Practix – Adjustable Kettlebell & Dumbbell Home Fitness Workout?


Physical fitness has become an integral part of many lives in this day and age, statistical studies have shown that in the past 30 years the usage rates of gymnasiums and health centres have increased by over 300%.

In a recently conducted study it was found that 48% of all Americans visit the gym on a near daily basis.

This monumental shift has been due to the rising awareness of our unsustainable lifestyles. However, even with this ever growing awareness regarding health and fitness standards people find it difficult to carve out quality exercise time.

To counter this issue there are various home based exercise options now available in the market, these devices are not only highly efficient but can also be used safely in the comfort of one’s home. Thus timing and space are no longer hindrances to one’s workout schedule.

What is Practix?

Practix is an all fitness tool that has been designed to allow users to all of the benefits that one can obtain from weight training in the comfort of one’s home.

The tool features a unique design which incorporates an adjustable kettlebell and dumbbell into one product, allowing an individual to have a versatile workout session at their home without any space limitations.

Using its unique design kettlebell, dumbbell or single plate training are all possible through the purchase of just one Practix set.

The unique locking mechanism of the product allows the user to adjust weight levels (patented “Click and Turn” release technology) quickly and easily.

Some Features and Benefits of Using Practix

Some of the key elements which make this device unique include:

  • Compact: the dimensions of the product are small, making it easy to carry around.
  • Enhanced Mobility: due to its unique size it can be used anywhere, be it an outdoor location or one’s home.
  • Complete Workout: the set comes with all the required tools for a wholesome workout. There are no peripherals or added components which need to be purchased in order for a more effective workout.
  • Quick Lock Mechanism: this feature ensures complete safety for the user and also helps in increasing ease of plate change.
  • Highly Adjustable: there are a wide variety of training levels which users can utilise, all of these modes are designed for different levels of physical exertion.
  • Many training options available: there are over 130 exercises that can be performed using this weight training tool.
  • Visually Appealing: the design, shape and quality make the product visually attractive.

The Choices

There are 2 primary variants of the device that users can choose from.

  • M25: this design is more suitable for people who love to work out in the open, outdoors or for individuals who tend to travel quite frequently. It is a more portable version of the device and thus can be carried around easily. This variant comes with 4 kettlebells and 3 dumbbell weights.
  • M45: this version is specially designed and more suited for personal trainers and athletes who prefer working out in their homes or small studio spaces. It comes with 7 kettlebells and 6 dumbbells.

Other Important Information


The product is highly detachable and the entire workout rack can be shrunk to half the size of a basketball.

Different Colour Mixes

There are a wider variety of colour combinations to choose from, these include minimal black, hectic green, power blue and show off pink. This allows for a more customised workout experience.

Click and Turn Technology

Usually changing weights can be a cumbersome process, not only are there physical risks involved but there are other complications which one might face.

Using the ‘Click and Turn’ mechanism changing weights comes fast, easy and less time consuming.

There are 2 principal mechanisms involved, the first is a butterfly screw and the second is a strong bolt, similar to a key and a lock.

With ¼ of a turn the butterfly interlocks the plates to each other and the strong bolt automatically locks it in place. Thus the plates are jammed into place until the user releases the bolt.

Practix Purchasing Options

The product is still not available for commercial purchase, it is still being funded on its Kickstarter campaign page and thus there are only pre-order options available.

Pledges of 85 euros or more can allow user’s access to singe M25 units. Other similar offers can be checked out at

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