Le-Vel Thrive Kids Review – Premium Nutrition Formula For Children?


Le-Vel Thrive K For Kids – Good For Children?

Multilevel marketing company Le-Vel now has a kids version of its popular Thrive lineup of nutritional supplements. Here’s our review of this nutritional supplement for kids.

What is Le-Vel Thrive K?

In an introductory video for Thrive Kids (also called Thrive K), Le-Vel calls Thrive “the fastest growing health and wellness movement in the world.” Created 3.5 years ago, Thrive has seen huge growth in its MLM nutritional supplement sales.

With its new Premium Kids Formula, Thrive wants to make sure everyone can get the premium-grade nutrition they need. Prior to the launch of this formula, Thrive had products for people of all ages, genders, and ethnicity. Now, with the launch of Thrive K, Le-Vel wants to capitalize on a demographic that makes up nearly one third of the world’s population: people under 18 years of age.

Le-Vel calls its Premium Kids Formula “one of the most important products and formulas it has incepted.” So how does Thrive Kids work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Thrive Kids work?

Thrive Kids, like other Thrive products, comes in the form of a gel.

That gel is flavored with a “super fruity cereal flavor”, according to Le-Vel. By taking the gel daily, your kids can fill in gaps in their vitamins and minerals.

The formula claims to use natural flavors and natural sweeteners. Here’s what the ingredients list looks like:

Thrive Kids Ingredients

As you can see, you only get the recommended daily intake of three ingredients, including vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin B6. The other ingredients come with between 1% and 67% of your daily recommended intake – so it’s nowhere close to being a complete multivitamin supplement.

You’ll also notice that it contains stevia leaf extract. Yes, stevia leaf extract is a naturally-derived sweetener, but it must still go through a synthetic process to condense its naturally sweet flavor. Stevia is also criticized for the fact that it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. That’s a good thing if you’re a diabetic, but it may be a problem if you’re not diabetic. When your body eats sweet foods, it prepares for a rise in blood sugar. When this doesn’t occur, it may cause stress on the body. Ultimately, stevia is largely seen to be safe, but it’s still been linked to some hormone and fertility problems.

There’s also fructose in Thrive K. Fructose is one of two simple sugars (glucose is the other one). Our bodies produce glucose and every living cell on the planet has glucose in it. Fructose, however, is a fruit sugar that is never produced by our bodies. We only eat fructose when eating ripe fruits. Our bodies process fructose very differently from glucose. Without going too deep into the science behind fructose, suffice to say that it’s been linked to all sorts of health problems, including heart disease, elevated blood sugar, diabetes, and even cancer. Fructose is the second listed ingredient in Le-Vel Thrive Kids behind purified water.

Ultimately, based on these ingredients, Le-Vel’s Thrive Kids doesn’t seem to have any advantages over a traditional multivitamin for kids. Only three of the ingredients contain dosages high enough to give your kids their recommended daily value. And, the formula is packed with sweeteners like fructose that have been linked to serious health problems in kids and adults.

Thrive K Pricing

Pricing information for Thrive K has not yet been released. However, we expect the price to be between $40 and $60 per month – similar to other Le-Vel Thrive gel products like FORM.

Keep in mind that Le-Vel’s pricing will typically be higher than other multivitamins and nutritional supplements because you’re not just paying for the product: you’re also paying the commission for the salesperson who sold you that product (and the long line of salespeople above that person).

Should You Give Le-Vel Thrive K to your Children?

If you’re an active Le-Vel Thrive user, then you may have been waiting for the company to release a nutritional supplement targeted towards children. That’s exactly what the Thrive K Premium Kids Formula is: it’s a nutritional supplement targeted towards children who want to fill in gaps in their nutrition.

That sounds good, but in reality, Thrive K doesn’t contain a strong dose of any particular vitamin or mineral (it contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of just three of its ingredients). It also comes packed with sweeteners like fructose and stevia – two things that parents may not feel comfortable giving to their kids.

If you’ve bought into the Thrive system, and you don’t mind paying the premium price tag, then Thrive K may be a good option for you and your children.

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  1. My kids love Kids Thrive and it’s a great addition to a balance diet to fill nutritional gaps in kiddos! I am currently running Le-Vel Thrive specials if you are interested in ordering.

  2. We love this product. Our grandchild uses it as well as many satisfied customers. Interested in checking out all of our products fueledbythrive.com

  3. Thrive Kids doesn’t claim to be a complete multivitamin with 100% daily values of all vitamins/minerals. Its meant to help fill those nutritional gaps in kids and as a supplement to a child’s overall health and wellness :)

    • Yes, I see this as it is marketed—a SUPPLEMENT, not a REPLACEMENT for a balanced diet high in a variety of nutrients. We all know that kids go through stages of being resistant to variety, so this is a great SUPPLEMENT in my opinion.

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