Puraty is a New Zealand based organic herbal tea maker, which was launched in 2009. This company was founded by Scott Paterson, who was inspired by his beloved mother’s experience with re-occurring fractures. Eventually, she was advised to quit playing tennis, a game she was very passionate about. More to the point, she received very ineffectual traditional prescriptions to relieve her of the pain she endured.

While searching for a natural remedy to help his despairing mother, Paterson stumbled across someone named Predanius Dioscorides. This particular individual was an ancient doctor who was the author of ‘De Materia Medica’, a famous 5 volume herbal medicinal encyclopedia.

Thanks to the insightful information found in that book, Paterson was able to formulate a medicinal tea for his mother. This formulation relieved her of her re-occurring bone fractures, and she was ultimately able to take up playing tennis again. At this point, Scott Paterson started getting requests to sell his ‘miracle’ tea by his friends. This, in the long run, gave birth to Puraty.

Why Puraty?

This company is firmly committed to sourcing the ingredients it utilizes in making its various products from only natural botanical sources. More importantly, it only works with those farmers from all over the globe who strictly practice sustainable farming practices. At the same time, Puraty is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service. To this end, it firmly stands behind all of its products with a 30 day ‘no question asked’ 100% money back guarantee.

Finally, this New Zealand based company is very socially conscious. Scott Paterson was not in any way interested in chasing money when he founded it. So, Puraty makes it a point to donate a portion of the profits it makes in its business operations to charitable causes, one of which is to promote alternative medicine. Puraty has also put in place a scholarship program to assist needy students.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Puraty Products?

Scott Paterson has, over the years, been able to collaborate with top medicinal herbalists in New Zealand to formulate a number of potent herbal tea products. These Puraty products are highly noted for the numerous health benefits they can offer to users. To fully appreciate the exact magnitude of these advantages, it is necessary to review some of the popular products that Puraty offers.

Purity Liver Detox Organic Tea

This medicinal herbal tea can be especially useful if you are suffering from the effects of prolonged unhealthy habits or even years of alcohol abuse. In a nutshell, it can effectively support the healthy functioning of the liver, while also playing a role in facilitating for appropriate pancreas and gall bladder function. It can also efficiently regulate cholesterol levels in the body.

Additionally, the regular consumption of this tea can assist in effectively dealing with bowel irregularities. The Liver Detox Organic Tea has been formulated using all natural organic ingredients like dandelion root, peppermint, globe artichoke leaf, rosemary leaf, St. Mary thistle, and schiandra berries. All of these ingredients have been comprehensively proven to be exceptionally excellent natural liver detoxification agents.

Puraty Slim Down Organic Tea

This given product is highly acclaimed for being able to play a leading role in triggering and fast tracking natural and sustainable weight loss. It has been specifically formulated with proven ingredients, including cinnamon, dandelion root, coleus, yerba mate, and gymnema syvestre leaf.

These particular ingredients are well known to effectively support the synthesis of those essential enzymes which can promote the body’s natural fat burning process. So, if you are in the lookout for a stress-free means of shedding those extra pounds, Puraty Slim Down Organic Tea can be exactly what the doctored.

Puraty Type II Organic Tea

As you might be aware, type II diabetes is caused by what is referred to as insulin insensitivity, which in its turn triggers insulin resistance. When this occurs, the pancreas is forced to synthesize higher quantities of this hormone than is usual. With the passage of time, this can wreck havoc on the specific cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. This Puraty medicinal herbal tea is made with extremely potent ingredients, which are in an excellent position of preventing all this destruction to your body.

These particular ingredients carry out this crucial task by first significantly minimizing the user’s craving for sweets. Secondly, they set to work by efficiently regulating blood sugar levels in the body. Some of the most notable ingredients Puraty uses to formulate the Type II Organic Tea are bitter melon, coleus, fenugreek seed, and ginseng panax.

As an aside, diabetes has been closely linked with certain sorts of cancers. This includes pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, and endometrial cancer. It therefore stands to reason that the regular consumption of this medicinal herbal tea can substantially minimize most of the risk factors of contracting these chronic diseases.

Are There Any Risks?

This New Zealand based company makes it a point to utilize all natural ingredients to develop all its medicinal herbal tea products. As such, these products have been fully certified organic, and are completely devoid of any artificial preservatives, additives, or even artificial coloring. All Puraty medicinal herbal teas are non-GMO, as well. So, it goes without saying that the possibility of any of them triggering any serious adverse reactions upon consumption is very low.


Puraty is a reputable company that is arguably one of the foremost players in the medicinal, herbal, and all natural remedies industry. This company makes it its business to provide remarkably effective herbal teas which can address a wide range of health challenges.

Besides the above reviewed products, Puraty offers many more other medicinal herbal teas. This includes the de-stress, digestive aid, flu buster, hot flush, kidney detox, immune booster, memory gain, sleep well, strong bones, and PMT relief medicinal herbal teas. Finally, this New Zealand based company fully stands behind all the products it introduces into the market with a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.


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