Skin Barrier – Top 12 Causes For Understanding Poor Skincare?


About Understanding The Skin Barrier

Just like a book has a cover that protects the inner pages, the skin also has a cover called the skin barrier that is its topmost layer. The whole purpose of this layer is to regulate what goes through the skin, since it is permeable. This barrier is also important since it helps the skin retain enough moisture by preventing excess evaporation, especially when it is hot.

Since the skin is the most exposed part of the body, it is vulnerable to disease causing micro-organisms and needs to have this layer to block these pathogens from infecting the body. For most people, their faces and skin generally appear smooth and clear when the skin barrier is in good physical condition.

As expected when the skin barrier is damaged, the body will react in different ways as it tries to fix the problem. One may experience uneven skin coloring, rashes, itchiness, or breakouts in the form of pimples.

Causes Of Poor Skin Barrier

1. Aging

One of the most common causes of damaged skin barrier is advanced age. At this point, the skin is exhausted, just like most of the other body parts, and may not fully function like it used to.

One then starts getting wrinkles and is prone to skin infections if they are not keen on skin care. This will definitely worsen as one ages, and is more prominent in women.

2. Beauty Tips

This is a common problem, mostly with women who are obsessed with their looks and want to look better than their peers. They try every beauty tip given to them, sometimes not knowing the consequences that may follow.

For instance, too much exfoliation and scrubbing of the skin may weaken that top layer, making it inefficient. This is especially true if it is done more than three times in the span of a week.

3. Stress

Ever noticed why when one is at a low point because of stress, most of the time, their skin also rebels and breaks out?

This is mostly due to the fact that the body produces hormones that accompany these emotions. This puts a lot of pressure on the skin barrier while the skin reacts to these foreign objects.

4. Lifestyle Choices

Unknown to many, some of the activities people engage in may be harmful to their skin. These activities include smoking and drinking alcohol or beverages that contain caffeine.

These products either deprive the skin barrier of the moisture it requires or introduce toxins into the body that may lead to skin discomfort.

5. Diet

What one eats can greatly affect the skin barrier, both positively and negatively. It has been noted that fatty and spicy foods are generally not good for the skin as compared to healthier alternatives, such as vegetables and fruits.

In addition to a balanced diet, the body also requires that one takes in enough water to keep the skin moisturized at all times.

6. Environmental Factors

There may also be things happening in the environment that may damage the skin barrier without one’s direct involvement.

For instance, pollution in one’s surroundings may lead to blockage of the pores on the skin not allowing the skin to breathe properly.

Exposure to strong sunlight may also mar the skin barrier, making it very sensitive. You should be careful not to spend too much time in the sun as the skin changes color or becomes itchy when exposed to the sun.

Restoring The Skin Barrier

Once one has identified what may be the reason for their damaged skin barrier, it becomes simpler to deal with the situation and provide the right remedy.

There are many ways to repair the skin barrier and ensure that it goes back to the condition it was once in.

There are both natural and artificial methods which may be helpful depending on the intensity of the damage. Some of these methods include the following:

1. Avoiding Stress

One way to ensure that you have clear and smooth skin is by avoiding situations that may agitate you.

If they are unavoidable, managing them and dealing with them positively is an important way to make sure that they do not spoil your moods.

Moreover, you can try staying positive by seeing the good side of things even when times are hard. This may be difficult, but finding a way to reduce your stress is vital is you wish to keep your skin healthy.

2. Being Keen On Beauty Products

Do not believe the word of every sales agent you meet. Some of the products they sell may contain harmful ingredients that are not suitable for the skin.

Before you buy any of these items, take your time and do your research on them. You may even ask your doctor for suggestions of the right products to use on your skin.

3. Lifestyle Changes

This should be a decision that one makes on their own when they realize that some of the things that they are involved with are causing them more harm than good.

Of course, minimizing these habits or stopping them all together will not happen in the blink of an eye.

It requires time to adjust. For instance, one can decide to only take alcohol during special occasions and not whenever they get the opportunity to drink.

4. Dealing With Environmental Contributors

Since most of these things happen naturally in the environment, avoiding them altogether may be quite a challenge.

The only way to ensure that they do not affect your skin is by limiting exposure to them. Avoid places that are polluted or are prone to smoke or smog.

For harmful sunlight rays, applying good quality sunscreen may be quite useful as it helps protect the skin barrier.

5. Seeing A Doctor

If you try all these ways and nothing seems to be changing for the better, it may be high time to pay a visit to a dermatologist. The doctor will examine your skin and assess what the problem may be.

It is important that you disclose all information like previous skin conditions to the dermatologist. With the right treatment and skin care, your skin barrier will be healed.

Skin Barrier Review Summary

Taking care of one’s skin should be a priority. Knowing how the skin barrier works and ensuring it is in good shape will come a long way for achieving this goal.

Remember that the barrier is like a shield that your body uses to protect itself from external forces that may harm you.

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