Sleep Clean – Natural Antimicrobial Silver Pillowcase For Bacteria?


There are some uncomfortable truths about the places bacteria grows in our homes. Bacteria are microorganisms that grow just about everywhere, from the kitchen sink to the inside of your digestive system.

While some bacteria are good, like the probiotics inside your intestines that aid with immune function and digestive health, some can be dangerous to your health, like E. coli, salmonella, and other disease-causing pathogens.

Pillowcases are one of the most surprising places that harbor large amounts of potentially dangerous bacteria.

A potentially disturbing fact about bacterial distribution in your home is that your pillowcase may have the same bacteria growing on it that is commonly found on toilet seats. Fortunately, a new type of antimicrobial pillowcase called the Sleep Clean is offering a hypoallergenic, chemical-free way to keep your pillow clean with the power of silver.

What Is The Sleep Clean Pillowcase?

The Sleep Clean is a revolutionary new pillowcase that incorporates silver thread into its composition to prevent bacterial colonization and promote better health.

Silver has the ability to eliminate over 99.9% of all bacteria, so by incorporating it into the weave of the fabric that constitutes a pillowcase, it’s possible to remove the greater part of the threats presented by bacterial pathogens.

Manufactured with 300 thread count Supima cotton, the Sleep Clean pillowcase integrates bacteria-destroying silver into a simple, elegant design that fits in with almost any type of bedding or decor. Supima cotton is one of the most luxurious types of cotton available in the world, and is grown entirely in the United States.

A unique advantage offered by Supima cotton is that, while it possesses an especially long fiber that offers enhanced softness, it’s far more sturdy than Egyptian cotton and therefore better suited to use in applications that require regular washing such as pillowcases.

Each individual fiber that makes up the unique textile that forms the Sleep Clean pillowcase is coated in naturally antibacterial silver, which is then woven directly into the fabric of the pillow to protect you from dangerous germs and bacteria while you sleep.

The extremely thin monomolecular layer of silver that coats each fiber is so flexible it can’t be discerned from normal fabric, creating a comfortable, relaxing sleeping surface.

The Advantages Of Silver Threads

Silver has been identified as an antimicrobial material for a long time. Used in water purification, surgical applications, cardiac devices, wound care, prostheses and other instruments prone to bacterial infestation, silver has a number of molecular properties that quickly and efficiently destroy microorganisms.

While silver is non-toxic to humans, it causes interesting interactions when it comes into contact with microorganisms.

According to a study published in 2006 by the Imperial College Faculty of Medicine in London, silver ions form when silver is exposed to moisture. These silver ions interact with the proteins and amino acids of the cell membranes of bacteria and fungal cells, destroying enzyme systems in these organisms irreversibly and thus destroying them through a mechanical interaction.

The silver woven into the Sleep Clean pillow case has a similar effect, destroying any microorganisms that may colonize your pillow when they become moist from exhaled breath or sweat.

This process is exceptionally efficient in pillows as they are more susceptible than other household surfaces to host bacterial colonies.

A 2013 meta-study assessing over 50 different research papers that investigated the penetration and prevalence of bacteria in the modern home found that the pillowcase hosts at least four different bacterial strains that are common on both the toilet seat and in human excreta, some of which are key predictors of pathogens that cause serious infectious disease.

The Sleep Clean pillowcase is able to effectively protect a sleeper from these dangerous disease vectors and offer peace of mind throughout the night, as well as prevent illnesses before they form.

The antimicrobial properties of the Sleep Clean pillowcase can’t be diminished or reduced by washing- the hygienic factor offered by this pillowcase are a property of the silver used in its construction.

Sleep Clean Pillowcase Pricing & Availability

The Sleep Clean pillowcase is available only from the Sleep Clean website. For such a unique product, the Sleep Clean pillowcase is surprisingly cheap, offered in a double deal of two Sleep Clean pillowcases for just $19.99 USD.

The Sleep Clean pillowcase is also covered by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, offering peace of mind for discerning customers. If you’re looking for a way to keep bacteria away from your pillow, the Sleep Clean pillow is the only antimicrobial silver weave pillow on the market.

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