Silvon Bedding Sheets – Healthy Anti-Bacterial Silver Sheets?


Silvon bedding is an innovative new product currently on a IndieGoGo campaign. The first products have already shipped and consumers can still get them for an introductory price. These sheets are made of soft, Supima cotton whose fibers are wrapped in silver to help prevent bacterial growth.

Please read below to learn more about Silvon Bedding and how to purchase a pillowcase of full bedding set.

What Is Silvon Bedding?

Silvon bedding is a unique bedding option that gives consumers a soft product that inhibits bacterial growth for the lifetime of these sheets.

Made from super soft Supima cotton grown in the central valley or California, each strand of cotton is coated in silver helping them inhibit bacterial growth without compromising softness. Silvon sheets offer a 300 thread count making them as soft as many designer brands currently available on the market.

These sheets are designed to stay fresh and clean no matter how often people wash them. Fungus, bacteria, and allergens build up quickly on bed sheets and often people do not wash them frequently enough, Silvon has come up with a healthy solution with these sheets, and they are available in either white or gray.

How Does Silvon Bedding Work?

Bacteria naturally carry a negative charge while silver ions have a positive charge. Silver ions are attracted to the bacterial ions and break the bacteria’s cell wall and destroying its DNA.

This technology truly works. Research on silver's ability to destroy bacteria have been conducted at both Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University. This is great news for people suffering from allergies.

Consumers who share their bed with their pets will definitely want to consider trying Silvon sheets to keep their bed clean and healthy. Silvon guarantees that their sheets are not only soft and comfortable but also guarantee the silver bacterial properties will outlast these sheets.

Consumers who care about supporting small businesses that are offering innovative products will want to consider backing this IndieGoGo campaign and get a great product as a reward.

IndieGoGo Campaign Details

This IndieGoGo campaign started in June, 2016. So far the company has earned $1,348,846 and is currently shipping their first run of products to early contributors. Consumers have not missed their opportunity to purchase Silvon Bedding products at their introductory prices.

This IndieGoGo campaign is run by Silvan Home based in Brooklyn, New York, and is a great way for consumers to support new and innovative products to help the company ensure their products make it to market.

Silvon Bedding Pricing

As with all IndieGoGo campaigns there are different tiers of support that consumers can choose from. Each tier offers a different type of product reward. Shipping within the United States is free on all options. On some purchase categories worldwide shipping is available.


All contributions of $35.00 will receive one standard size pillow case. This option will be shipped in march, 2017 and is available in either white or gray.

-Contributions of $40.00 will include a king size pillowcase.

-Two pack Pillowcases: $55.00 for two standard size pillowcases. $65.00 for two king size pillow cases.

-Four Pack Pillowcases: $100.00 for four standard size pillowcases. $120.00 for four king size pillow cases.

-Sheet Sets:

-Twin/Twin XL Size Set: Each set costs $150.00 and comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillow case in gray or white.

-Full/Queen Set: Each set costs $169.00 and includes two pillowcases. Available in gray or white.

-King Cal Set: This set costs $220.00 and includes two pillowcases. Available in gray or white.

These prices are significantly lower than the normal retail price once the IndieGoGo campaign wraps up and the Silvon bedding products are available through retailers.

Silvon Bedding Review Summary

Consumers who are looking for a good product to help prevent allergen buildup in their bed will want to consider trying Silvon bedding.

Whether people have allergies or regularly sleep with their pets, this bedding can help ensure everyone has a safe, restful sleep every night.

By taking advantage of the roll out IndieGoGo prices, consumers can snag a good deal on a luxury product. More information about this product as well as the IndieGoGo campaign is available at

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