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Stomach Vacuuming Review

How Stomach Vacuuming Can Help You To Rid Your Belly of Excess Fat

If you stay up to date with the fitness world, you have most likely noticed that trends constantly come and go. On occasion, however, a specific workout, diet tip, or other assorted trick manages to stick around. Today, we are going to be discussing one of the most recent fitness trends to have taken the world by storm: Stomach Vacuuming.

To put it simply, this unique trick entails deep inhalation and exhalation with the goal of moving one’s stomach and belly button in towards the body’s spine. Many individuals have praised this exercise and declared it to be the Holy Grail, saying that just a few reps can start to strengthen your stomach and make it smaller than ever before.

Does Stomach Vacuuming Actually Work?

What This Means For Your Stomach –

Now it’s time to address the question that everyone has been asking: does this exercise actually give you a flat stomach? While some professionals swear by it, others are not so convinced. In fact, several professional trainers have even criticized it for being an ineffective core toning exercise, arguing that it does nothing to build muscle, get rid of excess fat, or burn unwanted calories. According to these individuals, stomach vacuuming should never be the go-to exercise for anyone wanting to sculpt their abs.

Conversely, fans of stomach vacuuming argue that this exercise would not be nearly as popular as it is if it did not work. Dieticians and trainers alike believe that this trick is effective because it targets core stomach muscles that normal exercises fail to adequately integrate.

Yet, while some people do swear by stomach vacuuming, it is important to keep in mind that most individuals recommend that this not be the only abdominal exercise that you depend on. Mixing a variety of workouts and dieting tricks is always the best way to go about getting a flatter and healthier stomach.

How Will Stomach Vacuuming Affect Your Posture?

It is oftentimes argued that stomach vacuuming helps to strengthen many of the core muscles that are utilized for important things such as posture, and this is correct. The fibers that compose the deep abdominal muscles are what we refer to as “slow twitch fibers”. Essentially, this means that these fibers can be engaged and consistently utilized for extensive periods of time, making them absolutely pivotal for tasks such as remaining upright.

But, with that being said, stomach vacuuming has not been shown to substantially help one’s posture. Instead, the body naturally strengthens and contracts these muscles in order to protect the spine and keep the body in an upright position. Other moves, such as crunches and planks, have been found to have a more profound effect on posture, thus making stomach vacuuming an almost unnecessary addition.

Should You Be Doing Stomach Vacuuming?

Although we are by no means claiming that stomach vacuuming is the key to perfecting your body or getting a perfectly flat stomach, we still do believe that this exercise holds merit. Becoming a stronger breather and utilizing more of your stomach muscles never hurts, and these acts can actually help you out in your other exercises as well.

Stomach vacuuming could be an amazing edition to the exercises that you are already doing, and we strongly suggest that you give it a try in order to see what it can accomplish for you. Extra toning is always a plus, and it will do nothing but help you to quickly and healthily get into shape.

Other Things That You Should Do To Get a Flat Stomach

If you truly want to get rock hard abs and maintain a flat stomach, the first step is for you to create and stick to a healthy diet. Do your best to eat foods that are high in fiber, such as green vegetables, and skip the foods that are high in fats.

Also, consume as many probiotics as possible and eat whole grains in order to avoid bloating. Once you do this, find some great core strengthening exercises that you enjoy, periodically mix in stomach vacuuming, and you will be on your way towards an amazing body that will wow all of your friends.

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