Saver Emergency Breath System – Smart IQ Fire Escape Air Device?


The Saver Emergency Breath System is a device that can be used at home in the middle of extreme circumstances that stops the smoke and toxins that can ruin the function of the lungs. With these devices, the survival rate of any consumer involved in the disaster is immediately improved.

About The Saver Emergency Breath System

There is nothing quite as scary as waking up to fire and smoke filling the entire house, though the biggest sign to consumers will likely be the alarm that starts blaring once the smoke reaches it. Most people are taught in elementary school to check for smoke, and steer clear.

Unfortunately, the ability to stay out of harm’s way is not always a possibility, and consumers need to be prepared for the unpredictable danger that comes their way. The Saver Emergency Breath System may revolutionize the way that consumers deal with these situations.

The Saver Emergency Breath System is unique way to buy time while the fire department heads to the location of the fire. It is crucial to act fast, and the system only takes a moment to help the user to get the air that they need to get out safely. While they may still succumb to the effects that smoke has on the eyes, the airways will be clear to keep the individual alive while emergency services are on their way.

The device is small enough to be placed in a bedside table, or on a dresser that is close by, to help the individual get instant access when they need it. There are about five minutes of oxygen in each device, which is plenty of time to alert any other family members and get out quickly. Even though it does not seem like much time, every single moment makes a difference in the potential life expectancy of the individual at that moment.

When it comes to an emergency situation, most people are panicked and in a rush to do everything that they can to get out. While it is important to get out of harm’s way, it is more important to get there safely. There are emergency protocols in place that most children are taught when they are younger, but these methods will only minimize the smoke inhalation that occurs, which can still damage the lungs.

Most people cannot hold their breath for long enough to get through an entire house to safety, which is why it is important to have one of the Saver systems available as easily as possible.

How Does It Work?

The reason that the Saver is so effective is due to the way that it purifies the air that the user inhales. This system provides three filters to help cleanse the user’s breathing of smoke, dust, carbon monoxide, second hand smoke, and more. By removing these threats, consumers can breathe the clean air, helping them to avoid the damage that the lunge can sustain during such a treacherous disaster.

Even while the device offers clearer breathing for consumers, it also helps the rescuers to locate them with an LED flashlight that is strong enough to break through the smoke of a fire. The flashlight uses an alarm that automatically activates, helping emergency personal to locate the suffering survivor effectively.

Using The Saver Emergency Breath System

The best part of the Saver is that it is incredibly easy to use, even with children. The device only takes about five seconds to become active, which is helpful when each moment is critical in preserving the health and safety of every person involved.

The user will need to remove the cover that maintains the sanitation of the Saver, and apply the nose grip directly to the fat. The orange cap needs to be removed at this time, and the user will need to bite into the mouthpiece to open the airway. Then, they can breathe normally.

Since a child’s face is often much smaller, it is important that they are instructed to hold their nose with one of their hands, while they breathe like the original directions dictate. The individuals can use it for as long as they need to until help arrives.

Pricing For The Saver Emergency Breath System

The total cost of the Saver treatment will depend on the amount of savers the consumer wants to purchase for their family. By purchasing multiple devices in a single shipment, consumers are able to get a discount.

Choose from:

  • One saver for $69.00
  • Two savers for $122.00 ($61.00 each)
  • Four savers for $207.00 ($51.75 each)

There is no return policy listed for the product, but consumers that get the system are unlikely to want to send it back at all. Since there is no customer service information listed on the website, any concerns

Bonus Products

Along with the new opportunity to protect a whole family, the creators of the Saver system also offer a Smart Whistle, which is the first of its kind. Even though it lets out a large sound from the mouthpiece, activating the SOS alert, it helps the individuals that follow the alert to connect with the GPS location of the whistle. Bluetooth technology ensures that the device continues to emit the location of the user in spaces of a few minutes until the user cancels it.

The whistle is only $39.00 right now, though the typical price is $49.95.

Saver Emergency Breath System Review Summary

The Saver Emergency Breath System is meant for any household, since no one is safe from the emergency circumstances that strike without warning. The devices can be used for anyone that needs it, though children may need some assistance from their parents. It is important to continue to teach children about fire safety, but it is more important to ensure that they will be safe no matter what.

The Saver system ends the worry that every individual has for themselves and their offspring in case of an emergency, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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