Gymshark Review

Gymshark is a fitness clothing company which offers shirts, tank tops, and more to both men and women. Find out everything you need to know about the UK-based fitness clothing company today in our Gymshark review.


What is Gymshark?

Gymshark is a fitness clothing company based in the United Kingdom.

The company has a diverse selection of gym clothes for both men and women, including stringers, tank tops, t-shirts, pants, hoodies, shorts, and leggings.

Gymshark also sells various fitness accessories, including bags, headwear, underwear, socks, lifting straps, and iPhone cases. At the online store, customers can search for workout clothing based on the size, style, color, and type.

Founded in 2012, the company has partnerships with a number of different bodybuilders and athletes around the world.

Gymshark Clothing Review

Gymshark’s clothes are specially designed to accentuate a fit and toned body. The company sells two main styles of t-shirts: The Luxe and Centurion. Both shirts offer a tighter fit while still allowing wearers to move freely and keep cool.

The shirts are tapered and more fitted than an average shirt. The Luxe shirts are longer than a normal-length tee and have a tapered middle, while the Centurion shirts have extra space around the middle and upper parts of the shirt.

All shirts are made with “high grade cotton”. Most shirts have a mix of 92% cotton and 8% elastene.

Here’s how Gymshark describes its clothing:

“The GymShark Element range is designed to encourage elite performance, everyday. Sometimes, in design and in exercise, simplicity is key. At GymShark we refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. The GymShark Element T-Shirts represent this desire for greatness in everything we do, and the everyday extraordinary.”

Gymshark clothes are designed for both the gym and general wear. If you have a toned, muscular body and want to show it off, then Gymshark aims to sell clothes that help you do exactly that.

Here’s what Gymshark’s product lineup looks like:

For Men

— T-Shirts ($31 USD)
— Hoodies ($46 USD)
— Hex Leggings ($62 USD)
— Stringers ($31 USD)
— Shorts ($46 USD)
— Tank Tops ($38 USD)

For Women

— Hex Tank Tops ($37 USD)
— Leggings ($35 to $38 USD)
— Pullover Tops ($46 USD)
— Regular Tank Tops ($31 USD)
— Tracksuits ($38 USD)
— Running Jackets ($51 USD)
— Sleeveless Hoodies ($31 USD)

Gymshark Accessories

Gymshark sells a number of different accessories, including all of the following:

— Snapback Hats ($23 USD)
— Cushion Socks ($22 USD for a three pack)
— Gymshark Gym Bag ($31 USD)
— Gymshark Shaker Bottle ($6 USD)
— Padded Lifting Straps ($9 USD)
— iPhone and Android Phone Cases ($15 USD)
— Underwear ($20 USD)
— Beanies ($22 USD)
— Wristbands ($1.50 USD)

You can often spot Gymshark clothes by the distinctive shark-jaw logo. Gymshark’s alternative logo is a shark flexing its right arm. Some Gymshark accessories – like the snapbacks – also just have bold GYMSHARK lettering across the front.

How to Buy Gymshark Clothing

Gymshark clothes are available online at Customers can browse through the site separating categories into men’s or women’s clothing. Most clothes are available in four different sizes, including small, medium, large and extra-large.

Simply choose your desired size, add that size to your cart, and check out.

Gymshark is based in the United Kingdom and all prices are listed in pounds by default.

You can, however, change your currency by clicking the Choose Currency button. Gymshark accepts payments in GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, and EUR.

The company claims to deliver its clothes to UK addresses within 24-48 hours of ordering. All other European destinations take approximately 6 to 10 working days.

Gymshark ships to Canada, Australia, and the United States, although shipping takes significantly longer: expect to wait about 12 working days for your Gymshark clothing to arrive at a North American or Australian address.

A full size guide is available at Gymsharks website.

From there, you can see exactly which size would work best for a man or woman of your size.

Gymshark clothes are designed to help you stay comfy and cool during a workout. When you’re not working out, the clothes are designed to accentuate your best qualities. If you’re fit and toned and want people to know it, then Gymshark clothes are popular pieces of fitness apparel.

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  1. Do not order, scammed!! I returned a pair of pants to exchange for a different size because it doesn’t fit, and they claimed they never received it. Worst customer service ever. I’m in Canada too and had to keep email them for a week straight. The customer service rep I spoke to was so stupid and incompetent I had to explain myself numerous times. Never ordering from them again.

  2. Very useful and insightful review of Gymshark.

    I have to disagreed with the comment above, I’ve ordered from them numerous times and have never been disappointed once. Timely delivery, excellent fit and overall pleasant experience.

    Having said that however, I am based in the UK so it could be an international shipping lapse which might have caused the delivery issue. Either way, I can’t fault this brand and reckon they’re up there with the best such as Nike and Adidas.

    One thing the review forgot to mention was the fact that there are a number of offers and coupons that Gymshark offer which can certainly help you save some extra cash if you don’t fancy paying full price for their items as they do edge towards the slightly expensive end!

  3. I ordered 3 tops for my daughter about a month ago. Two weeks after ordering, I contacted gymshark to find out when we’d be receiving them. Only then was I informed that those items were out of stock, and that my order was cancelled. But in the meantime, they processed my payment. I’m in Canada. I had to keep contacting them to get my full refund. But because I had to pay in US $, my refund turned out to be less than what I had originally paid, because of the currency exchange of that particular day. So I ended up paying $5 to get absolutely nothing but frustration and a feeling of having been scammed by Gymshark. No chance in hell that I’ll ever consider buying anything from them again. And if you’re in Canada, i suggest you make sure they have the items in stock before you pay them anything. VERY SLEEZY!!!!

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