StimRx Review

StimRx is a unique piece of fitness equipment designed to stimulate muscle growth using electrical impulses. Find out if Stim Rx really works today in our review.

What is StimRx?

Stim Rx is a fitness device that involves sticking pads on targeted parts of your body and then running mild electrical current through those pads to stimulate muscle growth.

Sounds weird, right? Well, according to the official Stim Rx website,, Bruce Lee himself said that “Three minutes is like doing 200 push-ups.”

Stim Rx isn’t the only company in this niche. In fact, there are plenty of electronic muscle stimulator manufacturers online. Stim Rx, however, claims to be made from the higher-quality Russian models as opposed to the “cheap Chinese stims” you normally find online (those are the words used on

Stim Rx promises to be better because it uses higher voltage batteries to supply real power to your muscles. Depending on your Stim Rx model, you can expect to pay about $300 to $500 for your unit with all of the electrodes (the more you pay, the more powerful the machine will be).

Stim Rx is primarily used on your abdominal muscles. If you don’t like doing sit-ups or crunches, but still want six pack abs, then Stim Rx promises to help you get the abs you’ve always dreamed of.

Benefits of Stim Rx

Some of the advertised benefits of Stim Rx include:

— Ab Belt Included With All Units
— Visible Muscle Toning Results In Seven Days
— Special “Tens” Frequencies Help Take Away Post-workout Muscle Pain
— Portable Units
— Build Muscle Strength And Endurance
— Lifetime Warranty With All Purchases
— 30 Minutes With StimRx Is Equal To “Approximately 1500 Abdominal Muscle Contractions”

How Does Stim Rx Work?

Stim Rx uses electrical frequencies to stimulate your muscles. You push buttons to control the stimulation time and power. You can run through multiple muscle building programs, including:

— P1: Program 1 – Muscle Strength Training / Russian Stim
— P2: Program 2 – Muscle Body Building
— P3: Program 3 – Muscle Toning
— P4: Program 4 – Muscle Repair / TENS / Massage Therapy / Pain Relief

Types of Stim Rx Equipment

The manufacturer of StimRx (which is also called Stim Rx) sells four main products, including:

RX-8000: $399.99
PowerStim 15R with Russian Stim: $499.99
PowerStim 16TP Rechargable with Russian Mode: $299.99
RX-2000: $319.99

The RX-8000 is the most popular unit. It’s significantly more powerful than the RX-2000.

Each unit comes with self-adhesive electrodes, batteries, adapters, and all of the other accessories you need to attach Stim Rx to your body and run electrical currents through it.

How to Use Stim Rx

Using StimRx is fairly straightforward. You can view pad placement on the product’s official website:

As mentioned above, the pads are commonly placed on your abs to create better abdominal muscles, although they can be placed all over your body to tone and firm the targeted area.

Some users place pads at the top and bottom of their back, for example, while others place them along their legs, chest, arms, or across their entire body at the same time. You place the pads on your body then attach the pads to the RX-2000 or RX-8000 unit, then activate it.

How to Buy Stim Rx

Stim Rx is currently available from the official Stim Rx website as well as from Prices are typically equal on both sites. The RX-8000 is currently priced at $395 on (plus $4.49 shipping). On, it’s priced at $399.

All StimRx products come with a lifetime warranty.

About Stim Rx

The company that makes Stim Rx is also conveniently called Stim Rx. That company was founded in 1980 and has long been a major supporter of muscle stimulation technology. Stim Rx created the TENS technology that is now “used worldwide for muscle recovery, pain therapy, and muscle toning.”

StimRx is based in Atlanta, Georgia and can be reached online through their official website.

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