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Whenever you see the word “trendmaker” in front of a company name, you know you're in for a good ride. PhytoScience is a self-proclaimed trendmaker, which may speak volumes to Asian consumers but here in the western world there are certainly better ways to describe your company.

Marketing buzzwords aside, let's see what the company is all about: the products as well as the opportunity it presents to entrepreneurs.

About PhytoScience Company

As you may have guessed from their brightly colored website full of attractive Asian models, PhytoScience is a Network Marketing MLM Asian-based company: Malaysian to be exact. Based in Kuala Lumpur, it was founded just three short years ago and already the owners are boasting RM40 million in monthly sales. That's around ten and a half million per month, in dollars.

Mind you, those eye-popping sales figures are from a company selling nutrition and skin care products, and it's only three years old. Either this company is run by brilliant business people or something is way off with the figures they're citing! (the nutrition and skin care markets are notoriously hard to break into).

PhytoScience Products

Promising “transformation”, PhytoScience products rely on science trends in the wellness industry based on stemcells and algae. A close alliance with scientists from Mibelle BioChemistry in Switzerland provides reassurance to consumers that the products work.

Their “Double Stemcell” product uses stem cells of an apple tree species whose plant extracts promise to rejuvenate the skin. They use apple stem cells plus grape stem cells and throw in a few super antioxidants like blueberry and acai berry for good measure.

Like Double Stemcell, the other products make good use of trending ingredients and emerging science. “100% All Natural” is sprinkled liberally about the product descriptions, as is the phrase “Swiss quality formulation”.

As for the nutritional products, they consist of vitamin-enriched beverages that promise miraculous results like:

— Intestinal Protection (Barley And Malt Extract)
— Lower Cholesterol
— Improved Cellular Defense (Snow Algae Pure)

Studies are cited about the benefits of antioxidants found in chocolate, which supports their “Double Snow Chocolate” product. But these studies also support Swiss Miss instant cocoa.

The PhytoScience Opportunity

The opportunity as described on the PhytoScience website is vague. There are bonuses (4 ways to earn) but no details are given…what good is a “pairing bonus” if you have no idea what it's worth?

There are trophies and awards to be given out, but what good are they if they stand alone? No data is given on actual sales performance and we don't even know profit margins, commission levels, or anything.

I'm seeing promises, plans, “missions” and vision statements, but no real numbers here. Give us the numbers if you want us to join!

Is PhytoScience Right For You?

On their website, PhytoScience execs state that one goal for this year is to break a million in their membership base …so if they're already seeing $10 million plus in sales each month that means their existing customers are spending well over ten bucks a month on their products. Not bad, but that figure could be higher. If it's quality stuff the customers will stick around but in all likelihood “wellness” product customers tend to be fickle and move on when they don't get the magical results they'd hoped for, whether it's weight loss, more energy, or more beautiful skin.

For that reason, I don't foresee phenomenal profits arising from PhytoScience outside of Asia. What's to make women break away from the likes of Olay, L'Oreal, and Clinique and try a Malaysian product they've never heard of before? And if they do venture into buying from online MLM companies, whats to steer them towards PhytoScience rather than products made by Jeunesse, for example? Or looking for nutritional drinks at any of endless new companies selling such products online?

Nothing, as far as I can tell. The marketing feels distinctly Eastern, to begin with. They need a whole new approach to selling to the Western market, and that represents only the beginning of even making the smallest inroads in this incredibly competitive market.

Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. I was looking for a review on the Supplement itself. My mom bought some from her doctor…and I don’t know if Apple stem cells really works the same way to humans…that would be a good topic. I am curious…one of my uncles say he started this and he got rid of his Diabetes…if that’s true then sounds cool.
    An MLM can have crappy marketting plans…like…4life…but thankfully their product is really revolutionary. I hope these expensive sachets (which seemed to be made of gold – as per their price lol) are really worth the bang for the buck…

  2. Hi,
    Your review about Phytoscience is fair. I agree that when we mention about recruiting, the public will go biz zark. Simply because most of us hate doing marketing but yet wanted to jump into the marketing world and look for a push button way of getting rich, which is non-existence. Recruiting is just another negative word for marketing. Even for any other business module, it will involve in “recruiting” new marketers to follow your lead in your kind of business. Now, let face it. If you want to EARN fast, MLM is still the best. And Phyto pay plan PAYS big bucks. Don’t worship them as if they are the saint of online business . Move on if they collapse. Nothing is permanent anyways. If you could get RM200K within 6 month in Phyto why not try it. Once its gone, its gone. Let it be. You got your RM200K right?? I am just a regular Malaysian, earning online and being happy with my life.

    Love u all :)

    • Earn 200k by cheating those poor citizen to be your downline. Not only it is disgusting attitude, it also making market collapse. Stupid company tbh. Spend money to join then ask people to trick their family and friends. I hope u guys go bankrupt

  3. Indore(M.P. state-India) based MLM executive has sent a what’sap message “claiming that fist lady of USA Mrs.Obama is also drinking double stem cell “like” drink.Is it not clever jugular y?


    • All of phytoscience products are having USD1 million product liability.

      If you claim that any of the product causing you side effect, you can make the report and claim your USD1million from the company.

  5. Good to see an unbiased review from an easterner. PhytoScience I think will focus 1st on the neighboring Islam countries and Asia. Maybe when they reach their 6-10 years in the market, they might have good English translators or members that will open the Americas or EU market. I’m a Mobile Stockist and the returns from the compensation plan is truly amazing and pro distributor.
    Founder of PhytoTechPH

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