Telia Oils – Organic Top Quality Super Strength Essential Oils?


Telia Oils is a company that is determined to improve the quality of life for most people. The company seeks to do this through a large variety of oils and fragrances that they sell on their website. The point of the essential oils is for the use in aromatherapy among other numerous uses. The oils have nearly unlimited benefits in the body.

In addition to this, the company produces Oregano oil. The use of this oregano oils is not only limited to recent times. The use of oregano oil can be dated all the way back to the ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks.

Why They Are Needed

Oregano Oil Production

Both of these groups recognized the use of oregano oil for healing purposes. Another group of people who recognized this important means of treatment were Chinese healers.

In the BC era, oregano oil was used in the form of an anti-toxin for numerous types of poison. The oil is found in oregano shrubs that are originally from the Mediterranean mountains, as well as many Asian regions. The leaves and the flowers of the oregano plant are harvested form the plant while it is at the peak level.

There are two methods that are used to extract this oil from the plant. One of them is via distillation while the other is through infusion. Distillation is the commercially used method of production whereas the infusion method is for small scale users who seep the oils from the oregano leaves through another oil such as olive oil.

Oregano oil is considered to be among the most powerful medications offered by nature. Some would even call it a form of Clorox bleach for the body.

The products sold by the company come with clear instruction on the use of the product.

Production Of Perfumes

The company is also involved in the production of perfumes. This is in the form of fragrant oils. These oils have an explosion of the best fragrances that can be found in nature. The fragrant oils are made from jojoba oil. This is similar to the oils produced by the oil glands of the body.

The advantage of these oils is that because it is nearly the same as the ones on the skin, you will be able to use it with little to no negative side effects. They are also quite potent. They bear a fragrance that will stay on you the whole day.

They are easily absorbed into the skin and expunge a wonderful aroma. The oils do not leave your skin looking or feeling greasy.

Benefits of Telia Oils

The benefits of oregano oil come from the compounds it has. There has been plenty of research conducted on oregano oil, therefore eliminating the need to explain it. The research conducted lays out the benefits loud and clear.

The products contain the following components:


This is the most abundant component in oregano oil. The product has been proven clinically to inhibit growth of bacteria in the body. The component does so by destroying the cell membranes of bacteria, therefore eliminating their growth and development. It also reduces inflammation in the body and has been proven to destroy carcinogenic cells.

Telia Oils also has anti-microbe properties. These make it essential in the preservation of food.


This is a product that is found in mouthwash products for its anti-septic capabilities. This product also acts as an expectorant by breaking down mucous in the lungs. It can do this by the process of membrane disruption. The product acts as an anti-bacterial agent, an anti-fungal, an anti-mutagenic, and an anti-candida.


This is used as an anti-septic, as well.


This is an antioxidant that is more powerful than vitamin E.

Despite the research on the benefits of the oregano oil, there have been some more documented benefits narrated on the internet. It has been tested against numerous types of viruses. These include the cold virus and the bird flu virus.

In all these cases, it was documented that the oregano oil destroyed the viruses. It even showed a 99.9% destruction rate in a mere 20 minutes. In Mexico, oregano oil was actually showed to be more effective against a form of amoeba known as Giardia lamblia than the prescription medicine. Suddenly, some of the most potent viruses with no known prior cures can now be healed. This is all in credence to oregano oil.

The perfumes made by the company are also quite beneficial. They are inspired by the designer fragrances. The scent resembles that of the designer perfumes, but the product retains a low price. They become an excellent but inexpensive gift for anyone. They are also free of artificial preservatives, as well as dyes and alcohol.

All the products from Telia oils are made to perfection. They ascribe to the highest qualities possible. This quality even extends to their range of make-up products.

Side Effects of Using Telia Oils

Oregano oil comes with a severe warning that is not to be taken lightly. This is a burn warning. It is for this reason that it should be kept out of the reach of children.

You should never apply the product directly to the skin without diluting it first. This is especially on broken skin, the mucous membrane, or numerous other areas. It is for this reason that the company recommends that you use it with carrier oils.

This will lessen the effect. So, before applying it, make sure you infuse it in olive oil or coconut oil. This does not do anything to lessen the potency, but prevents the potential side effects.

You should never give undiluted oregano oil to children. The burn experience is not something to be taken lightly. In case you have allergies to other products extracted from herbs such as thyme, then you should definitely take a lot of precaution when using oregano oil.

Besides the burn warning, the oregano oil can be used extensively in the body with no dangerous side effects.

Telia Oils Review Summary

The products from Telia Oils are ones with the best quality in the market. Their industry-leading oregano oil is among the most powerful and most potent products in the market. Consider getting the oregano oil, and chances are you will not be disappointed.

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