Lightning Slicer – Perfectly Slice Veggies Under A Min?


There are many different types of vegetable slicers and cutting products available on the market today in a huge spectrum of different shapes and forms. Despite the wide variety of different chopping products, very few actually make the process of chopping vegetables easier.

Chopping vegetables and fruits can be very time consuming, especially if you don’t have extensive experienced in using a knife or suffer from joint issues such as arthritis. The

Lightning Slicer, however, is a new product that uses a “so simple it’s stupid” method to quickly and easily chop any kind of vegetable or fruit with ease. With a more robust design than traditional slicing tools and easier to disassemble and clean, the Lightning Slicer has exploded in popularity, rising from an incredibly successful television infomercial campaign and purchased by millions of eager customers across the United States.

A more complex type of vegetable slicer, the Lightning Slicer is designed not only for cutting and slicing but also for shredding, grating, and juicing. Complex slicers capable of such a range of cutting techniques are typically only found in professional kitchens, but the Lightning Slicer brings professional chef level speed to your daily cooking environment.

There are many different models of commercial vegetable slicers, each designed for chopping a particular vegetable. With so many products saturating the market these days, selecting a chopping tool that is simultaneously effective and inexpensive can be a difficult task. Most vegetable slicers usually have a set of disks with complex interchangeable blades that are swapped out through a complicated process depending on the type of vegetable and cut desired.

Changing or washing the blades on these professional slicing products can be tedious and time consuming, ending up making the entire chopping process more difficult than it would be without the tool in the first place. With the Lightning Slicer, there is only one blade that can be twisted and turn to change the size and shape of cut desired.

The Lightning Slicer has been designed to operate in a fashion so quick and easy, that users can whip up a 5 course meal in no time. In this article, we’ll take a close look at how the Lightning Slicer works as well as providing detailed examples of the benefits of this revolutionary kitchen tool.

What is the Lightning Slicer?

If you are tired of how tedious and time consuming it takes to chop, slice, or julienne your fruit or vegetables, or frequently suffer small cuts and wounds from the difficulty of wielding kitchen knives, the Lightning Slicer provides the perfect solution. The ability to cut, chop, and slice vegetables at a precisely the same size, delivering a consistent shape every time requires years of practice with sharp kitchen knives, as every chef in the world can attest.

This slicer also provides a shortcut to professionally sliced, chopped and cut food without the need for years of practice, and is so effective that even professional chefs are now taking advantage of the Lightning Slicer system. With absolutely no risk of cutting yourself, the Lightning Slicer provides a breakthrough in kitchen knife handling safety.

Using blunt kitchen knives, or mishandling exceptionally sharp knives can be very dangerous. Position of the hand on the item being sliced, finger position, knife hand speed and many more factors must be taken into account when slicing food. The inventors of the Lightning slicer, however, have created a blade that can slice all vegetables as thick or as thin as desired with only small adjustments to the slicer mechanism.

The Lightning Slicer has a double sided sharp V-blade design to make it more manageable for even soft fruits or vegetables such as tomatoes or a kiwi. A simple turn and twist of the blade can adjust the size of your slices.  Slice diameter can be made wider for thick slices, easily cutting vegetables such as onions for onion rings and smaller thinner slices like for potatoes for potato chips.

With another quick simple turn of the blade frame, an array of smaller mini blades emerge from the blade housing to make the process of creating julienne zucchini or carrots in just seconds simple and easy.

The Lightning Slicer also comes with a handy hopper, which is a small compartment container. The Lightning Slicer Hopper attaches to the blade frame and holds items such as grapes, sliced apple, garlic, cherry tomatoes, or other small items that are difficult and time consuming to chop individually. The hopper also has the added advantage of holding foodstuffs that can have an adverse reaction on skin, such as chili, or protecting the eyes from onion fumes.

Strong garlic can stain the hands, leaving a strong scent on the fingers for days- but the Lighting Slicer makes smelly hands a thing of the past with its groundbreaking hopper design. The Lightning Slicer is so easy to use, and easy to clean, you can simply rinse it or pop it in the dishwasher, and as the blades are made entirely from high grade stainless steel, there is no risk of the blades becoming blunt or rusting.

How Does the Lightning Slicer Work?

There are only 3 key pieces of The Lightning Slicer. A V-blade component provides the slicing action in this innovative device, and can be adjusted to the desired thickness and range. The V-Blade slots neatly into a container element which allows users to slice in a up and down motion. Anything being chopped by the Lightning Slicer falls right into the container for easy storage.

The third element of the Lightning Slicer is the Hopper, designed to hold hard-to-chop vegetables for ease of use. A handy grip that holds whatever vegetable you are slicing in place so it will not slip out of your hands.

The Lightning Slicer Pricing and Availability

Available only through the Lightning Slicer website, The Lightning Slicer is priced at priced at just $19.95 USD plus $7.95 processing and handling. If you’re looking for the perfect slicer that slices with ease without getting your hands dirty, the Lightning Slicer is the best solution for you!


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