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Sleep Cocktails Review – Why Buy?

Sleep Cocktails is a brand of sleeping supplements which balances your nutrition for better sleep. This is our review.

What are Sleep Cocktails?

Sleep Cocktails are packets of concentrated nutrients, which are designed to help you sleep better. When you get stressed out of from work or raising children, it can be hard to find a way to relax enough to get the sleep you need. However, when you sacrifice sleep, many other aspects of your daily life can suffer. Using Sleep Cocktails can help you regulate your sleep pattern, restoring your mental health and ability to relax.

The benefits of Sleep Cocktails are mostly related to the fact that you will be able to get more sleep. When your body gets the amount of sleep you need on a regular basis, you feel less fatigued during the day, which helps you to be more productive and efficient. A lack of sleep has been compared to being the same level of inhibition as driving drunk, so getting more sleep helps your brain to function as well. In addition to adding to your general ability to function during the day, getting a sufficient amount of sleep has also been linked to an improved sex life and a greater control over your weight.

The reason this product is so effective is due to the high-quality ingredients of the formula. They are safe and effective, balancing out your body’s chemical reactions for a better night of sleep. Designed originally to help members of the Navy to sleep during stressful situations, this formula is excellent for helping individuals who have a little less stress as well.

How Sleep Cocktails Work

With the Sleep Cocktails formula, the main goal is to get you a restful night of sleep. The reason that a lot of people are not able to get the sleep they need is due to a lack of balanced nutrients. By supplying you with vitamins that are known for helping your brain reach that level of relaxation, you are able to get sleep that is better in quality than what you normally experience.

With other sleeping pills and aids, you are essentially rendered unconscious, which prevents you from being able to wake up. However, Sleep Cocktails are designed to be a supplement with vitamins and minerals, which means you don’t have a drugged effect. This formula is a much safer solution for sleep problems, if you have children that you may need to tend to in the middle of the night.

Additionally, since the ingredients are vitamins and not drugs, your body isn’t “tricked” into sleeping. Instead, your brain naturally drifts off to sleep with the right level of nutrients.

The Ingredients

Sleep Cocktails have very few ingredients, which is actually more beneficial for your body. Less ingredients mean that the formula isn’t filled with unnecessary fillers. The included ingredients are:

  • L-tryptophan
    • An amino acid that is frequently used to help with anxiety and insomnia
  • 5HTP
    • An amino acid that helps relax the individual to get better sleep
  • Vitamin D3
    • Helps to repair cells in the body, while is necessary for brain function and sleep
  • Magnesium
    • A vitamin that elicits a powerful relaxing reaction
  • Melatonin
    • Used in a small dose
    • Helps to regulate your sleep schedule

Using Sleep Cocktails

This formula is safe enough to take on a nightly basis. While you don’t have to use it on consecutive nights, you should use it on any night that you are having difficulty relaxing to go to sleep. If you’ve been sleep deprived, you should keep using the supplement until your sleep cycle is caught up.

The formula doesn’t add a bunch of minerals and ingredients to your system that you wouldn’t normally have, so there is no “hangover” feeling after using it at nighttime. All of the chemicals are safe and will not likely result in waking up tired. Regardless of the safety of the nutrients, you should not allow children to use this product.

The recommended dosage is a single packet, which should be mixed with an 8-ounce glass of water. However, if you are tolerant to the original dose, you can increase it at your own discretion. Always notify your doctor of new supplements that are being introduced to your regular diet.

You should not need take the Sleep Cocktails with prescribed sleep medication. If you are currently being prescribed sleeping medication, let your doctor know before you make the switch.

Pricing for Sleep Cocktails

You have two options for purchasing the Sleep Cocktails supplement – as a one-time transaction or on a subscription basis.

If you decide to make a one-time purchase, your price will be $59.95. This cost will cover 30 servings of the product, which is perfect for individuals who want to try out the product before committing to a subscription.

If you enroll in a subscription, your monthly cost will be $53.96, which saves you 10% on a standard package. You still receive 30 servings, but you are able to continually take the product without a break in between.

Contacting the Makers of Sleep Cocktails

You can choose to contact the makers of Sleep Cocktails via email or telephone. You can email the company at email at [email protected]. If you choose to speak with a representative directly at 1-830-386-3343.


Sleep Cocktails is different from other sleeping aids, since it doesn’t drug the consumer. It balances your sleep by introducing necessary nutrients to your diet. This safe alternative is great for consumers who need to balance their sleep schedule around their children, but is recommended for anyone.

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