SMALT – Smart Home Dining Salt Dispenser & Mood Lighting Device?


Flowers have been the ultimate centerpieces for every dining table. The different shapes, scent and colors alone can potentially elevate the room, but can it interact with consumers? Can it positively impact one’s mood? Can it bring help consumers break the ice? With technology becoming ever more present in society, it has been incorporated in many basic needs, one of which includes the SMALT.

SMALT is said to potentially liven up the mood and overall dining experience, while ensuring that food in not left unsalted. To better understand its usefulness, this review will analyze it with respect to its purpose, its functionality, its uniqueness and its affordability.

What Is SMALT?

SMALT is designed to take on the role of an interactive centerpiece while exhibiting the purposes of a salt dispenser, a mood lifter and potentially elevating experiences amongst consumers. It allows consumers to build a connection, not only to spice up a dinner or lunch get together, but may also ensure that one’s health is well balanced.

How Does It Work?

To make efficient use of the SMALT, consumers also need to download its respective app onto their mobile devices. In order to dispense salt, consumers, first need to turn on SMALT and then pinch and shake heir mobile devices via the app, that way it will dispense as requested.

In addition, consumers can choose to communicate directly with the SMALT by connecting it to Amazon Echo, which provides consumers with a voice interface. Consumers simply need to ask “Alexa” to dispense desired amounts and SMALT will do as directed. What’s unique about the smart centerpiece is that its app also keeps track of each individual’s sodium intake, which will then be controlled and maintained.

What Distinguishes SMALT From Others Traditional Centerpieces?

While its main purpose is to dispense salt in a smart manner, it can do many things as well. SMALT has a built in Bluetooth speaker that may allow consumers to stream their choice of music to entertain family and friends.

In addition, it contains multi color-changing mood light that may create a desirable ambiance for everyone to feel more comfortable in. To wrap it all up, its convenient and lustrous design can either blend smoothly with any décor and furniture or stand out on its own.

How Much Can One Expect to Invest in SMALT?

Since SMALT is in its early stages of formation, consumers will only receive it March 2018. The following is a breakdown of prices (excluding shipping) consumers can choose from:

  • SMALT Super Early Bird Special: $99USD
  • Early Bird Special: $129USD
  • Indiegogo Special: $149USD
  • 2 Pack Indiegogo Special: $250USD
  • 5 SMALT Units Retail Pack: $595USD
  • 10 SMALT Units Retail Pack: $1190USD

SMALT Review Summary

Overall, SMALT makes traditional salt shakers outdated, as its technological aspects not only allows consumers to express and share their choice of music, but also increases interaction.

Its smart design and respective app can help consumers better track their sodium consumption, as the higher the intake, the more likely one can experience increased blood pressure, heart risks and more in the long run.

Ever thought a salt dispenser can contain many components that may impact one’s overall health, mentally, physically and emotionally? SMALT’s multipurpose abilities include many of today’s humanly needs. For more information on how to back up the project, go to:

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