Sleep Clean Care – Quality Men’s Beard Shaving & Grooming Oils?


Today’s society is extremely visually oriented, this means that individuals need to look their best in order to make a long lasting impression.

Beards in particular have been identified as a source of manliness and style for men. Not only does a well-groomed beard add to a man's overall appearance but it also enhances his masculine appeal.

What is Sleep Clean Care?

Sleep Clean Care is a one-top-shop for all of one’s beard grooming needs. The website provides practical tips on how to maintain one’s beard and also gives detailed reviews of products which are best suited for trimming, cutting, nourishing one’s facial hair.

There are columns which identify common mistakes that many individual make while styling their beards, there are also many easy home based solutions which one can use to maintain the integrity of one’s beard .

What’s Being Offered?

There are a host of services which the website offers to its users, some of them include:

Shape Matching Services: not all beards look good on all face structures, the website allows users to identify their face cut and see which styles of beards would be ideally suited for their face. This ensures that users do not end up spending loads of money only to end up with facial hair that does not go well with their overall appearance.

-Supplement Recommendations: not all traditional methods of grooming are good, there are many oils which our parents and grandparent recommend for better hair growth which have now scientifically shown to be bad for us. At Sleep Clean Care users can learn about various supplements which contain good blends of vitamins, minerals and allow users to achieve long and powerful beards.

-Dietary Recommendations: hair growth has been directly linked with protein, fat and vitamin B intake, thus there are various meal plans which have been outline on the website which allow users to improve their hair texture, quality and growth levels.

-Washing Advice: there are various techniques that have been offered which allow for a better cleansing of one’s beard. This means that any pollutants, toxins can be easily removed from our follicles.

-Trimming Techniques: many users fall prey to bad trimming habits, this results in a beard becoming misshapen, wrongly aligned. There are many methods provided on the website which help users achieve long, even beards in the shortest duration of time possible (4-6 weeks).

Products Being Offered

While the company does not manufacture its own products, it recommends various products which their experts have used and can attest to. Some of the products being offered on the website include:

  • Braun Series 7: this electric razor has been highly recommended by the website because of its heavy duty nature. Not only does it provide an excellent trim but it also has good control and stability allowing for a precise cut every time.
  • Panasonic Arc 4: this electric shaver is a cheaper alternative to the Braun series7, it provides excellent functionality for its price tag and allows for a smooth and efficient trim. It also provides users with an excellent battery life.
  • Gillette Fusion Proglide: this is a compact and affordable beard trimming option, due to its small size it can be placed in small pouches and carried anywhere. It provides a precise cut and has a long lasting shelf life.
  • Leven Rose: this beard oil provides essential vitamins (b5, b6) to one’s beard and allows for maximum bioavailability so that users can achieve a long, thick and even beard easily.
  • Smooth Viking: this oil is known to maximise follicle growth so that an individual can achieve a long and thick beard in extremely small durations of time (4 weeks).

Learn More About Sleep Clean Care Products & Services

The products and various services can be used by simply visiting the website at

All of the products have been neatly placed in relevant categories and compositional and pricing information can be accessed by simple clicking on an individual item.

Payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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