Best Smart Scales – Top 9 Digital Body Fat Weight Loss Scales?


Are you looking to lose weight? If so, you probably should consider buying a smart scale to measure your weight and body fat. Smart scales are called “smart” because they connect to your smartphone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabling you to read and track your measurements through an app. The scales also measure your body fat by sending a current through your foot (with a sensor below the foot). The resistance of the current is what gives your fat measurement.

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Consumer Reports showed six popular scales in the market that work effectively at measuring weight. These six scales help measure your relative weight over time, but the results were not so good when measuring body fat.

Most consumers would still go for a handheld device, Skulpt Chisel, to measure body fat and quality of muscles instead of using the smart scales as they were inaccurate at times. Smart scales can be divided into two major categories; well-known brands and lesser-known brands. Some of the well-known brands include Withings and Fitbit, but it should be noted that the lesser known brands can also deliver reliable results even at a lower price.

In this article, we will focus on the well-known brands for you to choose one that best suits your needs. Tracking your body weight and collecting all the important data can help you keep fit and know when to lose or add weight.

Following is our review of the best nine smart scales in the market currently.

Top 9 Smart Scales

1. Body And Cardio By Withings

The Body and Cardio is one of the best scales on the market currently. Withings smart scales are the best options in the market and will offer you great value for your money. The Withings scales are the pioneers of smart scales and remain the leading producer of smart scales in the world.

Withing scales are produced by a French company, and their latest entry into the market takes the top spot in today’s list. The Withings Body and Cardio is the fourth generation smart scale by the company and it replaces the Withings WS-50.

The scale is a versatile smart scale that does a great job in collecting several data points. The scale measures the body weight, BMI, fat mass, water, bone, and muscle mass. The scale is highly supported by multiple users and recognition. It comes with a Mate App which is used to show your progress over time.

It is a great pick that offers users value for money, and we believe it’s the smart scale everyone should order. Have one in your bathroom and make weighing a ritual every morning. The scale has the highest precision levels of up to 0.2 pounds using its patented technology. However, its ability to measure body fats varies just like other scales on the market.

Are you a fan of the latest gadgets on the market? The Withing scale is a great option that will serve you in the best way possible and is definitely worth considering buying.

2. Amazon By Withings

The Amazon smart scale is another high-quality scale from Withings that helps you take great measurements of your body.

It costs slightly more but gives you exceptional features not available in most smart scales. It is an excellent scale that takes body monitoring a step higher by measuring the heart rate when standing and another exclusive Pulse Wave Velocity. Every single beat generated by the heart sends a wave along your arteries. The wave is used to determine the health of your heart.

The Pulse wave has been directly linked with heart-related diseases. High readings indicate stiffer arteries. Stiffer arteries are an indication of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Each weigh-in provides you with a reading which will be transmitted to the App on your phone for assessment. The App then takes other factors into account like age to tell you the health stats of your heart which is something that can prevent unexpected heart-related complications.

The Wave is a new metric that is not available on any other smart scale making the Amazon a great value for your money. The design of the scale is a slim one with the scale measuring 0.7-inches which by far is the thinnest smart scale in the market.

3. Aria By Fitbit

Are you planning to cut down on your weight or track your weight on a daily basis? The Fitbit Aria is a great option with capabilities to measure body weight, BMI, and body fat. The scale supports multi-user and user recognition.

The Fitbit can be used by fitness enthusiasts to set your weight loss goals, log food, workout plans, and calorie plan. You’re required to use a fitness tracker on your smartphone or tablet and this is where the weight readings are transferred to after measuring.

It is a pretty simple scale where you step on and off, and the readings are transmitted to your account on the smartphone. Is the Fitbit Arai a better option than the Withings? People have reported difficulties setting it up and cases of marginal variations.

This makes the Withings a better option in terms of features. Differences between the two are marginal. You just have to consider your budget and make a decision based on how much you want to spend.

The Fitbit syncing capabilities and ease of use make it an exciting option with marginal variations being its only downside. If you love Fitbit products, then you can buy this one with confidence.

4. Index Smart By Garmin

Garmin scales integrate with the Garmin ecosystem products for easier readings. It is a body scale composition monitor that integrates to the ecosystem in Garmin transmitting various readings with ease.

The scale is a versatile pick and can be used to measure water percentage, fat percentage, bone and muscle mass. It can be used for multiple users and stores information for up to 16 users, automatically detecting the user who steps on it through their weight.

The sleek design makes it compact with the large numbers, making it easier to read your measurements. It is a superb multi-user scale that allows you to set profiles for various family members. Any member who steps on the scale is automatically recognized with the measurement been sent directly to the Garmin Connect.

The only issue is that it stores your data only once a day. Taking another measurement later in the day will result in an override of the same day previous results. However, experts recommend taking your weight once a day anyway so that’s not a huge issue.

5. iHealth Core HS6 By iHealth

The iHealth smart scale is one of the new entries into the market with capabilities of measuring various aspects of your body with ease. The nine aspects include the body weight, visceral fat ratings, lean muscle, mass index, and water weight, bone mass and daily calories and many more. It is another versatile scale ideal for families.

The scale recognizes up to ten people keeping a record of each person on the accompanying smartphone app. The app lets you view your readings and goals, and share them with friends and family.

All the measurement reading are safely stored on the iHealth secure account and presented to you in simple charts for easier interpretation. The only issues with the scale are the setup difficulties experienced and a few inconsistencies from time to time.

6. Xiaomi By MI

Xiaomi is a Chinese smart scale and a new one making its entry into the crowded smart scale market. This Mi scale was launched in 2015 and only sold in China but is now making its entry into other markets worldwide.

While the Xiaomi smart scale is not loaded with features like most brands in the market, it comes at a lower price of less than $60 which is a great price when you consider what most smart scales cost. The scale does track the body weight and BMI and you can connect it to the Xiaomi apps on your Android and iOS.

The scale works just fine despite the lower price making it a good value for your money, especially if you are on a strict budget.

It comes with over 161 LCDs that show your weight. The design of the scale is unique with round edges and protected with a tempered glass panel. The Xiaomi is highly recommended and has been greatly rated in most consumer sites with Amazon users giving it an average rating of 4.5 stars.

The good reviews can be attributed to the lower price and reasonable amount of features.

7. Polar Balance

This is a new smart scale that came to the market in 2016. The scale features a splash proof design and a smart digit display that make reading your results easier. It is a great scale for measuring BMI and weight. The scale is a versatile option that is ideal for multiple family members as it can record and store information for ten people recognizing them the moment they step on it.

Set your personal goals to receive motivation from the app. The app works on the principle that 60% need to be lost through diet with the remaining 40% been burned through various activities.

Food intake can be recorded manually while the steps, distance, and calories can be recorded through the Polar fitness trackers. The scale is nicely set to enable users to take the readings with ease.

The speedometer has been designed in a way that makes reading it easier. This encourages the users to take regular measurements and work towards achieving the set goals with ease. You will never go wrong buying the Polar as your ideal smart scale.

8. Yunmai

The Yunmai is our second Chinese smart scale on the list and it’s a great pick that offers great value for your money. The price of the Yunmai has been set at almost half what the leading brands in the market cost. It is an impressive smart scale and one you can’t guess the price on by just looking at the features.

The scale measures up to ten different body compositions including the BMI, BMR, body weight, bone mass, hydration, body age and many more. The scale comes with a great app which helps you reach your set goals with ease. The design of the scale is sleek and compact.

It rarely takes any space in your home. The app is an impressive one giving you all the data you want. The app gives you a health score after every weigh-in helping you know if you’re improving or worsening. This scale goes the extra mile of digesting data and interpreting it to you.

Regarding value for money, the Yunmai is probably the best budget smart scale that should not break your bank. You have no reason not to keep your weight in check when we have some great deals that don’t cost a lot.

9. Body Analysis By Philips

The body analysis smart scale is among the new gadgets produced by the Dutch company on the health and ecosystem platform. The scale is listed on the FDA and looks just like the leading brands with great features that make it a worthwhile investment.

The scale provides users with measurements on their BMI, body weight and fat percentage. These are the basic readings you would want in any smart scale making it a good buy. You can easily track your results over time through the Philips Suite Health App.

This is a perfect gadget aimed at consumers who are at high risk of heart-related problems. It is not an ideal pick for those who just want to keep fit but would be great for those looking to prevent chronic conditions.

It is a great value for your money and you you can consider buying it without any regrets. It matches well with most of the leading brands in the market regarding features making it worth every penny.

Best Smart Scales Conclusion

We’ve given you a lot of great information. Now it’s time for you to choose a smart scale that best suits your weight loss goals. The ones we discussed are the best picks on the market with great features and the best value for your money. Go ahead and order one today so you can start the journey to reaching your set weight loss goals.

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