Nordic Naturals ProOmega Joint Xtra – Healthy Omega 3 & Collagen?


Nordic Naturals ProOmega Joint Xtra is a daily supplement to support people who are experiencing arthritis or reduced joint function. As people age joints lose the natural cushion and mobility leaving people with sore joints and limited range of motion. Often people have to stop their favorite activities due to joint pain, Joint Xtra can help.

This supplement combines glucosamine, omega 3 fatty acids, and collagen to help people live higher quality lives with easier movement without pain. Please read below to find out more information about Joint Xtra by Nordic Naturals.

What is Nordic Naturals ProOmega Joint Xtra?

Joint Xtra by ProOmega is a maximum strength, joint-care supplement that helps lubricate joints and minimize pain. When used daily this supplement supports the body in maintaining healthy joints. Whether users have pain in their knees, hips, fingers, or elbows, this supplement can help provide relief.

This supplement is great for people who have started noticing limited range of motion due to arthritis or age. Bikers have noted improved mobility and reduced post workout pain. Many users of Joint Xtra have noticed great improvement not only in knee joints but also fingers and hands.

How Does Nordic Naturals ProOmega Joint Xtra Work?

Joint Xtra combines glucosamine for healthy cartilage, omega 3 fatty acids to support joint mobility, and collagen to help keep joints lubricated and moving smoothly. Joint Xtra contains naturally sourced pure fish oils that deliver results fast.

Consumers simply take three softgels per day and start seeing reduced inflammation and improved mobility quickly and without negative side effects. This supplement will help support users in maintaining their active lifestyle with less pain and better movement. Whether its tennis, sewing, biking, or simply walking, consumers can feel better while being active with the support of Nordic Naturals ProOmega Joint Xtra.


Each three capsule dose of Joint Xtra contains 1500 milligrams of glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine in the body helps keep up the health of cartilage over a person’s lifetime. As people get older the rubbery tissue that cushions bones at the joints can begin to decrease leading to pain or discomfort.

Eventually without this cushion the joint health will decline. Glucosamine supplements may help improve joint health and many people indicate that they see good results with glucosamine when combined with other ingredients targeting joint health.

Additionally, this supplement is packed full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids including EPA and DHA. Each dose contains over 1500 milligrams of omega 3’s to support healthy joints and mobility. Collagen is included to help lubricate joints and help reduce pain and inflammation upon movement.

The fish oil contained in Joint Xtra meets Nordic Naturals high quality fish oil standards. All of the fish oils in this supplement are guaranteed to be the best quality available free of heavy minerals and impurities.

Joint Xtra is gluten free. This supplement is designed for adult use only. This product contains animal products and is not vegetarian. This supplement does not contain shellfish sourced ingredients.


ProOmega Joint Xtra supplement is available for purchase at Each ninety capsule bottle of Joint Xtra is available for purchase for $44.99. Consumers who purchase Joint Xtra through Amazon can receive free shipping by combining it with eligible purchases totaling $49.00 or more.

The Joint Xtra Supplement by Nordic Naturals can also be purchased at

Each ninety capsule bottle is available for $44.16 and comes with free two day priority shipping.

Pure Formulas offers a five dollar off coupon for consumers ordering through their site for the first time.

Who Makes Nordic Naturals ProOmega Joint Xtra?

Joint Xtra is part of the Nordic Naturals fish oil supplement line. Nordic Naturals is committed to sustainable practices when it comes to the source of their fish oil. Consumers who are looking to source their joint support supplements from a company that cares about the environment and their impact will want to purchase from Nordic Naturals.

Nordic Naturals is based in Watsonville, California.

Should You Use Joint Xtra?

Users who are experiencing joint pain or discomfort are looking for a way to reduce their pain should definitely consider adding Joint Xtra to their wellness routine. Joint Xtra is specially formulated to help the user’s body lubricate joints and reduce swelling. Users who have trouble continuing their favorite activities due to joint pain will appreciate this formula and its highly effective combination of ingredients.

Get back to knitting, biking and other well-loved activities quick with the Joint Xtra Supplement. Users looking to help improve their joint mobility and reduce swelling should consider checking out this supplement at

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