Simple Habit – Mindful 5-Minute Meditation App For Busy People?


During our busy schedules, we often find very little time to take care of our health and wellness. We keep running the rat race and forget to focus enough attention on calming our bodies and minds. A new app known as Simple Habit is now available to help us in this direction.

Simple Habit is a mindfulness app that guides us to meditate for a span of five minutes a day through audio meditations by professional teachers. There is a lot of mindfulness content available on the app, along with meditation exercises and instructions.


The following are just some of the many uses for the mindfuless app.

1. To Fight Stress

Our work and daily struggles have become extremely complex over the past few years. Because of this, stress overtakes us and reduces proper functioning of the brain. If untreated, stress can lead to severe complications physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through the use of the Simple Habit app, we can fight stress in a positive manner by practicing exercises to calm the mind down and begin to think positively again.

2. To Improve Sleep And Relaxation

Many of us are faced with problems such as sleep deprivation that are caused due to work and life situations. However, listening to the voice over meditation techniques narrated by teachers on Simple Habit will help us release the tension and clear our minds to help us get a good night's sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

3. Handling Life Circumstances

If you ever feel like things are not going well or turning out the way you thought they would, Simple Habit can be useful to help you cope. By meditating for about five minutes a day, you are less likely to feel completely down and depressed. Circumstances will not automatically change, but you will have more strength and ability to accept and work around the problems.

4. Personal Growth

When you see your friends and colleagues doing well in life, you may wonder what it is they have that you don’t. You don’t have to wonder anymore. The customized personal growth courses by teachers on the Simple Habit app will boost your energy, and the tips and instructions will lead you to a better lifestyle.

5. Kindness

Simple Habit provides courses on mindfulness, and one important aspect of the right mindfulness is kindness. When you are kind to others, others will be kinder to you. It’s a give and take policy. Meditating and learning all about kindness without having to go to long lectures is possible with Simple Habit courses.

5. Relationships

Relationships, be it with your partner, your parents, friends, or family, tend to get rough at times. Meditation and re-evaluation of past incidents will help you get a better perspective on how to revive relationships, and when you foster good relationships with others, you will be happier in life. Simple Habit gives you the opportunity to get closer to loved ones with their customized courses on relationships.

6. Work

Managing work situations can often be overwhelming, especially if you are not around encouraging people or if you are working for someone who is not easy going. To help you deal with work and to strike a good work-life balance, Simple Habit offers courses that will enable you to process work problems and remain positive and constructive.

Benefits Of Simple Habit

1. Use Anywhere, Anytime

You can use the app anywhere, as it is downloaded on your Smartphone. The Simple Habit app is now available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. You can quickly get some tranquility before an interview, presentation, or any tough task during the day.

2. Professional Teachers

The meditation exercises are voiced by professional teachers from around the globe. Their content is closely examined before it is made available to users. If you want to listen to a particular teacher, you can select the option to meditate with the teacher of your choice. Simple Habit works with 30 different teachers. Kelly Boys, a former Director of Google's mindfulness program known as Search Inside Yourself (SIY), recruits and trains most of the teachers who are now experts in mindfulness at tech start ups.

3. Helpful For Busy Professionals

Simple Habit offers bite-sized guided meditations with a five minute format, enabling lawyers, entrepreneurs, college students, and even surgeons to make their day light and peaceful through customized and categorized meditation exercises and methods. This makes it possible for them to fit meditation into their busy schedules. Many surgeons, entrepreneurs, college students, and people suffering from sleeplessness and anxiety have expressed gratitude to Simple Habit.

4. Interesting Model

Much like platforms like Netflix and Spotify bring a large selection of artists, movies, and tv shows together on one platform, Simple Habit gathers a selection of teachers and experts on one platform that is simple to use and time saving. Various courses and teachers with wide expertise impart meditation for people who are in need of tranquility through the Simple Habit app.

5. New Content

Whenever new content is fed into the app, it is launched on the library and pink tagged to notify and flag it to users so that they can avail the new content and mindfulness courses. New content is being developed almost every day for users.

6. Simple Approach

Instead of having to go through long tiring techniques, users can learn meditation procedures with simple approaches and instructions with the help of practitioners. All you have to do is set goals on the things you are looking to improve and choose meditation exercises that will help you attain your goals and feel better for the day.

7. Tracking Progress

The app is designed to measure analytics and charts to track your progress. You can set reminders to notify yourself when it's time to gain some peace and the analytics show how well you are doing by recording the number of sessions, minutes clocked in total, and the number of days of practicing the mindfulness habit consecutively.

8. Low Cost

The subscription fee for Simple Habit costs only $3.99 for a week's access, $11.99 for a month, or $99.99 for a full year. New users can get a week long free trial and access content on the app such as introductory courses, specific meditations for different times of the day, states of mind, and circumstances.

Final Words

The Simple Habit App is a quick and easy way to de-stress, form new habits, or prepare for a big presentation. There are no side effects, so it is perfectly safe for you to start your free trial and see if this mindfulness app can help you.

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