Sane Solution – Healthy Weight Loss Diet Coaching Program?


The SANE Diet promises to be the “sane solution” to weight loss. Want to really lose weight this year? SANE Solution promises to help you get there. Here’s our review.

What is the Sane Solution?

The SANE Diet, also known as the SANE Solution, is a diet program created by Jonathan Bailor. The program promises to help you lose weight by helping to implement “sane” weight loss practices in your life.

According to the SANE Solution website, there are two types of dieting methods available today:

  • inSANE: Involves calorie counting, starvation, and hunger, and leads to eating disorders and yo-yo dieting.
  • SANE: Avoids starvation, involves eating more whole food, and leads to better long-term weight loss results.

As Jonathan explains, “With the new science of SANE eating, slim is simple”.

Jonathan, by the way, is a New York Times best-selling author who has published a number of dieting books and guides over the years.

How Does the Sane Solution Diet Work?

Sane Solution promises to help you enjoy “healthy 2.0” by implementing the following core three features into your life:

  • Enjoy Food Again: You’re not supposed to starve yourself or hate food when you’re losing weight. You’re supposed to enjoy food. SANE promises to help you do that.
  • Heal Your Body & Mind: Obesity isn’t a character flaw; it’s a disease like diabetes. When you go SANE, you heal yourself and live better.
  • Simplify, Connect, and Smile: The human population was slimmer before we started counting calories. Using modern science can help simplify your life by “going sane”.
  • Backed by 1300 Clinical Studies: The SANE program promises to be backed by 1300 clinical studies, which means it uses proven weight loss techniques that have been demonstrated to work over and over again.

Overall, the SANE program promises to help you eat more, exercise less, and lose weight for good. The diet program relies on a basic philosophy: you eat food that tastes great, leaves you completely full and satisfied, heals your hormones, and ignites your body’s fat-burning power. All of the foods in the SANE program are based on this philosophy.

You see, a growing amount of research shows that our bodies work best when we eat the foods we want to eat, and we eat until we feel full. When we do this, our body signals our brain that we’re full, and your brain tells your body to burn fat. Hormones like leptin – which are crucial for weight loss – are better balanced when you adopt SANE eating habits.

When you starve yourself, your body never tells your brain that it’s full. Thus, your brain tells your body to hold onto fat – because it doesn’t know when you’re going to get your next meal.

Sample Foods on the SANE Diet

Some of the popular fat-burning recipes available today through the SANE program include:

  • Lemon Pepper Prawns
  • Vanilla Blueberry Pancakes
  • Rocky Road Ice Cream
  • Cheesy Italian Lasagna
  • Mini-Mushroom Pizzas
  • Orange Coconut Cupcakes

How to Start the Sane Solution Program

After you sign up for the SANE program, you’ll begin to implement the changes into your lifestyle. Here’s what included in the program:

12 Week Transformation Coaching

These coaching sessions are led by Jonathan Bailor. Over the 12 week program, you get exclusive access directly to Jonathan through live group webinars. These webinars are designed to help you overcome your personal road blocks while also teaching you “cutting-edge strategies you cannot find anywhere else”. You can get answers to your questions and fine tune your personal plan.

Right now, all SANE sessions are led by Jonathan Bailor. However, he claims that his personal coaching is only available for a short period of time, after which he’ll turn it over to SANECertified coaches as the program becomes more popular.

Step-By-Step Video Training Program (Sane Ignite 360)

SANE Ignite 360 is a step-by-step video training series that helps you get started with the weight loss program. You’ll work your way through beginner, intermediate, and advanced steps to living SANE. You’ll learn which foods you can safely indulge in and which foods you need to avoid. You’ll learn how to implement key strategies like hormonal healing into your life.

1-on-1 Phone Coaching

You get access to 1-on-1 phone coaching during your first 12 weeks of the program, letting you get in touch with someone who can “hold your hand, congratulate you on your success, and help you truly reach your full potential”.

Something for Everyone Recipe Library

The SANE recipe library includes 1400+ SANECertified recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, side dishes, smoothies, soups, and salad recipes.

All of these meals are designed with a common goal in mind: they give you all-day energy while also burning fat. You can search through recipes based on what you have in your fridge, which type of meal you would like, and more.

SANECertified Recipe Book Every Month

As a member of the SANE program, you’ll receive a SANE recipe eBook delivered to your email inbox every month for 12 months, giving you a total of over 700 new recipes to enjoy. You can access these recipes anywhere you go, like on your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet.

24/7/365 Personal Coaching and Support

SANE calls this service its 24/7 Instant Answer SANE Concierge Service. It lets you get immediate answers, instant coaching, and daily guidance for your weight loss goals.

What Do You Eat on the Sane Solution Diet?

The SANE diet is based on an acronym of four different food groups. While on the SANE diet, you’ll focus on high-quality foods. The four factors that govern the quality of a food include:

  • Satiety: How full does a food make you feel? How long does it keep you full?
  • Aggression: How fast does a food raise glucose levels in your blood? How quickly does it raise blood sugar?
  • Nutrition: How nutritious is your food per calorie? How many vitamins and minerals are you getting when you eat that food?
  • Efficiency: How efficiently does your body process a certain type of food into body fat? You want to eat foods that are inefficiently converted into body fat.

The goal with the SANE diet is to focus on foods that are high in Satiety, unAggressive, highly Nutritious, and inEfficient, which gives us the acronym SANE.

So which types of foods meet the SANE requirements? While following the diet, you’ll find you’ll eat a lot of foods that are high in water, fiber, protein, whole-food fats, and low-sugar fruits.

Sane Solution Restrictions

The SANE diet, like most modern diets, comes with some restrictions. It’s not as strict as some diets available today, however. Here are some of the key restrictions:

  • Beans
  • Sugars and other sweeteners
  • Starches
  • Grains
  • High-sugar fruits

Sane Solution Supplements and Foods

SANE sells dozens of dietary supplements and foods online, including meal replacement shakes and SANE-friendly snacks.

The online store separates everything into different categories based on your goals – like Weight Loss, Boost Energy, Disease Defense, or Improve Mood. You can also buy SANE recipe books from the online store. Most of the products are also available on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can separate foods by food group, or by categories like Snacks/Travel and Athletic/Physique Enhancement.

Some of the popular products on the SANE online store include:

  • Craving Killer Bake-n-Crisps (1 Pound): $29.95 (32 Servings)
  • SANE Clean Whey Protein (1 Pound): $39.95 (15 Servings)
  • SANE Garden In My Glass (1 Pound): $49.95 (64 Servings)
  • Vanilla Almond Meal Bar (Box of 12): $41.95
  • Cravings Killer Chocolate Truffle (Box of 12): $34.95
  • All-Purpose Slimming Sugar Substitute (Erythritol) (1 Pound): $14.95

You can buy these supplements as a one-time purchase, or order them on an auto-ship program to save 10%.

Should You Follow the Sane Solution?

The SANE diet is a new diet plan created by Jonathan Bailor and a team of health experts. It advocates eating healthy, whole foods that make you feel full. Instead of starving yourself on “insane” diet plans, Jonathan and his team advocate following a “sane” diet where you’re smarter about your weight loss goals, and take a more long-term approach to dieting.

To learn more about the SANE diet, visit

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