Natrol Melatonin – Key To A Good Nights Sleep?


Natrol Melatonin Review – Right For You?

Getting a good night’s sleep is getting more and more difficult. Despite most people experiencing longer work hours and shorter times of rest at night, millions and millions of people still suffer from poor sleep during the night.

Whether it’s tossing and turning or just staring up at the ceiling until the early hours of the morning, the problem of sleep is seriously plaguing the country.

When people don’t get the sleep the need, their bodies begin to break down. While the slip might not be noticeable at first, soon people who aren’t sleeping well will start losing cognitive function, get more irritable and moody, and even gain weight.

These problems will begin to snowball, building on each other until those not getting sleep have no idea that they’re operating at a fraction of how their true potential.

There are several sleep aids on the market. In fact, most people who have sleep issues can go in to a doctor and get a prescription for a sleep medication with relative ease. The problem with these medications is that users can get dependent on them.

Sleeping aids will provide relief for a period of time, but then users will have to stay on the pills to continue getting that sleep or try to wean themselves off the medication. Dealing with the entire process only exacerbates sleep problems.

Natrol has released a line of products that aim to put an end to the sleep problem. Instead of using chemicals or other questionable ingredients, Natrol uses natural elements that help boost the body’s natural ability to put itself to sleep. The variety of the Natrol Melatonin line ensure that no matter what an individual’s sleep problem is, there will be an option available for them.

What is Natrol?

For 35 years, Natrol has been providing the world with vitamins and supplements that meet or surpass all the requirements to achieve A-ratings from the Natural Products Association. A

Good Manufacturing Practice, Natrol uses ingredients of the highest quality to create supplements and vitamins that mirror this quality. By providing its customers with such pure and safe products, Natrol has garnered a reputation of being one of the best manufacturer of vitamins and supplements.

Natrol prides itself on its quality assurance program. The program is one of the most extensive and progressive in the industry. Not only does the company check their suppliers to make sure they’re getting the best ingredients and materials, they screen every single step of the process from start until finish.

Even when their products are made, Natrol tests them again just to make sure their customers are getting what they deserve.

With so many supplement companies making statements and claims with no evidence, Natrol backs up everything it says with a guarantee. The company promises that every product that is sold by Natrol will contain exactly what it says on the label and will be good for the entire life of the product, sometimes even longer.

By taking the quality of its products so seriously, Natrol is able to promise customers the best results when they use these supplements.

Melatonin and Sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that is made in the brain through amino acids consumed throughout the day. The hormone melatonin starts to work as it gets dark, slowly increasing in excretion from about 8pm throughout the night and into the early morning. Melatonin is the force behind making the body sleep. It tells the body that it’s time to go to bed.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the body to create the levels of melatonin needed to help people go to sleep. And, it is extremely sensitive to light, so things like TVs and computers can throw off its effectiveness.

One way to combat low levels of melatonin is to take a melatonin supplement. The Natrol melatonin supplement line offers the body just enough of the hormone to ease users into sleep. By doing this, users can get their sleep patterns back on track and finally get the rest they need every night.

Natrol Melatonin Products

There are eight products that Natrol offers that contain melatonin. Each one is designed to meet a specific need or to treat a specific ailment when it comes to sleeping. It’s important for customers to be able to recognize the different supplement options and their benefits so they can decide which one is best for them.

Below is a list of the eight melatonin products offered by Natrol as well as an overview of what each one does.

Advanced Melatonin Calm Sleep Fast Dissolve – $12.99

This fast dissolve supplement contains the both melatonin and L-Theanine. By combining these two ingredients, Advanced Melatonin Calm Sleep allows users to both relax and fall asleep. While melatonin is already well-known for its ability to help bring about sleep, L-Theanine is known for causing the brain to produce alpha waves, those similar to what is seen in people who meditate or are completely relaxed.

Advanced Melatonin Calm Sleep Fast Dissolve is a sleep aid that helps:

-Promote Relaxation
-Reduce Stress
-Lower Anxiety

There are 60 tablets per bottle and they are strawberry flavored.

Advanced Sleep Melatonin – $11.29

In order to provide users who are having a more challenging time with their sleep, Advanced Sleep Melatonin contains the maximum amount of the hormone to make sure users fall asleep. Advanced Sleep Melatonin utilizes a two phase release system.

The first half of the dose is released as soon as it is taken, helping users relax and fall asleep. The second half is released later, to help keep users asleep.

There are 60 tablets per bottle.

Melatonin – Starting at $7.89

For those who are looking for a longer term solution to their sleeping problem, the Natrol Melatonin supplement might be the perfect solution. These pills come in a variety of smaller doses, so users can work their way up to a dose that best suits their needs.

While it’s best to start out with the 1mg dose, users can gradually work up to the 5mg if needed. Usually taking Melatonin for a few days, to get the sleep cycle back on track, is more than enough to improve sleep patterns.

There are multiple tablet options for Melatonin. It comes with 60, 90, 120, 180, or 240 tablets in 1mg, 3mg, or 5mg doses.

Melatonin Fast Dissolve – Starting at $8.99

Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve offers this quick option for getting to sleep. Melatonin Fast Dissolve is a tablet that sits on the tongue and dissolves quickly, without the need for liquid. Natrol created this tablet in this manner so it could be easily taken without needing to get up and go to the kitchen or bathroom for water.

Melatonin Fast Dissolve is a sleep aid that helps:

-Promote Relaxation
-Reduce Stress
-Decrease Anxiety
-Fast Absorption

Melatonin Fast Dissolves comes with multiple tablet options. It can be purchase with 60 or 90 tablets and it comes in 1mg, 3mg, 5mg, or 10mg doses. These tablets are strawberry flavored.

Melatonin Gummies – $10.89

Using no artificial flavors or artificial colors, these Melatonin Gummies are the perfect option for those who don’t like taking pills. They’re chewy and delicious, but still deliver the melatonin the body needs to slip into an easy sleep. After taking these gummies for a while, most users found their sleep and wake cycles had been regulated.

There are 60 gummies per bottle.

Melatonin Liquid – Starting at $7.89

For those who want their melatonin quickly, Melatonin Liquid is the best way to reach this goal. Taking four drops of this liquid supplement with water about 20 minutes before bed will help users fall into a calming, relaxing sleep. And, in this liquid form, the melatonin is seriously concentrated, helping users get the good night’s sleep for which they’ve been longing.

Melatonin Liquid comes in 2 fluid ounce or 8 fluid ounce bottles.

Melatonin Time Release – Starting at $8.79

One of the only melatonin supplements combined with vitamin B3, this sleep aid helps relax users and aids them in falling asleep. Because it’s time released, this option also helps them stay asleep throughout the night, so there’s no tossing and turning. With the relaxing power of B3 and the slowly released powers of melatonin, this supplement offers a natural way for users to get to bed and stay in bed until they’re fully rested.

Melatonin Time Release comes in 60, 90, or 100 tables with 1mg, 3mg, or 5mg doses.

Sleep ‘N Restore – $7.89

The final melatonin product offered by Natrol is Sleep ‘N Restore, a combination supplement that uses two other natural ingredients to help promote sleep. These ingredients work together to restore the body’s natural restoration process, all while promoting deeper, more restful sleep.

Sleep ‘N Restore contains:

— Melatonin: A sleep aid.
— Valerian: Promotes sleep quality naturally.
— Vitamin E: Restores the body by undoing oxidative damage.

Sleep ‘N Restore comes with 20 tablets per bottle.

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