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Throughout history, the evolution of mankind had been directly connected to gathering the Earth’s resources. Despite the need for materials and sustenance, the pillaging of the environment had devastating effects on nature. Over the years, awareness of preserving the environment has become a focal point. Whether for personal use or businesses adopting sustainable methods, the benefits of adhering to eco-friendly practices are endless.

Today, many businesses can no ignore the pleas from activists urging them to go “green”. Consumers are stunningly aware of environmental issues and their expectations and needs have changed. Investors have been forced to shift their preferences for business and intentionally support companies that employ methods that support and preserve the environment.

Currently, being a green company is a powerful advantage. Consumers are happy, and businesses are thriving. Once word gets out that the company is eco-friendly, they secure trust and loyalty as well as a well-earned reputation as they are not only economically responsible but also ethical and credible. While becoming sustainable is a powerful advantage, some business owners have taken it a step further – farm to mouth.

The Maca Team is a family company that has sourced Maca a powerful superfood, to create their unique products. Maca specialists, the family is passionate about preserving and sharing the benefits of the Peruvian grown Maca. Featuring the highest quality there is to offer, The Maca Team has developed 100% natural, organically grown, cruelty and GMO-free, fresh, and powerful products.

About The Maca Team

The Maca Team currently sells 8 different types of certified organic Maca. Raw and gelatinized, the Maca come in a variety of powder sizes, including vegan capsules and extracts. Dedicated to the Peruvian Maca, The Maca Team has committed themselves to sourcing and supplying only the highest quality products. Always searching for the best product, the company tests hundreds of Maca powders in efforts to find the strongest and most effective ones.

By choosing to sell exclusively organic products, The Maca Team ensures the quality of their products. The Maca Team works with farming co-ops in Peru that only grow organic plants, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Opting to choose traditional growers, the organic farms support traditional agriculture and produce better quality Maca, preserving the land for generations to come.

By sourcing Maca from organic farms, The Maca Team can guarantee that they are onlt selling the freshest Maca products. Maca is only harvested once a year, between the months of June and August. Because the company only sells from the freshest harvest they receive small orders of Maca to ensure that the Maca powder will be fresh each time. Customers usually receive product that was produced within the last 3-4 months.

Before receiving the Maca, The Maca Team puts all the products through an extensive and thorough analysis and testing period. Ensuring that the products are free of pesticides or heavy metal, the company can maintain quality and meet health codes and standards. To ensure that the products are fresh and secure, the company uses a foil-lined, double sealed, opaque bag to package their powders. The Maca Team also uses sealed amber jars for their capsules and extracts, keeping light, humidity, and oxygen far from the product, ensuring optimal potency.

Benefits of Maca

With regular and consistent use of Maca, users will experience improvements in both physical, hormonal, and emotional health. Although each individual experience using Maca varies, despite differences, Maca will guarantee an improvement in overall health, regardless. The benefits of Maca include:

– Increased endurance and energy.

Healthy teeth and bones.

– Increased stamina.

Enhanced memory, learning, and cognitive ability.

– Treats chronic exhaustion syndrome and adverse side effects.

– Improves circulation, preventing anemia and increasing wound healing.

Improves sexual ability and increases libido for both men and women.

Reduces stress and anxiety.

– Enhances fertility in animals and humans.

– Balances hormonal irregularities.

Alleviates depression.

– Reduces hormonal dysfunction that occurs during menopause and andropause.

In addition to these powerful benefits, Maca also works as an alternative to anabolic steroids, helping to build muscle. Maca also acts as a fungistatic, bacteriostatic, anticarcinogen, and antioxidant.

How Maca Works

Humans have been using Maca for centuries, however, it has just recently been studiet scientifically. Based on science and old wives’ tales, history and data prove that Maca works – providing a range of benefits that provide the body with essential nutrients. Maca is a turnip like vegetable that only grows in the Andes Mountains at altitudes of 13,000 ft. or above. The highest crop known to man, Maca thrives in harsh climates and blossoms in the rocky soil, high winds, and extreme sunline.

The Maca plant produces a small root that has been the hidden treasure for the natives in the Andes. Traditionally used by humans and animals for its ability to increase stamina, energy, and fertility, the Maca plant contains endless nutritional value. Maca is nutrient rich plant that contains vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Also being an adaptogen, Maca supports overall health and has been shown to improve mood while repairing damage done to the body.

In order to find out which type of Maca is most benefical, individuals should look at the selection of products in order to receive a recommendation that best fits their needs. The Raw Maca products preserve all of their enzymes and feature the strongest potency. Recommended for most people, the Raw Maca products may cause indesgestion or gas. For those who have sensitive stomachs or digestive diseases, it is recommended that they us the Gelatinized Maca.

The Gelatinized Maca products are more concentrated, however, once they are heated, all of the enzymes are destroyed and the important nutrients lose their abilities. However, because they are less strong, the Gelatinized products are ideal for those who are sensitive and do not want to risk discomfort.

The most effective way to take Maca powder is to mix the powder with a liquid – water or fruit juice. Best taken on an empty stomach, Maca works best if taken approximately 10-15 minutes before breakfast. By taking Maca on an empty stomach, the absorption of the nutrients is faster and more efficient. Maca powder can also be combined with some food types as well. It is recommended that individuals begin taking a dosage of 1-3 teaspoons each day, depending on body size, and the kind of Maca that is purchased.

Ingredients in Maca

Mentioned previously, Maca is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Containing essential nutrients, Maca provides the body with all the needed properties for optimal functioning. Below is a list of some of the active ingredients found in Maca.

  • Thiamin: Converts carbohydrates into energy, essential for good heart, muscle, and nervous system function.
  • Riboflavin: Increases production of red blood cells.
  • Ascorbic Acid: Promotes antioxidant activity.
  • Niacin: Supports increased blood circulation.
  • Calcium: Essential for bone developments and improving circulation.
  • Potassium: Helps the blood cells maintain healthy osmosis.
  • Copper: Supports enzyme health.
  • Zinc: Improves memory, learning, and cognitive function.
  • Iron: Supports healthy muscle growth.
  • Selenium: Protects the cells against free radicals.
  • Boron: Supports metabolic function.

Purchasing Maca

All the Organic Maca products are available for purchase on the website ( The Maca Team offers free shipping on their orders. Divided by category, the different types of Maca, as well as varying sizes are outlined in detail on the website. The Maca products include:

— Organic Raw Maca Powders: Raw Black Maca, Raw Red Maca, Raw Premium Maca, and Raw Yellow Maca.

— Organic Gelatinized Maca Powders: Gelatinized Black Maca, Gelatinized Red Maca, Gelatinized Premium Maca, Gelatinized Yellow Maca.

— Organic Maca Capsules: Raw Black Maca, Raw Red Maca, Raw Premium Maca, and Raw Yellow Maca, Gelatinized Black Maca, Gelatinized Red Maca, Gelatinized Premium Maca, Gelatinized Yellow Maca.

— Liquid Maca Extracts: Yellow Maca Extract, Black Maca Extract, Premium Maca Extract, and Red Maca Extract.

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