Copper Knife – Stainless Steel Sharp Copper Kitchen Knife?


There are many dangers in the modern kitchen that can cause injury. Hot stove tops, slippery floors and bacteria-filled sinks all present their own risk, but the biggest danger in the kitchen is one most people are unaware of- blunt knives.

According to statistics released by the Center for Injury Research and Policy, more than 8 million Americans suffer from knife-related accidents every year, with more than a third of these injuries caused by kitchen knives. The reason for these accidents? Blunt kitchen knives.

The Copper Knife is a revolutionary new kitchen knife that offers a sharper, cleaner, safer slice. Millions of chefs around the world prefer copper cookware over traditional stainless steel cookware for the wide array of advantages it holds, and are turning to copper knives for the same reason.

Copper knives stay sharper for longer and have a number of unique properties, such as the ability to minimize cross-contamination with the inherent antimicrobial ability of copper. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Copper Knife and find out exactly what makes it better than traditional stainless steel knives.

What is the Copper Knife?

The Copper Knife promises chefs and home cooks a revolution in home knife technology. Delivering a non-stick copper surface, a durable stainless steel core and an ergonomic, easy to hold handle, the Copper Knife won’t stick to any of the food it is used to slice, speeding up the cooking process.

One of the major advantages of the Copper Knife is that it never requires sharpening, staying sharp for the entire lifetime of the product.

Why Use Copper Over Steel?

The major advantage the Copper Knife holds over traditional stainless steel knives is the safety factor. It’s an established fact that blunted or dulled knives are more likely to cause kitchen accidents than sharp knives.

The reasoning behind this adage is that a blunt knife requires more pressure to slice and cut than a sharper one.

While it’s still possible to cut with a dull knife, the extra force required makes is far more likely that the knife will slip out of control while cutting wet or slippery foods such as tomato, slicing fingers instead of food.

The Copper Knife requires little to no effort, easily slicing through even the densest foods with ease and creating paper-thin slices quickly and with minimal difficulty.

Another compelling reason to shift your knife from stainless steel to copper is the germ factor. Stainless steel kitchen knives have the propensity to gather dangerous bacteria and pathogens that can seriously harm your health and that of your family.

A study performed in 2006 by the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition demonstrated that stainless steel kitchen knives just one year old not only lose a significant level of sharpness, but were far more likely to transfer listeria bacteria into food, a dangerous pathogen that can cause diarrhea and fever.

Stainless steel is also prone to corrosion caused by microbes. A study performed in 1992 found that the germs and microbes that grow on stainless steel kitchen knives cause the knife to become pitted and corroded, causing the blade to become blunt even if the blade is regularly cleaned with anti-microbial cleaners. These cleaners can also leave a dangerous chemical residue that can contaminate food.

Copper knives have the exact opposite effect. Copper is an antimicrobial substance that is able to destroy pathogens, germs and bacteria just by coming into contact with them. Copper has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the only solid antimicrobial material.

A meta-study of 45 different scientific investigations performed in 2011 by a research team at the University of Nebraska demonstrated that bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces.

The Copper Knife is not only a sharper, more accurate knife, but is able to destroy kitchen germs by simply coming into contact with them, offering a safer cutting solution that will preserve the long-term health of your family and minimize the risk of food poisoning.

Copper Knife Pricing & Availability

The Copper Knife is surprisingly cheap considering the significant advantages is has over traditional stainless steel knives. The Copper Knife is available from the Copper Knife website for just $9.99 USD through a buy one, get one free offer. The Copper Knife is also covered by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re looking for a high quality kitchen knife that will last far longer than traditional steel knives, the Copper Knife is the best solution for you.

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