Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum – Mineral Sunscreens?


UV rays are believed to bring great harm to one’s skin health in the long run. It is one of many factors that can induce premature signs of aging, discoloration of skin, and can potentially lead to unwanted skin diseases.

While it may seem as though most sunscreens provided do an exceptional job protecting the skin, they might actually not. Some concerns many may have faced can include dry skin, sunscreen residue, stickiness and flakiness. This is where the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum may come into play.

With the use of the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum, consumers may experience a lightweight coverage that leaves the skin nourished, non-greasy and smooth. The following review will further analyze it with respect to its purpose, its key ingredients, its application and its suggested price ranges.

What is the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum?

Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum is proclaimed as a sunscreen that can protect the skin from the sun’s UVB and UVA exposure.

Unlike currently offered sunscreens, the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum claims to be water resistant, non-greasy, hydrating and can potentially protect the skin’s antioxidants concentration. Most importantly, it claims to leave consumers looking and feeling youthful.

What Can Be Said About the Ingredients Used?

The key ingredients that went into the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum’s formula are Meadowfoam seed oil, Argan oil and Tocotrienols.

The purpose of Meadowfoam seed oil is to help rebuild the skin’s lipid layer that works as a barrier against bacteria. In addition, it can better preserve the body’s natural moisture and prevent dehydration.

Similarly, Argan oil is said to be high in vitamin E and fatty acids that help to nourish the skin. It increases absorption by neutralizing any form of grease or inflammation on the skin.

Lastly, Tocotrienols are believed as an extensive version of the two oils used, as it is 60% more stronger than the average vitamin E content. Most importantly, it is rich in antioxidants.

Based on the brief analysis of the key ingredients, antioxidants and vitamin E are the most prevalent. This is because they help to protect and fight against aging free radical damage, which are claimed responsible for changes in the skin’s appearance, especially with respect to premature signs of aging.

How Should Consumers Use the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum?

In order to maximize the level of protection provided to the skin, it is recommended to apply the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum all over the body 15 minutes prior to being exposed to the sun. When consumers are in direct sunlight, it is ideal to reapply every 2 hours.

Other occasions like swimming or sweating also requires additional applications afterwards. Sunscreen can easily wear off, especially when the body and clothes rub off one another; this is why it is important to reapply when needed.

What Does an SPF of 50 Signify?

SPF is referred to as the sun protection factor. The SPF is computed by calculating how much time it would take to experience a sun burn with sunscreen divided by that without. 50 is said to be the most efficient as it may only allow approximately 1.66% of UV light to reap within the skin, whereas an SPF on 30 can allow twice as much.

How Much Does Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum Cost?

Consumers can choose between 3 different sizes which include a 10ml, 5 fl ounce, or a 10 fl ounce and the prices associated with each format are $8, $12 and $34 respectively.

Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum Final Thoughts

Overall, the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum is worth considering given that it can provide optimal protection beyond that required for the skin’s surface. More specifically, it can protect the skin from the sun, while increasing the skin’s barriers against free radical damage, dehydration and loss of moisture.

It also contains an SPF of 50. As a final touch, the Supergoop Meadowfoam Sun Care Serum is lightly fragranced for possibly hiding any bodily odors. For more information, go to:

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