StyleSeat – Book Beauty & Hair Wellness Professionals Online?


In today’s life which is brimming with social responsibilities and obligations, it becomes harder to make and remember appointments.

One of the many things that people often tend to do is that they forget to book a session with their barber or stylist even when they urgently need some work done on themselves.

This can warrant a lot of unwanted stress because many people need to look sharp at all times as they may be working in a corporate environment which requires them to look their best during their work hours.

What Is StyleSeat?

StyleSeat is a one-stop destination to all of one’s beauty needs, it essentially works as an application which brings together a host of different cosmetic services like hair grooming, highlighting, nail services onto one platform.

Users can check out the services being offered in their local area and can then accordingly make a decision regarding where they would like to book their appointment. Some of the key features of the application include:

  • Service Availability: it allows uses to keep track of all of the specialists (hair, nail, hands, feet, skin) that are available in one’s area. One can check schedule availability as well as price listings and a whole host of other important information through the user friendly interface.
  • Receive Various Special Promotions: it allows users to receive special deals and promotions that many retailers may be offering. All one needs to do is input the voucher code at the time of booking or present the option at the store itself to utilize the discounts being offered.
  • Manage Schedules: the application allows users to seamlessly integrate their schedules and appointments onto their smartphones or computers. There are various alerts/reminder options available which make sure that users do not forget key dates or booked sessions.
  • Price Assessment: users can check the prices of various services and compare them with other retailers offering similar deals, similarly users can also keep track of their past expenditure so that they have their finances in check.

Other Important Information Regarding Style Seat..

  • The application is ideal for users looking to find various beauty related specialists in their area as well as for freelancers, mid-size business, small business that are actively looking to promote themselves through an established online platform.
  • The application only supports the English language at the moment. Thus it might cause problems for non-native speakers while making bookings and appointments.
  • Style Seat works on all popular smartphones including Android based devices, iPhones, iPads.
  • It cannot be used in conjunction with any other applications that are commonly available today.
  • From within the app users can contact customer support and access frequently asked questions.

What Services Are Being Offered To Me?

The key services which StyleSeat delivers to its customers include:

  • Special Events: this entails booking various specialists for events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate events. It allows users to hire specialists for extended periods at reasonable/discounted rates.
  • Hair Weaves and Extensions: the app lets users discover various hair stylists in their area and their pricing options.
  • Haircuts: it identifies all of the salons which offer this service and sorts them out using various options like their pricing, popularity and schedules available.
  • Nail Work: there are various specialists dedicated to nail work which the app lets user’s book. These services are highly specialized and thus it is easy to book appointments and schedule meetings through the app.
  • Barbers: whether one needs a trim, beard shave or just a facial massage, the app lets users discover their local barbers and schedule appointments with them.

Some of the other services that people can avail of include hair color services, shampoo styles, sew-ins, lashes, blowouts, waxes, brow waxes and faux locs.

StyleSeat Review Summary

The reviews regarding StyleSeat have been highly encouraging, users have attested to the promptness of bookings and appointments, and have mentioned that the app is smooth and does not have any glitches.

Using a weighted average of user submitted reviews online it received a rating of 5 stars.

The services can be used in two key ways, the first is via the website. Using this feature one needs to input their current location, desired service, and the website will generate a list of nearby options along with their pricing options.

Alternatively, users can download the StyleSeat app from the google play store or apple iStore to have access to all of the features that are present on the website.

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