Super Sprowtz – Super Powered Healthy Food Recipes & Salad Bars?


Super Sprowtz is a company that helps ensure that children get their recommended dose of vegetables on a regular basis. They setup their salad bar at schools and other public venues with plenty of merchandise to advertise the importance of making healthy choices.

What is Super Sprowtz?

Getting your child or a group of children to eat healthily on a regular basis can be a difficult challenge. Most kids can be stubborn eaters when they are young, making it harder to establish healthy habits as they get older. However, if you start them off with a positive attitude about eating fruits and vegetables, you may have a chance later at keeping it that way. When you can’t be there, Super Sprowtz can be.

Super Sprowtz aims to use media to improve your child’s understanding of nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle from a young age. However, this information can be overwhelming, so it’s presented in a way that is understandable to a child. With their curriculum, they show you the importance of the right foods for development, while making the journey a great experience for the entire family. Right now, they help over a million families using live shows, museum exhibits, apps for your phone, and even through school cafeterias and the grocery store.

The Sprowtz Superheroes

To get children excited about eating vegetables, you need to give them a little motivation. That’s why the creators of Super Sprowtz have come up with characters to highlight some important vegetables that your family should eat on a regular basis. You can invite the team to your child’s school or a public venue for a show that can knock your socks off. You can even find plush versions of most of the characters in the online shop.

Colby Carrot – Super Sight

Colby Carrot is incredibly outgoing and observant, but that doesn’t stop him from being the class clown of the group. He is intelligent and always is available to lend a helping hand. His best friend is Suzy Sweetpea, and he loves to engage in stand-up comedy.

Brian Broccoli – Super Strength

Brian Broccoli holds down the fort as the Team Captain, and, as such, he supports every one of the team members in their mission to stop pollution everywhere. Even though he boasts a confident personality, he is a softie at heart. His optimistic attitude makes it easy to be friends with every member of the Super Sprowtz, but he works out on the regular with Sammy Spinach and Suzy Sweetpea.

Suzy Sweetpea – Super Speedy

Suzy Sweetpea is incredibly fast and eager. She’s constantly moving and tripping over herself, but that doesn’t stop her. She’s the youngest member of the team, and she is friends with everyone. It’s easy to figure out her hobbies, since all you need to do is look for the fastest and most fun adventures.

Erica Eggplant – Super Smart

Erica Eggplant is the smartest character you will meet from the Super Sprowtz crew. She’s a teacher, and she has an amazing memory that has allowed her to learn 18 languages. Her best friend in Sammy Spinach, since they both like to pass the time playing Sudoku.

Sammy Spinach – Super Stretchy

Sammy Spinach is known for his flexible yoga skills and his even temper. He is wise and places high importance on achieving the optimum level of sleep. He likes to volunteer by rescuing cats, and is close with Zach Zucchini, as they both value the importance of sunlight.

Zach Zucchini – Super Swimmer

The most relaxed member of the group is Zach Zucchini, who is known for his surfing and swimming skills. He befriends anyone who cares about swimming at the beach, and he always makes sure he has enough water.

Todd Tomato – Super Safe

Todd Tomato is a stressed-out worrywart. He constantly maintains his personal hygiene and feels heavily responsible to protect the other characters in the Super Sprowtz gang. He doesn’t have a specific best friend from the group, but he like to be around others that value safety.

Gita Garlic & Oliver Onion – Super Sweet

Gita and Oliver go together wherever they are, despite Gita’s Indian heritage and Oliver’s British humor. They are both sophisticated and full of elegance, showing affection for one another with hugging and holding hands. They are each other’s best friends, and they enjoy collecting items that are shaped like hearts.

Miki Mushroom – Super Soothing

Miki Mushroom is portrayed as a character that loves cooking and acts maternally to other people. She is best friends with Erica Eggplant, but dreams of one day meeting Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. She is sweet and calm, and she loves to learn about geography to become educated about the different foods you can garden.

How Super Sprowtz Can Impact Your Child’s School

When your child’s school features the Super Sprowtz options, they will have a small salad bar to allow children to enjoy a taste of the healthy ingredients that nature has available to offer. In fact, if you are an administrator at a school, or a parent that wants to educate your child, you can order a small kit with plenty of products to help you. This kit includes:

  • Plush puppets
  • The salad bar wrap with a headboard, which comes with instructions
  • An eye chart exam, which can be placed in the nurse’s office
  • An interactive DVD
  • A USB-based copy of the curriculum
  • Life-size cutouts
  • Carrot-shaped footprints to lead children to the salad bar
  • Four informative books

When you receive the package, it’s easy to set up a special area in the cafeteria. Even though your child can learn plenty of information about these characters, he or she will also learn the value of healthy food.

At the moment, the company has locations in New York, California, Colorado, Lousisiana, D.C., and Puerto Rico. However, you can contact the company to expand to your school.

Contacting the Customer Service Team for Super Sprowtz

If you’re interested in having the team of puppeteers and characters come to your school, or you simply want to find out more to educate your own kids, the customer service team is ready. There is no phone number to reach the company, but you can use [email protected] to reach the correct people.


Super Sprowtz wants the same things as you want for your children – to live a long and healthy life. The only way to successfully achieve that is by making the right choices for the future of your family. If Super Sprowtz doesn’t already visit your local school district, you may want to reach out and become part of the solution, rather than the problem, for American families.


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