Chakra Healing Secrets – Victoria Gallagher Healing Program?


A book and CD set that is designed to help people learn more about their body’s chakras and how to help align them for better overall health and wellness.

Imbalanced chakras can lead to problems with a person’s career, health, or even personal relationships.

What is Chakra Healing Secrets?

Chakra Healing Secrets is a digital guide that helps people identify their body’s seven chakras and guides readers through how to open their chakras and help balance their body mentally, physically, and spiritually.

People who are struggling with low confidence, addiction, anxiety, lack of concentration, and poor energy levels may find support by learning more about their body’s chakra centers and how to awaken them to support wellness.

This guide is designed to educate people about chakras and help them make changes to help improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Users of this guide will find detailed information about ways to support all of their various health and wellness issues through chakra balancing. By being able to recognize when chakras are out of balance readers will be able to take the steps necessary to bring their body back into balance.

Chakra Healing Secrets Details

The Chakra Healing Secrets digital guide includes fourteen chapters each targeted at a different skill to help support chakra awakening.

Please read below to learn more about the guide's’ contents.

Chapter 1

The first chapter will give people an overview of what chakras are and the energy associated with each chakra. Readers will learn about why their body’s aura is what it is based on their chakras. This chapter will help people start to understand their different chakra levels and the energy associated with each one.

Chapter 2

Chakras are located throughout the body with main points located along the spine. This chapter will help people locate their chakras and learn what each point is responsible for. Each chakra has a color associated with it and this chapter will cover each chakra’s color and the importance of each color.

Chapter 3

Chakras connect the body’s energy with the heavens and the energy constantly flows. This chapter helps people learn how energy flows and how chakras are involved in the movement of energy.

Chapter 4

Light energy is made up of a range of colors that affect the body. People interested in gaining a better understanding of light energy and how the colors work will be interested in this chapter. By understanding the light spectrum and colors will help people support their body’s needs.

Chapter 5

By improving the chakra system people will be able to keep their body and mind in balance so energy flows freely and is not blocked in and around the body. By deepening the understanding of the chakra system readers will help people have a better sense of self.

Chapter 6

This section gives users a series of self-identification questions helping them identify parts of their body that may be having difficulties. By looking deep inside through the chakras people can have a better understanding of how to improve their health.

By truly understanding what areas may need support users can help get their body back into balance.

Chapter 7

Specific details about each Chakra are offered in this chapter.

Chapter 8

Chakras get affected by a range of factors including thoughts as well as physical and external influences. This chapter helps users understand how chakras are stimulated and how to control the stimuli that affects the body negatively.

Chapter 9

This area of the guide book helps users learn how to pen their chakras through meditation and visualization processes along with yoga. Chapter none helps users think through various mudras as well as best practices of meditation and visualization for each chakra.

Chapter 10

By grounding the body people will start to feel more open and hold less tension. Once the body’s chakras are open it is easier to release negative energy and bring in positive energy.

Chapter 11

People who are new to meditation may feel intimidated or unsure how to start, however meditation is a powerful way to open up the body’s chakras. This chapter helps guide people through effective meditation practices.

Chapter 12

Balancing chakras allows the body to be more connected to both the deep chakras but also the spiritual realm. This chapter will help people connect to their spiritual side to support their body in awakening their chakras. By strengthening the body’s spiritual connections the health of mind and body will improve.

Chapter 13

This chapter gives readers an overview of ways to meditate that will enhance and support their chakra openings.

Chapter 14

In addition to meditation, yoga, and visualization people can also use crystals and mantras to help keep their chakra channels open. Additionally, this chapter serves as a review of the chakra knowledge shared throughout the guide book.

Chakra Healing Secrets E-Course Details

Chakra Healing Secrets offers a free ten part e-course. The details are not outlined without signing up through email.

Chakra Healing Secrets Pricing

Available for purchase through the website, each guide costs $27.00. Purchases of this guide come with a Chakra Balancing MP3.

All purchases of Chakra Healing Secrets comes with a sixty day money back guarantee.

Should You Enroll In Chakra Healing Secrets?

By understanding each individual’s chakras people will be able to make decisions to help support their overall health and wellness. This digital e-book may help people have better self-understanding.

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