Save The Food – Green Movement Against Wasteful Foods?


Most consumers would find it unbelievable to learn that forty percent of the food in America is wasted, however it is true.

The facts on the amount of food wasted may be surprising, however the organization says this can be stopped. has a plan to change these facts, read the review to see how.

What is Save The Food? is an organization dedicated to educating the world about the food that is wasted. Save The Food offers valuable information, including statistics that will bring attention to the food that is wasted every day.

The website offers tips on how to store food, and how to use leftovers as well, valuable information to have when you are trying to save money.

This organization believes the food that is disposed of too soon can be saved if consumers are properly educated on when food is safe to eat, and the importance of proper storage.

The information on the website will offer more information on their mission, and ways to get involved. Visit the website at to learn more and to sign up.

How Does Work?

Save The Food offers website visitors the opportunity to sign up and join them in the crusade to put a end to throwing out edible food.

After signing up, notices about the wasted food epidemic will be sent out, along with other important environmental information that pertains to the betterment of the world. Facts about wasted food in America alone are alarming, the website offers these statistics:

  • Forty percent of the food in America is wasted.
  • Each household throws out three hundred pounds of food each year.
  • A four person family loses $1500 a year on wasted food, the daily savings for food not wasted breaks down as $4 daily, $125 monthly, and $1500 annually.
  • Using leftovers helps the environment. Food is the number one thing in America's landfills, contributing to climate pollution more than all the cars in the state of Georgia.

The good news is that the organization believes this can be fixed.

Educating consumers on how wasted food has an impact on the environment is another part of what the organization does. Offering up valuable tips and information, the mission is to impact the environment while putting a stop to wasted food.

The water it takes to make just one pound of chicken is the equivalency of running a shower for 104 minutes, and very few people would ever think of doing that.

Vegetables have a lifespan, however the average consumer is disposing of them too soon. It is a natural occurrence for vegetables to wilt and soften. This does not mean they are bad, they are still safe to eat at this point.

The website offers tips for making foods last longer, such as:

  • Herbs: Such as flowers with stems should be kept in a fresh glass of water.
  • Avocados: Ripe avocados should be placed in the refrigerator to increase longevity.
  • Flour: Can be frozen, which will increase the lifespan by 50%
  • Wrap cheese in wax paper, and not plastic
  • Brown sugar will soften back up by using a slice of bread on it
  • Bananas: Fresh bananas should last 5-7 days, ripe bananas will last 1-2 days. Store bananas on a counter at room temperature, and away from other fruit. Bananas will cause other fruit to ripen faster if in close contact.

Bananas can be frozen with or without the peel, it is suggested to remove the peel prior to freezing. Spotted bananas are safe to eat, simply cut away bruised parts.

Very ripe, brown and blackened bananas are great for making breads and muffins.

Tips such as these are available and updated regularly, there is always new or updated information and tips.

Who Operates Save The Food?

The Natural Resource Defense Council, NRDC is responsible for bringing to the general public. NRDC works to ensure the safety of the earth, the people and animals within it, which includes the food that is wasted every day. Pricing

There is no standard pricing involved with the organization, however donations are accepted.

Should You Sign Up at Save The Food?

Few American families would not like to save $1500 annually, the tips and suggestions at Save The Food can help to achieve that.

For anyone that is concerned about the environment, this organization would be a place to get involved.

In addition to saving money, the tips on how to properly store food and the guidelines to when food is safe to consume will be very beneficial to the average consumer.

The ideas for how to use leftovers, ways to prepare them, while maintaining the flavor can help save a large quantity of the food that is wasted each year. By joining you can be updated and enlightened on ways to prevent food from being wasted, while saving the landfills and environment as well.


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