Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment


Choosing the right hair treatment can be difficult. There are thousands of hair treatment products available on the market today, with hundreds of different methods, formulas, chemical compounds and levels of effectiveness.

Choosing a treatment hastily without first researching the active ingredients can be a risky venture, as many product contain harsh synthetic parabens or other powerful chemicals that can actually damage your hair over the long term. It’s important to use a product from a respected and reliable brand that has a proven track record of manufacturing and distributing high quality treatments.

Schwarzkopf is one of the world’s foremost hair care brands, with almost a century of experience in developing and providing effective and safe hair treatments and products with demonstrated results.

Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment is a new hair nourishing treatment by Schwarzkopf that promises to improve smoothness, suppleness, while at the same time enhancing shine in just a 1 minute treatment. Formulated to deeply nourish hair fibers and repair damaged hair within the cells to prevent split ends, this innovative new product is able to reverse the damage caused by poor hair treatment and harsh environmental conditions.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment provides gentle cleansing for damaged, depleted hair with lavishly rich omega oil, with a fast acting and fast drying healing process activated when used in combination with conditioner & oil treatment. The treatment improves manageability and touch of both wet and dry hair. It also builds volume, shine and silky smooth hair without weighing it down.

In this article we’ll take a close look at how the 60 Second Treatment work as well as providing a detailed breakdown of the ingredients in the Ultime Omega Repair formula to help you decide whether this groundbreaking product will bring out the best in your hair.

The Schwarzkopf Difference

The Schwarzkopf name has been a household hair care name for over a century. Founded in 1898 when a well-known qualified chemist name Hans Schwarzkopf opened a tiny drug store in Berlin with a popular perfume section, the Schwarzkopf family has been supplying high quality cosmetic products to the world over three generations.

In 1903, Hans Schwarzkopf set out to create an alternative to the expensive oils and harsh soaps that were commonly available at the time, and formulated the first Schwarzkopf hair care product- a “powder shampoo” that dissolved in water.

Consumer feedback to this non-irritant formulation was widespread and overwhelmingly positive. Soon, Schwarzkopf was supplying his powdered shampoo to every drugstore in Berlin, with international distribution to Holland and Russia.

In 1927, Hans Schwarzkopf introduced the first ever liquid shampoo to the market. The demand fueled fast-paced growth for the family business and prompted the opening of the very first hairdressing training center: The Schwarzkopf Institute for Hair Hygiene.

In 1933, the Schwarzkopf brand released “Onakali”, the world’s first non-alkaline shampoo, which was the prototype for all modern day shampoos.

After widespread adoption of this liquid shampoo skyrocketed the global penetration of the Schwarzkopf brand, the Schwarzkopf Hair Cosmetics range expanded to include hair products in all market segments covering color, perm, care, treatment, and styling. In 1995 another well-known European company name Henkel, acquired Schwarzkopf and instantly becomes the leading European supplier in the field of hair cosmetics. Soon Schwarzkopf & Henkel then refocused their brand to stand for tradition, reliability, quality, and trust.

For 12 years in a row the readers of the magazine Reader’s Digest awarded Schwarzkopf the “Most Trusted Brand” award. Decisive criteria are product quality, price-performance ratio, image and the consideration of customer needs. Schwarzkopf hair care products are now the most widely used range of hair care products in the world, and Essence Ultime Omega Repair is the pinnacle of the entire body of cosmetic hair research performed by this trusted and reliable company.

The Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Formula

As one of the top three hair cosmetic brands in the world, the Henkel-brand Schwarzkopf has represented quality, expertise, and innovation for more than 115 years. As a Head Brand for a wide portfolio of legendary product such as Schauma, Brilliance, Taft, and Drei Wetter, Schwarzkopf has proved its effectiveness time and again. The brand Schwarzkopf enjoys full trust of consumers as well as professional hairdressers alike. The brand’s success and its consumer satisfaction are the result of consistently meeting the high expectations that are expressed through the slogan “Professional Hair Care for you”.

Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment has been specifically developed to renew and heal damaged and depleted hair. With its lavishly rich omega oil element, the powerful Essence Ultime formula can improve vibrancy and color, revive natural healthy shine repair hair that is severely damaged. Providing fast acting relief for bleached out dry hair, frizzy, wavy hair, or split ends, Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment improves overall hair texture and strength while making your hair softer and shiner.

The formula is not designed to just hydrate, keep hair silky, and smell incredible, it’s also designed to help and promote overall follicle and scalp health. Preventing dandruff and soothing itchy, dry scalps, the Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment can re-establish equilibrium in hair with an incredibly fast treatment time of just one minute, delivering immediate and long lasting results.

Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment Pricing & Availability

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment is available for purchase at all major retailer and pharmacies as well as their websites and other online retailers such as Amazon. Priced around $6.27 USD for a 6.8 oz, Essence Ultime offers incredible value for money.

Schwarzkopf & Henkel is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the market, with an extensive portfolio includes many best known brands and best loved products in colourants, styling, hair care, toiletries, skin care, oral hygiene and fragrances.

Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment by Schwarzkopf promises to improve smoothness, suppleness, and texture while at the same time promoting overall hair vibrancy in just a 1 minute treatment, delivering instant relief for healthier, shinier hair.

If you’re looking for a trusted brand to bring new life back into damaged hair, or protect your hair from the damage that occurs from the daily stresses of modern life, Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair 60 second treatment is the ultimate answer to your hair problems.

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