YUNMAI 2 – Smart Body Fat Scale With Wi-Fi Fitness App?


YUNMAI 2 is a smart scale that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to help you and your family keep track of your weight. Here’s our YUNMAI2 review.

What is YUNMAI 2?

YUNMAI 2 is a smart scale that recently launched online through the smart scale is expected to launch in May 2017. The company behind YUNMAI2, (simply called “YUNMAI Company”), is based in Shenzhen, China. They’re seeking $50,000 in funding, although that’s listed as a flexible goal. They’ve given themselves one month to meet that target.

YUNMAI 2 is currently priced at around $110 to $150 per unit with early bird pricing.

The technology is being marketed towards individuals as well as gyms who want to invest in smart technology.

Unlike most wireless smart scales on the market today, YUNMAI 2 tracks your weight and 10 other measurements, including your body fat percentage and bone density. It does this by running electrical currents through the soles of your feet. You don’t feel those electrical currents, but they give the YUNMAI2 sufficient information about your health status.

Let’s take a closer look at the planned features of the YUNMAI2.

YUNMAI 2 Features

YUNMAI2 will come with all of the following features and tech specs:

-Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

-3000mAh high-capacity battery with USB Type-C charge interface

-10 body statistics and measurements, including weight, body fat, and 8 other measurements

-Conductive ITO coating with concealed LED display

-360 degree Cardan shaft footstand with TI Wi-Fi chip and built-in encryption engine

-Additional functions like an alarm clock, weather reports, and goal settings

-YUNMAI data cloud app support, allowing the smart scale to become part of your personal health management network

How Does YUNMAI 2 Work?

Typically, scales cannot measure bodyfat. It’s too complex of a measurement, and it requires looking at more than just the number beside your weight. So how does YUNMAI2 plan to track your body fat and 10 other statistics?

In total, YUNMAI2 will track all of the following information: weight, BMI, fat, bone density, BMR, water content, protein, body age, and visceral fat.

It works using multiple alternating currents. These currents test the resistance of your tissues, low frequency to cell sap, and to cell nucleus, which “consequently measures the body stats accurately”, explains the YUNMAI Company.

In layman’s terms, YUNMAI2 runs two types of electrical current through your body. You can’t feel either type of current. One type of current (low frequency) examines your cell sap, while the other type of current (high frequency) looks at your cell nucleus.

All of these electronics are powered by an ARM Cortex M4 core, a built-in encrypted engine, and a CC2541 Bluetooth chip and HTI45F75 fat detecting chip. Altogether, this makes the YUNMAI2 “the epitome of advanced smart scale technology”, explains YUNMAI Company.

Design and Exterior of the YUNMAI2

The design of the YUNMAI2 is worth mentioning. The device uses a cardan shaft footstand that makes it possible to use on any floor to get results. You can rotate the footstand in any direction to get the same results.

Once you step on the YUNMAI2, it will greet you with a pleasant “Hello”. You can also set up the scale to read you your goals and display the weather. All of this information is displayed on a concealed LED display that takes up the top third of the scale.

The YUNMAI 2 App

Your YUNMAI2 comes with a free mobile app available for Android and iOS. You can download it for your iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, iPod Touch, and iPad, or on Android for any Android 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth 4.0.

The app comes with the following features:

-Clear, easy to read graphs that let you track your weight trends, record exercise, track food intake, and other basic information.

-Multi-account support for families

Goal tracking, including congratulation messages when you break your goals

-Set an alarm clock reminding you to weigh in every day

YUNMAI 2 Pricing

YUNMAI2 currently lists the following pricing scheme on Indiegogo:

-Early Bird Pricing (500 Available): $110 USD (White model)

-Indemand Price: $120 (White or Blue model)

-YUNMAI 2 + YUNMAI SE Scales: $160

-Two YUNMAI 2 Scales: $215

-Two YUNMAI 2 + One YUNMAI SE Scale: $249

-Five YUNMAI 2 Scales: $510

-Five YUNMAI 2 and Two YUNMAI SE Scales: $567

The final retail price will be $170.


YUNMAI is a Shenzhen, China-based tech company that is launching its first Indiegogo campaign with its YUNMAI2 smart scale.

The company claims that it has spent “three painstaking years” developing the YUNMAI2.

YUNMAI was founded in May 2014 and describes itself, on its Indiegogo profile, as “an internet company [that] utilizes its great idea to contribute to the global trend of smart innovation”.

YUNMAI has launched five versions of its smart body scale so far, including YUNMAI Premium, YUNMAI Color, YUNMAI Mini, YUNMAI SE, and now the YUNMAI2.

Should You Buy the YUNMAI2?

The YUNMAI2 is currently available through Indiegogo, where the company has a flexible funding target of $50,000. The smart scale, at first glance, looks like any ordinary wireless smart scale. However, unlike most other smart scales on the market today, YUNMAI2 can actually be used to track your body fat percentage along with your weight and 8 other measurements.

It remains to be seen if the YUNMAI2 will be as accurate with its body fat percentage tasting as other technologies on the market. However, if the scale can reliably provide body fat percentage readings in a $110 device, then the YUNMAI2 has the potential to be a huge innovation in the diet and fitness market.

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