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Getting Sleepy Review

Recent studies have found that the adults of this modern age are getting less sleep than ever before. This problem has become so serious that even the CDC has weighed in on the issue, addressing it on their website in 2015. While less sleep in itself is a serious issue, the illnesses and diseases that have been connected with poor sleep habits only strengthen the argument that sleep habits need to change.

Unfortunately, even those who realize they need more sleep have no way of healthily meeting this need. While there are several ways to make sleeping easier, like turning off electronics and darkening the room, when sleep becomes evasive, most people either stop trying or reach for a sleep aid. This only increases the problem.

Sleeping aids these days cause sever dependency, meaning that the longer a person uses them to sleep, the more they’ll need them to sleep in the future. Thankfully, Getting Sleepy offers an all-natural way of fighting the sleep problem.

What is Getting Sleepy?

Getting Sleepy is an all-natural sleep supplement created by doctors and sleep specialists to provide users with deeper, more invigorating sleep. Using eight, all-natural ingredients, Getting Sleepy guarantees that it can help users fall asleep faster and wake up more energized than they would feel without the supplement or on another type of sleeping pill.

Getting Sleepy was designed when the problem of sleeplessness became too big a problem to ignore. The people behind Getting Sleepy couldn’t stand seeing people turn to unnatural, chemical filled sleeping pills that only caused dependency and sluggishness.

The goal of Getting Sleepy was to give people the best night’s sleep possible, allowing users to wake up refreshed, focused, and excited to start the day. Also, Getting Sleepy wanted to make this product as accessible as possible to users, even offering free samples for those who qualify. This focus on quality is backed up by their satisfaction guarantee.

About the Company

One of the biggest things that sets Getting Sleepy apart from all the other sleep aid companies is that they are an all-American company. Everything, from the research, development, production, and sales takes place in the United States.

While the formula for the pill was made in Boston, all shipment fulfillment is done from South Carolina. This makes contacting the company easy. And, because the United States has higher levels of scrutiny on items produced here, customers can rest easy knowing that Getting Sleepy is held to a very high standard.

Benefits of Getting Sleepy

For most people, the idea of getting a good night’s rest is the only benefit they need to hear to get them excited about a product. However, Getting Sleepy offers so much more than just one night of good sleep. Its benefits include:

— Living A More Active And Engaged Life
— Relieving The Stress That Comes With Being Tired
— Increasing Productivity
— Boosting Satisfaction
— Promoting A Healthier And More Physical Lifestyle
— Increasing The Feeling Of Tranquility
— Renewing Energy And Vitality

And the best part about all these benefits is that they come with no complications. Because Getting Sleepy is an all-natural alternative to sleeping pills, users can rest well, knowing they aren’t harming their body.

How it Works

Getting Sleepy is made from a proprietary formula that includes eight all-natural ingredients, each added for its ability to aid the sleep process. Unlike most other sleeping pills, Getting Sleepy is more effective because it delivers these powerful, all-natural ingredients directly to the bloodstream. This is done by dissolving the tablet in the mouth. Instead of being swallowed and having to break down before it begins to be effective, Getting Sleepy is absorbed directly in the gums and cheeks of the mouth, getting it into the bloodstream faster.

While this method may seem a little unconventional, it works better and is also more convenient for users. Instead of having to prepare a cup of water, which can sometimes mean getting out of bed and heading back out to the kitchen, Getting Sleepy can be popped into the mouth at a moment’s thought. This convenience also makes Getting Sleepy ideal for traveling.

What’s Inside of Getting Sleepy?

As mentioned above, Getting Sleepy is made up of eight all-natural ingredients that each serve a specific purpose in the sleep process. To fully understand how effective Getting Sleepy can be, a complete breakdown of its ingredients needs to be given.


Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It’s found in most sleep aids and is considered one of the most popular ways to induce sleep naturally.

Valerian Root

This root has been used for centuries to treat sleeplessness. From being used in teas and poultices, the use of valerian root has progressed over time and it can now be found in more natural sleep aids.


L-tryptophan is an amino acid that is most commonly found in turkey. This acid triggers the body to feel tired and lethargic, which may be the reason so many people like to nap after Thanksgiving meals.

Vitamin B6

To prevent the body from shocking itself awake during the night, this essential vitamin has been added to Getting Sleepy. It also regulates sleep, so users feel more rested when they wake up in the morning.

Magnesium – As Oxide

This mineral is used in Getting Sleepy to keep the body in the deepest stages of sleep during the night. Because these stages are more rejuvenating, it makes the body feel more invigorated in the morning.

Zinc – As Oxide

Zinc works in tandem with the magnesium in Getting Sleepy to keep the body in the deepest stages of sleep. Not only will it help the body stay in these stages, but zinc will also get the body there faster.

Chamomile Powder

Chamomile tea is prescribed to aid sleep for a reason. It has been used to relax people for centuries. Mostly used in its tea form, the chamomile powder in Getting Sleepy relaxes the muscles in the body, while calming the mind.

Hops Powder

Another all-natural herb, hops has very similar effects as chamomile. This herb helps relax the body, preparing it to sleep.

Purchasing Getting Sleepy

A bottle of Getting Sleepy tablets, which contains 30 tablets, usually sells for $69.95. However, there is currently a huge sale on the Getting Sleepy website and this one bottle is now on sale for $39.95. A bottle is about a month’s supply of the tablet.

For those who want to buy in bulk, there are even more benefits. Two bottles is selling for $64.95, less than the usual price of one bottle. And three bottles, or three months’ supply, of Getting Sleepy is now selling for $89.95, which saves customers $120.

For those who are unsure about using Getting Sleepy, they don’t have to worry. Getting Sleepy comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if for whatever reason the product doesn’t live up to expectations, it can be returned for a full refund.

For those who would rather try the product before purchasing it, Getting Sleepy offers free samples to those who qualify.

Contacting Getting Sleepy

One of the big reasons that Getting Sleepy wanted to be based in the United States is because it wanted to have open communication channels with all its customers.

Getting Sleepy can be reached on a contact form on its website or at 1-800-884-2347, which is a toll free number.

The company is based at:

120 Smith Hines Rd.
Greenville, SC 29607
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