IQ+ – IQ Plus Complete Nootropic Solution For Brain Health?


There isn't any doubt the nutritional supplement industry has altered the lives of innumerable individuals all over the world. Not only are there more nutritional supplements and pills available on the market than ever before, the huge amount of choice available can make it a daunting task at the best of times.

The preceding realities of buying on-line nutritional supplements is compounded by the existence of fake and imitation products which could be dangerous for human consumption, which has resulted in the development of review sites that have the remarkable goal of identifying the valid products from the remainder.

One merchandise that is making headlines because of its numerous consumer reviews is IQ+, a brain-enhancing nutritional supplement that promises to raise one’s mental focus.

What is IQ+?

The IQ+ nootropic is effective in dealing with the decline in brain power & cognitive performance as one gets older, which is a common occurrence.

The company states the IQ+ pills contain Vinpocetine and Huperiza Serrata to boost the body’s acetylcholine levels, which functions as a supercharger for the body’s neurotransmitters.

Vinpocetine and neuro-specific antitoxins help to remove free radicals from the body and clear away mental fog and confusion.

Benefits of IQ+

  • Boosts Cognition
  • Drives Dreams
  • Peaks Performance
  • Maintains Memory

The other benefits of IQ+ are that an acetylcholine-boosting drug are known to induce vivid and lucid dreams, and contains key nutrients that help the brain transition into restful REM sleep.

IQ+ contains scientifically-validated compounds that elevates the levels of endogenous neuro-transmitters and provides stress relief.

IQ plus is a top nutritional supplement in the marketplace that targets giving users better mental clarity through the day. IQ+ promises to skyrocket one’s focus, enhance the user’s imagination in addition to improving the recollection of the user.

Mental fitness is similar to the physical type; if one doesn't exercise their brain and feed it with the nutrients it requires to flourish, then entropy and reduced cognitive capacity is the result, which is why the new line of nootropics including IQ have become more popular lately.

One can readily buy the nutritional supplement through the business’ site, in addition to through their relationships with resellers and retailers throughout America. The nutritional supplement may also be found on third party shopping websites like Amazon and eBay if users are having problem searching pills within their local region.

Purchasing the nutritional supplement is fast and easy using the order form on IQ+’s site; users can establish a precise transport and delivery address to their get their nutritional supplements delivered to their front doors. Users set their orders can expect a cargo arriving within three to five working days, while for others it may take them a little more.

Users may value the fact that IQ by Good Karma comes with a money-back guarantee. This implies the nutritional supplement can be returned for a complete refund of the purchase price with no questions asked. All users must do is hang on to their packaging and proof of purchase if they want to do so.

It should be noted that IQ doesn't come with a free trial, which is unlike other products available on the market. The lack of a trial system could be seen as an important disadvantage of the merchandise, with many of the business’s rivals offering as trial as an incentive to their end users.

Along with buying the nutritional supplement through the business’s site, users may also sign up to participate in the business’s affiliate scheme. The IQ+ affiliate system is open for anyone to join, but is usually allowed for large scale web site owners that need to benefit from their targeted traffic.

What are the Advantages of IQ+?

As seen above, IQ is part of a family of nootropics that focus on enhancing one’s core cognitive capabilities, including memory, attention, focus and more.

Users that ingest the nutritional supplement on the regular basis report feeling emotionally sharp within several hours of ingestion, while the long term cognitive functions take a little more to establish as a result of its natural formula

Among the crucial advantages that IQ has over its rivals is the absence of manmade substances and compounds that can be found in other nutritional supplements. Competing brands available on the market are understood to use substances which will interact negatively with the user’s body.

There aren't any worries of medical complications or side effects with IQ, as the pill includes mostly organic ingredients that have found use for generations, long before the dawn of the modern nutritional supplements that we see now. Along with this, the pills are also an excellent way to top up on one’s nutritional needs, supplying vital quantities of Vitamin B and C.

What are reviewers saying about IQ+?

There was no deficiency of reviews about the IQ nootropic, with many users seen to be singing the praises of the business. The most common compliment that that the firm received was due to its potential to raise one’s mental focus and attention, in addition to acting as a strong stimulant for one’s system.

Users reported results of using IQ+ within a few weeks of consistent ingestion, while for others it took them a little longer at one month or more.

The other compliment that was given to IQ was about how simple it was to locate online, being featured on most nutritional supplement shops in addition to the business’s site itself. Additionally it is one of the most competitively priced nutritional supplements out there today, and is about half the cost of other brands.

It should be noted however, that IQ wasn't entirely safe from criticism. There were some negative remarks in the mix about the nutritional supplement, with some expressing their discontent as a whole about the pill and asking for their money back.

The preceding criticism of the pill is mostly endemic to the nutritional supplement industry as whole and must not be taken simply at face value. After all, the success or failure of a specified nutritional supplement is mainly determined by a user’s expectancies and point of view.

The Bottom Line – Is IQ+ Recommended?

As a result of numerous favorable reviews the nutritional supplement has received, there's enough evidence to indicate the nootropic is recommendable to both friends and family.

Not only does the formula take a brief period of time to work, users everywhere reported feeling bright and more engaged with life in general, giving them the leading edge they have to succeed in today’s competitive world.

In conclusion, as long as one keeps their expectations in check about the nutritional supplement then users may be happily surprised with their results. Although the pill isn't a magic remedy, it seemingly does a good enough of a job for what it is.

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  1. I've had similar problems with other companies, but for some reason this company has been right on for me. I even had them stop shipment for two months and start up at a two month designated date and they did exactly what I asked. The ingredients in this product are phenomenal-you won't find this combination any where else.
    I will say they are way over priced-but looking at everything in it and pricing separately they can ask and get this amount.
    So far I've been satisfied with the product and company. Hope it continues to be so.

  2. I am so glad I found all of your reviews. Thank you all for posting I was about to order a “free bottle” and pay shipping & handling thanks to all your post I will not trust that site with my credit card information. Wish you all the best getting your money back it's sad people will scam and lie to get your money.

  3. All companies that advertise Free Trial will auto ship to you unless you cancel usually with in 14 days of ordering. You just have to read the fine print. Be careful.

  4. Ok, here's what you need to do. First thing cancel your debit card, you probably don't need to but I did because I don't trust them, you can get a new card. My bank found this number for me to call, 888-459-7809. Call them and tell them that all you seen was the advertisement that said it was free just pay shipping. You won't get it all back, I got 35% of it back so I guess it's better than nothing. Take it as a lesson learned to make sure to read everything, when someone says free there is always a catch, nothing is free! Losing $60 dollars will make me sure not to fall for this kind of bullshit ever again! Again I would advise you to get a new debit card! Good luck to you all!

  5. I got screwed like the rest of you! Cancelled my debit card as soon as I looked at my bank statement. These people are thieves and need to be stopped! Headed to the bank in the morning to stop payment,I hope! My fault, should have known better, aint usually this stupid, but the add doesnt tell the facts or the truth.

  6. Well those rip offs hit me 20 mins after I got off the phone and they said all transactions will be stopped immediately and they changed me another $89.97 total $167.81 again when I called only giving me 50% off. If your the trusting kind like myself good luck stopping them here's the number
    1-888-664-0966. Notice the 666 by the way I did place an comment stating this before but it HAS been removed maybe it will come back up but I doubt it. There should be some course one could take to immediately stop these thieves that pray on the innocent. I believe in Krama and I know it works but what of those that can't find this number.

  7. Here's the number to get some of your money back which I was offered only 25% to be retuned in 5 days and to no longer have any taken out and to stop the account all together. I can offered the lost but what about those that can't . You really can't trust anyone anymore. 1-888-644-0966 good luck!!

  8. Well It is nice to know I am not the only one who had been taken for a money ride. I do not recall a “14” day trial and then you would be charged &89.97 right out of your bank account. No Email, no call, nothing to say we are charging you this. Beside, This product does not do any thing. I just wish I saw this before.
    This all started with Amazon sending me an email saying I get a free gift, just pay Shipping & Handling. Free my ass!!!, Now I can let the bank know that I was not the only one to be taken.

  9. I have been trying to figure out how to get back with these people all day, I finally saw the Service number in one of the comments above. It sounds like they are doing this to everyone. All I did was pay for the shipping on a free trial and my bank statement came up with a $89.97 charge on it today. I have not called them yet but I will. I do not care how good their product works they are deceiving everyone and I will not use it. I'll take them to the BBB first!!!!!

    • Lynn when you do take to them, be careful what they say, they only want to give back 75%. Let your bank know that this has happened to more then yourself. Peace and good luck.

  10. I was also charged the $89.97 after their fake 14-day free trial. I called their customer service at 1-888-664-2021. They were not going to give me a refund until I threatened to get a lawyer and sue them. They then only refunded 75% of the $89.97 they stole from me. is a bunch of liars and cheats, who steal money from honest people.

  11. Exact same thing happened to me. They hit me for $251.71. My bank would not reverse the charges, but issued a new debit card.
    When I called a recording loop instructed my to pay another $49.95 to stop the subscription. I left a message to cease, but they didn't.

  12. I bought a “Free Trial” to try this new product consisting of one bottle of IQ+ containing 60 capsules, for $4.98 shipping only, which I received about 3 days after the online transaction in early October 2016. Did not buy a subscription or agree to recurring payments or having to cancel before 14 days were up. They were to solicit me again as to receiving more product on a regular basis, I presumed in the middle of November 2016. Wrong.

    I was charged $89.97 20 days after I had paid shipping of $4.98 on my “free offer”, then was contacted by my bank today as they ( tried to charge me another 3 times in addition to the first $89.97, each charge for $89.97: 2 originating from NYC, and 2 originating from the UK, for a total of $359.88, all within a span of 30 days from the initial payment of $4.98 for shipping. Also, I had never received any additional product, even though I was charged unknowingly.

    Talked to the Fraud department at the bank, and they issued me a new CCard and cancelled the charges on my statement. Now they are going after whoever is conducting the eCommerce side of Dr. Amen's supplements along with the FTC.

    So be aware when on this website to read absolutely everything before you agree to a one-off or “free trial”, or subscription offer where they will keep charging your card. I also found it odd that in re-looking at the underlying source code for my original emails of order confirmation and shipping on the “free 14 day trial” offer, it was written in simple HTML 4, with no java script, or scripting entries, period. This looks like it was done by one human using a boiler plate “table”. Another red flag. I will post this on my blog, as well.

      • I guess they are doing this to everyone, I paid shipping on a trial bottle and my bank statement came up with a $89.97 charge today. I do not care how good their product is they are deceiving everyone and I will not use it. I will turn them into the BBB first!!! Calling them tomorrow, wish me good luck!!!


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