saving hair solution “you never knew you needed”. The company calls the product “the world’s most luxurious hair roller”.

The starter kit is priced at $39.

As you may have guessed from the name, The Sleep Styler styles your hair overnight. You leave it in your hair before you go to bed, then let the curler go to work as you sleep.

As the company explains on the Kickstarter page, “For less than the cost of one blowout you can wake up to healthy and styled hair day after day with The Sleep Styler”.

The company is based in San Diego, California. In 2016, the company earned approximately $50,000 of its $10,000 goal through Kickstarter with support from 1,000 backers. The company started shipping curlers to supporters in 2016. Today, they’re available for anyone to order online.

How to Use The Sleep Styler

The Sleep Styler works in a simple four step process. There’s no machinery involved, no batteries required, and no electricity source needed. Here’s how it works:

  • You wash or take a shower at night as normal
  • Wrap damp hair around the plush cylinder included with The Sleep Styler, then fasten the strap to hold it in place
  • Sleep comfortably “as the memory foam simulates the feeling of resting on clouds”
  • Then, wake up and remove The Sleep Styler and reveal your beautifully-styled hair

How Does The Sleep Styler Work?

You know how when you braid wet hair and leave it for hours, it holds that wave until you wash it? The Sleep Styler is based on the same principle. Whatever shape your hair is in when it goes from wet to dry is the shape it will stay in until it’s wet once again.

Your Sleep Styler kit comes with multiple plush cylinders, so you can arrange your hair however you like and give yourself a full set of curls.

Some of the advantages of The Sleep Styler is that it saves time, saves space, works in a heat-free way, and stays comfortable throughout the night.

The cylinder itself comes with some unique technology. The company has patented its rollers. They’re made from yoga towel material that wicks moisture away from your hair while remaining dry to the touch. This gives the cylinder a suede-like texture that polishes the hair smooth while avoiding breakage.

Inside the cylinder is a luxe laser cut memory foam that conforms to your head like a pillow – so you get to curl your hair and enjoy a better sleep at the same time.

Benefits of The Sleep Styler

The unique technology in The Sleep Styler gives it four main benefits (in addition to saving you time and space):

Rapid Drying Technology: This high-performance microfiber wicking material pushes moisture away from your hair, allowing maximum airflow around each lock of hair. It’s an ultrasoft material that polishes your hair smooth. Additionally, the patented fabric holds 4 to 5 times its weight in water.

Promotes Good Hair Health: The Sleep Styler does not damage your hair like hot styling tools. It’s designed to fully replace your blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener to help ensure your hair stays healthy long-term.

Memory Foam Core: The Sleep Styler can help you get a better sleep. The product is made from laser-cut memory foam that holds an imprint of your hand – like high-end bedding. You can easily remove the foam insert from the fabric to wash the fabric after a few uses.

Curl or Straighten: You can do more than just curl your hair with The Sleep Styler. It also allows you to wrap your hair in a spiral to curl, or hold flat along the length of the roller to straighten. The curler is specifically engineered to create the perfect bombshell curl for everyone. You can view alternative styling methods on The Sleep Styler website.

Additionally, The Sleep Styler claims to work with all hair – even if your hair is extra coarse, frizzy, or kinky.

The Sleep Styler Pricing

The Sleep Styler is priced at $39 USD.

Your introductory kit comes with four foam cylinders/rollers.

Refunds are generally not available, as the company cannot resell used rollers. However, they will replace defective merchandise within 2 weeks of being delivered to your doorstep.

Later this year, The Sleep Styler will release The Sleep Styler Mini, a petit version that’s made from the same fabric, but is half the size to allow for more fine-tuned hair styling (or for women with shorter hair).

Who Makes The Sleep Styler?

The Sleep Styler is made by a San Diego-based company. Prior to launching their Kickstarter in 2016, the company claims to have “tried almost every product and D.I.Y. styling alternative” but couldn’t find anything they loved that actually worked.

They eventually tested 100 different fabrics before settling on the fabric used in The Sleep Styler. After 20 prototypes and 2 years of R&D, they released The Sleep Styler onto the internet in 2016.

The makers of The Sleep Styler are headquartered at the following address:

4629 Cass St.

San Diego, CA 92109

You can contact the company using their contact form on their site as well.

Should You Buy The Sleep Styler?

The Sleep Styler is a hair styling device that works overnight without heat. It’s based on a simple principle: when your hair goes from wet to dry, it tends to stay in that shape until it’s wet again. The Sleep Styler dries your hair using moisture-wicking yoga material-type cylinders overnight, then wakes you up with dry, curly hair.

Reviews online for The Sleep Styler are generally good. Some delicate sleepers may not enjoy sleeping with the rollers in their hair, while others claim you get used to it. Overall, the product seems to work as advertised to curl your hair overnight – although some picky users may find that it doesn’t quite give the same fine-tuned results you would get with a blow dryer.

Priced at $40, The Sleep Styler is a reusable product that can be washed over and over again. As the company explains, it’s cheaper than a single blowout – and can be used to curl or straighten your hair while replacing your blow dryer.

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  1. Can’t review the product but I will review the company based on my experience. I placed my order on March 8th. Still haven’t received it. Every week I follow up and every week I am told “next week”. I am wondering if it is all a scam.

  2. I have used the bigger Sleep Styler a few times now, I have very curly shoulder length hair that I usually wear straight. I can honestly say that this product is much harder to put on than it looks in the videos. The strap is in an awkward position so making sure the strap is going the right way is the first challenge. And the product is quite fat so it gets in the way a lot…I recommend starting in the back because the front ones get in the way when putting on the ones in back. And they don’t really dry your hair, it takes hours, and when I take the styler off, my hair still feels damp, which defeats the whole purpose. For shorter hair like I have, the rolls are too fat and they make big round clumpy curls. I can see this may work better for long hair. If they had a long skinnier product, I think that is what is needed for shorter hair because you don’t want these fat waves, you want smaller graceful waves. And this product doesn’t do a good job of straightening the hair because it doesn’t cover enough of the hair. Not so thrilled with this product as I hoped I would be.

  3. I ordered March 3 and it is now May 28, still have not received my order. I emailed customer service and was told I could not cancel my order. So hard to tell if I would like them or not since it was almost been 90 days and no rollers…..

  4. This review incorrectly states that the package contains 4 rollers. The original Sleep Styler pack actually contains 8 rollers, and the Sleep Styler Mini pack contains 12 mini rollers. I have been using the Sleep Styler originals for several months (I got them when they were on Kickstarter), and I absolutely LOVE them.

  5. I have very thick long hair and 4 rollers would not be enough for my head of hair! Can’t afford 2 packs but I’ve always thought there should be a way to curl this hair while u sleep. I have tried to braid it at night and take down in the morning but that didn’t work to well!

    • The $39 pack actually has 8 rollers in it, NOT 4. I purchased two packs (16 rollers) when she had them on Kickstarter. I have used as few as 2 to 4 and as many as all 16 rollers, depending on what kind of curl I want.

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