Saver Fire Escape – Smart IQ Emergency Breath System Device?


Seven (7) people die every single day because of house fires. And, of those seven fatalities, 80% are due to smoke inhalation. Although smoke alarms offer a loud beeping noise typically to notify you or warn you of a fire or smoke, depending on where the fire is, and where you are in the home – even then getting out in time can be difficult.

For every minute, you are trapped inside where a fire is, your survival rate decreases by 7-10%. And, unfortunately once the five (5) minute mark hits, it is less than 25% that you will make it out of the fire alive. In some cases, people don’t realize how dangerous in fact a house fire can be and despite their best efforts to put it out or contain it, sometimes it is simply too much.

Saver Fire Escape is a breathing apparatus that can help either save your life, or prevent damage caused by smoke inhalation such as lifelong health issues – like cancer. This device is the first home safety breathing apparatus of its kind. It was designed to prevent smoke inhalation and allow you, and your family to get out as safe as possible.

The machine itself is easy to use and is activated in as little as five (5) seconds.

How Does Saver Fire Escape Work?

The Saver has a triple filter technology and works to remove smoke, dust, toxins, gasses, and carbon monoxide with every breath. The three filters are;

  • Pre Filter – removes smoke and dust
  • Hopcalite Filter – removes carbon monoxide
  • Hepa Filter – removes toxic gases

Collectively, they work together to help you take a safe breath for every breath you take to get out of the fire.

In addition to the triple filter system to help you breathe in clean oxygen, the Saver also has a flashlight that can 1) help you see your way out, and 2) help others such as first responders locate you in the home.

Firefighters Recommendation

Austin Nobels is a firefighter and has been for more than twenty (20) years. He recalls and describes that many of the calls he has attended and where there were unfortunate deaths, were due to smoke inhalation. People have lost their lives due to simply not having enough oxygen to get out of their home or apartment safely.

He says, that as little as one, two or three minutes of extra oxygen can be the difference between life, and death. This is why he endorses, and recommends Saver. He believes that if people had a breathing device such as this one, the number of lives lost would be less and more people would be able to get out alive.

A scary statistic is that in the United States alone, more than 2,600 people die in house fires. That is one person every 169 minutes loses their life. And, more than 13,350 people are injured in house fires according to the Disease Control and Prevention Centers.

Purchasing Saver Fire Escape

The Saver Fire Escape is available individually for $69.00. Two Savers for $122.00. And, Three Savers for $207.00. There should be enough Savers in your home for as many people are in your family.

Since you are ready to protect your whole family – to purchase simply visit the website to complete your order today.

With every purchase, you have access to a bonus add-on called; World’s First Smart Whistle. It is equipped with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology that will alert your family, friends and loved ones when you are in a time of need.

It is activated with blowing on the mouth piece or by pressing the button for two (2) seconds. The message and map of your location will notify them every 2-3- minutes until the alert is disabled. Once deactivated, your contacts will be notified that you are OK.

This bonus can also be yours for $39.00.

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