Smartwool – Healthy Active Fitness Apparel Worth It?


Smartwool is a small, private company that develops essential items for the outdoors. They are specifically designed for backcountry hiking and mountaineering. Read this review to find out about Smartwool today!.

What is Smartwool?

Smartwool designs specialty clothing like beaneis, socks, underwear, base layers and mid layers. They claim the thing that sets Smartwool apart from the rest of the other outdoor clothing companies is the materials they use. They claim, the materials they use is soft, high-quality wool.

Many people that understand how fabrics work, know that wool is usually the way to go. Wool is usually much better than other fabrics because of its effectiveness at keeping the wearer warm. Unlike many other fabrics, wool dries out fast and blocks wind. It even blocks wind when it is wet. So many outdoorsmen and women prefer to use wool over synthetic fabrics.

Synthetics still have their place in the outdoor world. But when it comes to cold weather, nothing beats wool. Wool is beneficial on many levels. It’s natural, authentic and completely sustainable.

The people at Smartwool know this which is why they encourage people to choose wool. It’s softer, warmer and can be worn for days in row without stinking.

Also, the wool used at Smartwool is a completely renewable resource that supports farmers. According to the company, when the time comes for needing to stay warm, nothing beats Merino Wool.

The wool used at Smartwool is Merino Wool, and is sourced in Zque Merino. It’s an accreditation that guarantees only the highest quality fabrics will be used in their products. And the products are produced with animal products that are used gathered from animals treated in the most humane ways.

To them, sustainable land management, and taking care of animals is absolutely essential.

How Does Smartwool Work?

Wool is mostly made up of a protein Keratin. It’s the same type of stuff that you can find in your hair and nails. Merino wool is hands down the best wool in the world, according to the people at Smartwool.

They say the reason their wool is so soft and warm, is because of where it’s sourced from. They claim, it won’t irritate your skin, and is made of the best, natural materials. And it also uses a highly natural construction that has several beneficial properties.

One of the great benefits of Smartwool is that is keeps you warm by regulating temperature. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps you cool when it’s warm.

Wool also has a natural water repellant property to it, and is highly likely capable of protecting you from wind. The protein Keratins in wool is water repellant because of the protein Keratin’s hydrophobic tendencies.

There is low odor when you wear wool because it resist moisture. It keeps you drier and is more resistant to odor causing bacteria. It’s also naturally repellant to dirt because of the fibrous nature of the wool. It also has an anti-static type effect so dirt doesn’t really stick to it.

They people at Smartwool claim, they utilize all of these different qualities to their maximum level. They use highly advanced, specialized knitting techniques. And it is specially designed to fit perfectly on the individual.

The special nature of the Smartwool clothing line, have more wool in the right places to help you protect heat in areas that lose it most. And they put less where the body naturally starts to accumulate heat.

They also have a type of proprietary pre-treated Merino wool. The Merino wool smooths the woolen fibers so their garments are itch free and won’t shrink when you wash them. They do say however, when you wash them, to do it on gentle.

The company is based out of Canada, so they understand how mountainous conditions are. And they design their products accordingly. They’ve recently developed a specialized type of layering system they call Layer Up. It is a technical type of system that is a close, next to skin Base-Layer and Thermal Mid Layer.

The pieces work in unison to keep the wearer drier. They will also help to keep people warmer and more comfortable as well.

Apparently the Merino Wool, works with sweat when it’s in its vapor state. Synthetics typically don’t work until you’re wet with sweat before they start to work. So make sure if you wear Smartwool, you don’t cover it with a synthetic layer as that will defeat the purpose of wearing the wool.

Their system is supposedly one of the best for protecting your body from the elements when conditions call for it. Another advantage of wearing Smartwool is that it is optimized for weight and can be stacked, so it’s not too bulky.

How Much Does Smartwool Cost?

Smartwool is likely better than many of the other outdoor clothing companies out there. So it’s also a bit more expensive. But that tends to happen when you’re dealing with specialty clothing companies and product lines.

What Do Customers Say About Smartwool?

Customers give the company a very high rating. Most websites rate the company 5 out 5-stars. So there isn’t really any denying that it’s a great company. The clothing is light weight, well designed and will protect you from the harshest elements.

Smartwool Review Summary

If you’re a serious adventure type, love the outdoors and are highly active, then these are great products for you to use. Final verdict is yes, Smartwool is a great company that has excellent products.


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